Jill has to call her new boss to say she won’t be coming in today because she has a family emergency. She promises to make up the hours she is missing later. When Katherine comes in she says she didn’t sleep well and she says she knows Jill must be even more tortured in all this but she hopes she won’t take her stress out on Nina. She says Nina is not attacking Cane, she is only looking for answers. She says what if Nina is right though. She says if she is right that would mean the child she gave birth to could be out their wandering around somewhere.

Cane puts one of the vials of blood into his pocket and then he takes a call and tells someone to have Langley call him saying it is an emergency. Lily walks in asking what’s wrong since he mentioned an emergency. He lies to her saying it’s something about a loan and for her not to worry about it. When he walks out the room, Lily looks at his cell phone and sees that all of his outgoing calls seem to be to his Uncle Langley.

Sharon brings in a bouquet of flowers and then suddenly remembers that it is Jack’s birthday. She says she had forgotten. He tells her she has given him the best present he could ever have hoped for with this baby. He asks how Nick reacted. She says she hasn’t told him. Then she realizes he doesn’t know about Summer. She tells him that she is in a coma in the hospital.

Paul and Nikki bring in flowers and when Phyllis sees them and the ones from Newman Enterprises and from Summers day camp she requests that they all be removed saying it felt like a funeral in there. Outside in the hallway Victor offers to fly in any specialists that she may want. When Mary Jane comes in and hugs her Victor ignores her even when she says hello to him. He gets a text message with a picture of him and Mary Jane and the message says they know all about Mary Jane and then instructs him to meet them at Jimmy’s bar in one hour.

Neil meets Nina at Crimson Lights and she explains to him how she almost passed out when she says Phillip’s casket empty. She says she has no new information about it but she thinks that Cane is somehow involved. Neil asks if she is talking about his son in law. She says that is right and she is worried about Lily now. She says she isn’t convinced that Cane is the real Phillip Chancellor and if she is right Lily is going to need her father’s support. Neil can’t believe that Cane would be a con artist. He says he earns his own keep. He says he knows for a fact that he turned down money from both Katherine and Jill. He says Cane has principles. Nina asks if he means before or after she came back to town and started asking questions. She tells Neil that she hopes she is wrong for Lily’s sake.

Jill says Nina is a scandal monger now that she is too old to be a gold digger Katherine says people change and she asks Jill if she is the same person she was 20 years ago, When Cane and Lily come in Lily quietly tells that Cane seems focused on his Uncle Langley’s disappearance. She tells her that he has called him over 40 times over some financial mix up.

Phyllis tells Michael that it is ok, and he should tell Lauren not to come. She says Nick is taking good care of her right now, saying he has been a sweetheart. Michael sarcastically says sure he is for the time being. She tells him the moment is all he has right now. She says it is almost as if she has her husband back. She says if both her husband and Summer leave her right now she will be left with nothing then. Paul is wondering what Mary Jane is doing at the hospital, while Nick is wondering where Sharon went. He is assuming she is staying away for Phyllis’s sake and that this might be bringing back bad memories for her. Nikki wonders where Victor has gone off to.

Gloria is at Jimmy’s trying to be in disguise wearing a hat and glasses while Jeffery attempts to try blackmailing Victor.  When Jeffery tells Victor he wonders what his pregnant girlfriend would think about this picture of him with Mary Jane calling her a high priced hooker, Victor certainly doesn’t look worried, he more or less looks irritated and he tells Jeffery he has made a very serious error in judgment. If Victor doesn’t give his and Gloria’s and Jill’s money back he will go to Ashley with his information about Mary Jane. He tells Jeffery to take his decaying body back and slink back into the swamp he crawled out of. He tells Jeffery he doesn’t know who he is dealing with here. On his way out he passes by Gloria and tells her she picked the wrong side.

After Nick reads to Summer he leaves Phyllis alone with Mary Jane to talk. Mary Jane tells Phyllis that it must be a relief to know that Nick is not the father of Sharon’s baby. She tells her that Jack is. Phyllis says she didn’t even know about it but right now all she wants to focus on is Summer.

At Jack’s house Sharon says she is sure that Nick and Phyllis don’t need them at the hospital. She tells Jack she doesn’t want Nick to have the same regrets over Summer and Phyllis as he had with her and Cassie. Jack tells her that if she just disappears Nick will know something is wrong. Jack talks her into going to the hospital Jack promises he will let her be the one to tell Nick that he isn’t the father of the baby that Jack is. He says that is her news to tell him.

Jill isn’t happy with Nina being there and Cane doesn’t want an audience when they stick him with the needle. Nina tells him to think of them as witnesses. While they are drawing Cane’s blood Victor arrives wanting to speak to Jill. When she say it is not a good time, he says now! Lily and Nina bicker when Lily accuses her of confusing fact with fiction in her screenplay. Nina says Lily has not been the greatest judge when it comes to being conned. Lily says yes in the past she had been lied to and that is why she always loved the way Cane was always honest with her. She says surely Nina is not comparing Cane to David Kimble. Cane pounds his hand on the table saying for them to stop because they are upsetting Katherine. He bends down and makes the switch of the blood vials but Nina blurts out that he shouldn’t touch that. She rolls her eyes when Cane fussing over Katherine.

Mary Jane tells Phyllis she was there when Sharon told Jack the news. Phyllis tells her right now all she cares about is her daughter. Jack comes in and explains to Phyllis that Sharon doesn’t want to intrude. She mentions to Jack that she knows he is the father of the baby. When Nick comes in he thanks Jack for his support and while they are talking Mary Jane tells Summer while in tears that she didn’t mean for this to happen. She says it was only suppose to be a little distraction. She says it was all her fault and it didn’t even work out, Jack is still hovering over Phyllis. She tells Summer she will have to think of some other way like sending her Mommy far, far away.

Jill denies that she is in cahoots with Jeffery and Gloria. She tells him that since he doesn’t want the fragile Ashley to know about any of this perhaps he can give her a job at Newman and then she can do what she can do to help him influence Jeffery.

Nina apologizes for getting into it with Lily. She says none of this is her fault. Cane still fusses over Katherine after she admits she hasn’t eaten or slept well since they exhumed Phillip’s grave. Lily tells Cane her Dad needs to talk to her so she tells Katherine good bye and Nina. Cane says he doesn’t blame Nina for having her doubts, and he promises to talk to Lily. He says he only hopes the blood tests will put Nina’s mind at ease.

Heather goes to the hospital to see Paul. She ends up filling out insurance papers for Phyllis when her hands were too shaky to do it. When Phyllis assumes Nick is on the phone with Sharon, he tells her he was worried about Sharon’s baby. Phyllis says Sharon’s baby! She blurts out to him that the baby isn’t even his, that Jack is the father. Nick says what? He looks over at Jack who tells him Sharon is in the chapel. Nick goes off to the chapel and Mary Jane comes out the room and sees Jack hugging Phyllis.

Jill tells Victor that Newman just lost Neil. She says she would be perfect for that position but Victor thinks she would be perfect for another company in another state. Jill tells him he knows she doesn’t want to leave her sons or her grandchildren. He insults her and now she is pissed off. She wishes him luck with Jeffery because he isn’t going to get any help from her now.

Lily tells Neil she understands that Nina needs answers but she shouldn’t be accusing innocent people with such accusations. She realizes that Cane has been evasive about his childhood but she can’t very well question him now. She says it would seem like she doesn’t trust him. Neil says it sounds like Cane is the one that doesn’t trust her. When she sees Cane she asks him if he is hiding anything from her. He tells her when these blood tests results are in they will show he is the real Phillip.

Nina gets a list from Paul that he compiled of everyone who had contact with Phillip the night he died. He says the only one he couldn’t find was the police officer that rode in the ambulance with Phillip. He says the guy seems to have left the force and moved away but he assures Nina he is already on it to find him.

Mary Jane is muttering outside Summers room saying poor baby. She says she can’t believe her own mother would do something like that. Heather over hears and rushes over to her to ask what does she thinks Phyllis did. Mary Jane pretends she didn’t know Heather was standing there. She tells Heather that Phyllis couldn’t have known  it would be this bad, she just wanted to get Nick’s attention.

Nick thinks back to Cassie’s deathbed prediction that he and Sharon would have another daughter and then how in his dream she brings him a gift for baby Faith who Nick was holding in his dream. His eyes tear up. He tells God that he knows he wanted them to have Faith and he believes that. He tells him that he took Cassie and now Summer and now the dream of a new baby. He says he can’t believe God would be that cruel. He pleads for a sign and then he turns to see Sharon all teary eyes too.

Jill is told when she returns to the room that Cane has left. Victor tells Katherine it is none of her business about what he wanted with Jill. Jill says she will just be glad when at the end of the week and they have the results of the tests, she will no longer have to see Nina who was only trying to take another son from her. Katherine’s snaps saying she doesn’t feel so well. Jill tells her she isn’t going to let her weasel out of hearing what she is hell bent on saying.

Jeffery gets a text message from Jill telling him that apparently Victor wants her to call off the hounds. Gloria is worried saying Victor is a dangerous and powerful man that probably wants them dead now. Jeffery thinks it is thanks to Mary Jane that they have Victor on a leash.

Mary Jane finds Victor in her hotel suite when she returns. She says she isn’t comfortable with him barging in when she isn’t there. He claims that they must be careful saying they have been found out. He says no, not her identity but their connection. He says they wouldn’t want history to repeat itself. She tells him since this morning she has gotten even closer to Jack. She looks worried when he gets up from the sofa cushion leaving kitty out in the open.

When Phyllis asks if she has seen Nick, Heather tells her that she doesn’t think he came back yet. She makes a call to the DA’s office and orders them to get her the case research that they have on Muchasuen by Proxy Syndrome.

In the chapel Nick asks Sharon if it is true what he heard that Jack is the father of the baby. Sharon tells him she doesn’t want to talk about it. She tells him that Phyllis and Summer needs him now. Nick doesn’t know what to think. He says he really thought this baby would be his. She tells him to focus on them right now. She tells him it will destroy him if he lets her down the same way he did her. He tells her it is a girl, isn’t it. She tells him yes the baby is a girl but it isn’t his girl. She apologizes to him as she runs away from Nick leaving him looking devastated.

Jan Barrett

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