Gloria is a wreck when Amber walks in at Crimson Lights asking if they had a party there last night. Kevin throws Gloria a towel while he is cleaning up and she tells him she can’t clean right now. He starts yelling at her saying she can’t clean a mess up because she only knows how to make them.

Gloria goes to the hospital and asks about Jeffery. When Jill sees her she tells her she can not go near him. Gloria says she is still Jeffery’s wife. Jill says but she tried to kill him. Gloria says that was not on purpose. She says it was an accident. Jill says it will be over her dead body before Gloria will get in to see Jeffery. Gloria says fine then she will wait right there until she dies.

Meanwhile Michael goes to Crimson Lights. Kevin asks him if Gloria called him. Michael says no then jokes around about why would she. Kevin fills him in on what happened. Michael asks where Gloria is now. Kevin says he assumes she is at the hospital. Michael says if Gloria calls tell her not to talk to anyone and he is on his way there to talk to her now.

Jeffery tells Jill he is ok now and takes the oxygen off his face. Jill tells him he isn’t going anywhere because his ex-wife is there and she might try again if she sees he is alive. Suddenly Jeffery starts gasping for breath and Jill calls for help. They put Jill out the room while they take care of Jeffery but he tries to tell the doctor something. They make him keep the mask on his with the oxygen so he motions for them to give him something to write on. After they get him stable he starts to write a letter to Gloria confessing his love for her. Jill comes in with the doctor and they tell him his heart is ok and he can go home. Jill talks him into coming home with her so she can look out for him. When she leaves to get the car he puts the note in his pocket.

When they get back to the Chancellor Mansion Jill tells Esther to make Jeffery some tea. Katherine walks in and wants to know what happened. Jill tells him Gloria tried to kill Jeffery. Jeffery tells her that it was an accident though. He knows Gloria didn’t do it on purpose. Jill doesn’t accept that as an excuse. Later when Esther brings him a cup of tea he says that is all he needs. She tells him he always wants more. He says this is fine. She tells him that he is nicer now than he was before. Jeffery says well he has a different perspective on life now.

Lauren calls the hospital asking for Jeffery’s room. When they ring it she gets no answer. Kevin and Michael give Gloria a hard time. After continuing calling the hospital tells Lauren that Jeffery is no longer registered there. They have no idea is he is still alive or if he died. Gloria keeps calling his cell phone but she can’t get an answer either. Gloria is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. She asks Lauren to help her by giving her a job at the Boutique but Michael says no right away. Gloria says she has nothing now so she is begging them for help.

Victoria sees Nikki leaving Jabot and she asks her if she is playing hooky. She says she is going out to the ranch to get something to send to Miguel because he won’t be returning because he has to take care of his sick aunt. Victoria tells her about Sabrina asking her to be her matron of honor and that she turned her down. Nikki says she has every right to. Victoria asks then why is she feeling so guilty about it. She tells Nikki her father was there at Jabot asking if he could say something to change her mind. Nikki is surprised that Victor came to Jabot.

Victor goes home and smiles when Sabrina walks up to him. He seems so sad. He tells her she makes him so happy. He tells her to sit down. He asks her if she would do him the honor of becoming his bride on June 20th. He asks her is that a good day for her. She smiles and says that is a very good day for her. When Adam comes in Victor tells him he has a question for him. He says he and Sabrina are getting married and he wants him to be his best man. Adam says to be at the altar with him and Nick… but Victor interrupts him saying never mind Nick. Adam thinks he should be asking Nick to be the best man though, but he says he would be honored to stand there with him.  

Nikki goes to the farm and tells Sabrina that she came there to find something memorable to send to Miguel since he won’t be coming back. When Victor walks in they agree on a clock that would be nice to send him. Nikki asks Victor not to shut Nick and Victoria out of his life. She tells him they really need him. He says they shut him out of their lives first. Sabrina interrupts saying dinner is ready so Nikki leaves. After dinner Sabrina tells Victor she wants things mended between him and his kids. Victor agrees to go and ask Nick to be his best man then.

Phyllis, Sharon and Jack gang up on Nick trying to get him to change his mind about doing the profile piece on Sabrina. They all think it would be good business but he is set against it.

Adrian and Amber talk at Crimson Lights. She suggests that he comes by the magazine and talk to them about running his story. He says a magazine article isn’t exactly what he needs to get his book published though. She says well maybe not but at least it would be a start. Adrian tells her thank you and agrees to go to Restless Style. He says if this works out he is buying her dinner.

Amber goes to work and tells everyone that Gloria poisoned Jeffery and he is in the hospital. Sharon is upset worrying about Gloria being there in the pool house. Jack promises to take care of it soon but wants to wait a little while before doing anything.

Nick gets back at the magazine and they tell him about them wanting to hire Adrian to write the piece to tie in with Sabrina’s story. Nick says he will agree but only under one condition. He says they tell it all no matter what his Dad says.

Victor walks in and he says Sabrina told him about that and he approves. Nick says well the important thing here is his own approval. Victor asks him if he can speak to him a minute. Victor tells him about Miguel not coming back. Nick tells him yes he knows and then says things change and he starts going down the line with how it changed with him and Victoria and everything else. Then he asks Victor what he wanted to talk to him about. Victor just says he suddenly forgot and he leaves quietly.

Later Victor goes home and tells Adam that when they are home he is not his employee, he is his son. He tells Adam that he has made a decision and he would like to have him stand up for him at his wedding as his best man. Adam asks what about Nick. Victor tells him he wants him to stand up for him alone. Adam says it would be an honor for him.

Jan Barrett

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