Jack sits with Sharon at a table at the club. He tells her that taking care of her and the baby is his greatest pleasure in life. He doesn’t notice Mary Jane watching the two of them and then she runs out.

Chloe can’t believe what Billy just told her. He slept with Sharon. She asks him what the hell was he thinking of. She asks OMG is he trying to drive every single person away from him that cares about him. She says never mind what this is doing to her and Delia is way beyond cool, what about Jack. She tells him his brother stood by him. Billy says he knows and he wishes Jack had put him through the wall. She asks him how he thinks Jack is going to feel. Billy says he knows already. Chloe remembers the argument Billy had with Jack so she figures out that that was what it was all about.

Phyllis comes home and finds a note from Nick telling her that he is at the main house talking to his dad and he might be late. She says great, it is clear that business comes before their marriage. She says he won’t be able to dodge her when he gets home though.

Nick says he didn’t come there to see Adam. Nick tells him he doesn’t need his permission to wait for his father to come home. They argue about whether or not Victor has forgiven Adam and then over which of them knows Victor better. Adam claims that Victor is a changed man now thanks to Ashley and the baby.

Olivia checks Ashley out as Ashley tells her she feels like a new woman. Ashley isn’t happy when Olivia suggests that she needs psychiatric help. She asks her how come she keeps pushing it. She says that Victor understands that she is moving on and that is the kind of support she needs now.

Victor joins Nikki at the club to assure her that when he gave his congratulations on her engagement was sincere. He tells her that Paul is a nice guy and he seems to make her happy. She tells him she is happy and then she asks him haven’t they both come a long way. Victor tells her no more insults. He has had time to reflect and he regrets the things he said to her after Sabrina died. Nikki says that she understands that he was filled with grief and rage. He admits he let all that out on her. Nikki feels it is a safe time to tell him something regarding him and Ashley.

Nick claims that Victor hasn’t forgiven Adam for trying to frame him for murder. Adam says some people change. Nick tells him he is sorry that he is going blind but nothing else about him has changed. Adam says he won’t give up on ever being able to learn Nick’s respect.

Nikki tells Victor how she begged Ashley to go find him when he was in Paris. She honestly believed that she was the only one that could get through to him. She says when Sabrina died the kids and everyone who cared about him was worried they had lost him. Victor tells her that was a tough time. He had lost his will to live. She says Ashley and this baby have brought him back to life and she will always be grateful to Ashley for that. If he hadn’t survived it would have killed her. She says thank goodness he is well as she wipes away her tears and then leaves after hugging him.

Adam watches Ashley arguing with Olivia on his laptop. She tells Olivia that her dream of Sabrina has made her feel at peace. She asks Olivia if she thinks she is crazy now because she feels good. She asks if she thinks she should be committed. Ashley shows her the door telling her she needs to go. She tells Olivia there will be no need for her to return later to check in on her.

Nikki goes by to see Summer to bring her a singing bear but Phyllis tells her she is at Victoria’s. She says OK she is going over there too because she has one for Reed too. She decides to stick around when Mary Jane comes in to go over the interviews that Phyllis forgot all about. When they said they didn’t mind if she stayed Nikki finds herself asking Mary Jane what brought her to Genoa City.

Adam opens the door to his bedroom only to find Ashley standing there. She dropped her keys. She says she can’t rest so she is going for a walk out on the grounds. Adam says he thought he heard someone arguing. She tells him that she and Olivia got into a little disagreement. Adam tells her to enjoy her walk and as he shuts the door he just smiles.

Billy explains to Chloe that he and Sharon only slept together a few times. She sarcastically tells him that sure makes her feel better. She tells him this will be hard with a baby onboard, genius. She says she should have known. She says he warned her that he wouldn’t be faithful to her but she guesses he just had to prove it to her. Billy says he wasn’t ready to be a husband or a father, but he says he is now. Chloe asks him if he is taking some sort of charity pills. He says no but he is coming clean with everything and he has stopped chasing Mac. He says if Sharon’s baby is his he will be in its life but Jack will raise it no matter what. She asks him what they all will do, live together hippies like a 60’s commune. Billy pulls her close to him telling her to come here. He says she can’t be madder at him than he is at himself. He tells her he wants them to be together. Her, him and little D. He promises he will make it up to her. Chloe says fine but she has some conditions of her own that are non negotiable.

While Jack is blaming himself for Sharon feeling like she does she thinks she is responsible for her own actions. She says she is so sorry that she hurt him. He tells her that is all in the past and he will stand by her mo matter who the father of the baby is. He is just grateful to have a second chance. He tells her there is only one thing that can make him happier. He asks her to marry him and he pulls out a ring for her.

Mary Jane feels that Nikki is interrogating her but she continues smiling at her. She jokes     around telling her that she thought she already had the job at Jabot. Phyllis gets a call from Victoria and then talks to Summer. Nikki can tell Mary Jane is feeling uncomfortable. Phyllis says the kids are going to bed soon so she has to go so she can see them first to give them their singing bears. Mary Jane asks if Nikki always drills people like that when she is gone. She wonders how Phyllis manages working with her mother in law. Phyllis tells her she and Nikki get along great. Mary Jane tells Phyllis that men are unworthy jerks. Phyllis assumes Mary Jane is still hung up on Jack. Mary Jane says Sharon ruined that for her but she still wants the louse back. Phyllis advises her to walk away and give it up. She tells her that Sharon is pregnant but Jack might not be the father. Mary Jane tells Phyllis that she just hates that woman,

Jack is holding out the ring but doesn’t want to force Sharon into something she isn’t ready for. He assumes that she is turning him down by her reaction. She tells him he said no strings. She says it is a big step but now is not the time to make long term plans with three men being the potential father of her baby. He shuts the box and tells her he will keep it in a safe place in case she changes her mind. She thanks him for being so understanding. A business associate calls and needs to meet with Jack tonight so Sharon goes home and taking Jack’s keys with her leaving Jack to have to take a cab home.

Chloe’s first condition is that Billy finds them their own home. Billy objects saying they have just settled into the pool house. She says they need a place to start over. She insists saying until he gets this she and Delia will be at the Chancellor Estate. She tells him she isn’t going to argue with him, she is done with fighting with him. She tells him right now she doesn’t even want to look at him as she walks out.

Ashley sits on the bench in front of Sabrina’s statue. She is so glad she has found peace thanks to her dream of Sabrina. Nikki walks by but hides when she hears Ashley talking. Ashley talks about how Sabrina is watching over her and her baby. Nikki looks at the statue and then over to Ashley and she looks like she is trying to figure out what is going on.

Victor and Nick finish their business and Victor tells him how pleased he is that he is at Newman now full time. He tells him though that he needs him to fly out to New York tonight. Nick tells him it is not a good time. Victor asks why. Nick tells him that he and Phyllis are having some problems and he should get home. Victor asks if it is that serious. Nick admits to him that it is so serious that they might not make it. Nick tells him father there is a lot more that is going on, when he asks his father if he knows about him and Sharon.

Billy orders a bourbon and soda and then cancels it. He walks over to Jack and asks if he can talk to him for a minute. He tells Jack he knows he betrayed him in the worse possible way but of all the disgusting things he has done in his life this the one he regrets the most. He tells him he knows sorry isn’t enough. Billy tells him he confessed everything to Chloe and she is being pretty good about it. She wants them to get their own place now. He says it is best that he stops sponging and get about from him and Sharon. He says he hopes that one day Jack can forgive him. Jack asks if he really wants his forgiveness. He says the playtime is over. He thinks he is grasping at straws to set things straight but then he tells him he will tell him how to earn his and Chloe’s respect.

Mary Jane continues complaining about Sharon and how she can’t imagine how Phyllis
feels about Sharon. She says anyone can see how much Phyllis loves Nick. Phyllis says she loves him more than any other man. Mary Jane advises her to follow her heart no matter even if others get hurt. Phyllis laughs and says she hates Sharon just as much and wishes the earth would just open up and suck her in. Mary Jane laughs saying, kill her and then says she was only joking. Phyllis tells Mary Jane to find someone who is worthy of her. She says she is going to work on her marriage if he shows up.

Victor tells Nick he is guessing that Sharon must be pregnant. Nick says yeah she is and due around the same time Ashley is. Adam gets on his laptop to listen to what is going on downstairs calling Nick a self righteous son of a bitch, after he lectured him on loyalty. Nick tells Victor the baby could be Jack’s. He admits he does still love Phyllis but he can’t let Sharon go. Victor warns him that when one tries to recapture their past it doesn’t always guarantee happiness. He says he can’t help thinking that he and Sharon would still be together if Cassie hadn’t died. Victor hopes he will save his family.

Victor goes out and sits on the bench with Ashley. He tells her he is done with his business with Nick. She tells him she meant what she said about not dwelling on the weird things that have happened and she assures him she feels great. She wants to go watch a movie. She says a comedy. Victor tells her unfortunately he has to go out of town tonight. Ashley says that is ok but when thunder and lightning starts they decide t is time to go back inside.

Nikki goes inside at the ranch asking Nick if his father is around. She thinks it is odd that they are out walking in this weather. She tells Nick about seeing Sabrina out by the statue. She thought it was odd. Adam’s happy, saying he guesses Sabrina isn’t as free of Sabrina as she claims she is. Nikki hates to ruin the goodwill between her and Victor by telling Victor about it so Nick says he will try to keep an eye on Ashley. Adam is in his room saying he will keep an eye on her too.

Jack lectures Billy telling him he doesn’t think he is ready to commit to his marriage. He says one day he wants to sleep around and the next day he chases the girl who got away and now he is ready to honor his wedding vows. Jack tells him he wants him to show up every day at work and his evenings and weekends will be spent with his daughter. He wants Billy to get them a place of their own if Chloe will forgive him for what he has done. He says nothing will change his love for his little brother but Billy is going to have to earn his respect again now. Jack says if he isn’t willing to do the work then the way he sees it would be that Billy doesn’t deserve any of them. Then Jack gets a call from Olivia and isn’t happy.

Chloe sees Sharon and tells her that she is moving out and she thinks she can guess why. She asks Sharon why she had to sleep with Billy. She really wants an answer to that. Sharon admits she slept with Billy the day of their wedding which horrifies Chloe. She tells Sharon to get her head on straight or she swears she will …  She leaves it at that and walks out.

When Nick comes home she tells him that Summer is spending the night over at Victoria’s house so now he can’t avoid her anymore. Nick says he wasn’t avoiding her but he has just been busy. She says well they are alone here now and he is here. She is waiting to hear his decision on whether or not is wants to stay with her and work on their marriage.

Jan Barrett

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