Jill chews Heather out for not being thorough enough on a memo. Victoria has sympathy for Heather but warns her that Jill’s mood could have something to do with her dating the competition. She tells Heather that she should reconsider how she spends her evenings and early mornings and then she leaves. Heather calls Paul and asks him to meet her for coffee. He says he is at Indigo and asks if she wants to meet there. She says she is on her way.

Walter tells David that he has lost big before and he always comes back so he knows he will again. David freaks out when he spots Gloria staring at him. David tells Walter he may have just lost a lot more than money. David tells Walter that Gloria works for him and his wife and loves gossip so he is sure she will tell Nikki she saw him there. He says if she does Nikki will leave him. He says Nikki said if he lies to her again it will be over.  Walter calls Nikki a “cash cow” and David defends her.

Nikki tells Katherine that she isn’t sure she can believe David anymore. She says something tells her it is time to quit. She says but she loves David. She says she doesn’t think she can focus on the annual charity ball this year. Katherine tells her to stop being so hard on herself and to take one thing at a time. Katherine wonders if Victoria can take her place and run it. Katherine asks Nikki how she would feel about her asking Sabrina to co-chair it. Nikki agrees to it. She says let the new Mrs. Newman take her rightful place on the throne and see how long she is queen.

Later Nikki tells Victoria that David is supposed to be in L.A. She tells her that she doesn’t know what to believe about what David tells her. Victoria tells her to confront him and if he is lying to her to get rid of him. Nikki says she doesn’t understand why David would go to her and tell her the truth right after he won big. Victoria tells Nikki that she does worry about her. She asks if there is anything she can do for her. Nikki says the best thing she can do is to concentrate on her work. Nikki asks her about the charity ball. She asks her if she can run it this year but there is a catch. She says Katherine asked her if Sabrina can co-chair it. Victoria says sure she can handle that but asks why would Katherine ask Sabrina. Nikki tells her that her father has deep pockets.

In their suite Gloria tells Jeffery about David and how he promised Nikki he would stop gambling. She thinks poor Nikki, she says and she trusted him. She says she needs to tell Nikki. She says Nikki supported her when no one else did. She says that meant a lot to her and she is a friend. Jeffery figures that Gloria will use this information to her advantage. He says it is all about Gloria.  She says yes she will, then she tells Jeffery to kiss her and he does. Jeffery is anxious to get Gloria into bed but Gloria keeps thinking about seeing David there. Jeffery kisses her on the neck and she tells him she is really enjoying being Mrs. Jeffery Bardwell Bardwell.

Walter gets David Gloria’s room number. He wants them to play some craps now but David is more worried about Gloria. David goes up to Gloria’s room and knocks on the door. A maid passing by tells him that the couple in that room has checked out.

Katherine meets with Sabrina at Indigo and asks her about co-chairing for the charity ball. She asks Katherine if Nikki is the chairman. Katherine says usually yes, Nikki does but not this time. Sabrina asks if she is asking her because she is married to Victor. Katherine is honest and says honestly it does have something to do with it and Sabrina says she is not offended by this. She asks if Nikki isn’t going to do this because of her. Katherine assures her it has nothing to do with her.

Sabrina goes to Nikki to talk to her about the charity ball. Sabrina tells her that Katherine asked her to work on it and Sabrina wants to know if it is her fault that she isn’t working on it. Sabrina says she thinks it would be so much better for the family if they could work together. Nikki asks her if she means her family. Sabrina says yes which is her family now too. Nikki tells her she is still in the proverbial stage of her honeymoon and she doesn’t think it will last. Later Sabrina tells Jana about her co-chairing the charity ball. She tells her they need an original theme. When Sabrina worries about being on her own with this Jana tells her she has her to help.

Gloria and Jeffery go back to Genoa City and she wants to freshen up before talking to Nikki. She figures Nikki would dump David and be gracious to her by putting her back in an executive suite. She tells Jeffery to go break the news to Jill about their good news. When he tells her Jill slaps him across the face. She tells him that she had lost the man she really loved and to trust her that he is a lousy substitute.

When Heather gets to Indigo she tells Paul how Jill jumped all over her this morning. She tells him how Jill saw her with Adam at Victor’s wedding. She thinks Jill blames her for not finding JiMin’s murder case. She says she never felt good about dropping that case. She tells Paul now that she is a private citizen she wants to investigate the case. Paul tells her he will help. He says it would be best if she starts from scratch. He advises her to put out of her head everything she knows about the case and start over. He says to pretend she is working on this for the first time. She says yes, with a fresh set of eyes. When she heads back to Jabot she asks an associate to find all the files she can for her on the JiMin while he was with Jabot. Margot tells her that all the files they have could fill a room. Heather tells her then to find an empty room to put them for her.

Victoria tells Nikki that she and Sabrina will work together and co-chair the ball. Nikki tells Victoria about her visit with Sabrina. She tells her that she set her straight when she asked if it was because of her that she wasn’t doing it this year. She says she wasn’t so gracious about it either.

Jill walks in and is surprised to see Heather going through JiMin’s files. Jill asks her if new information has come to light for her to work on the case. Heather tells Jill she sees it as unfinished for Jabot. She says she knows that she loved him. Jill says he loved her too. She says he didn’t deserve to die. Jill thanks Heather for saying she knows they loved each other. She says she thought everyone had forgotten about it. Heather promises Jill she will go over the files like it is her case again. She says if there is a way to find JiMin’s killer she will find it.

Sabrina is talking about the ball at Crimson Lights with Jana when Victoria walks in and announces that she will be co-chairing the ball.. Sabrina likes the idea and asks if that means they will be working together. Victoria tells her to tell her. Sabrina says now that they are family this would be good therapy for them but Victoria says it is a charity ball, not family therapy. They need to decide on who will take the lead. Sabrina tells her that she is going to do the job that she was asked to do. Sabrina tells her it is her choice. They can work together or make life difficult for one another.

Katherine goes to see Nikki and she asks her if she has heard from David. She says no but if he lies to her one more time it is over. After Katherine leaves Nikki’s office Gloria walks in and asks Nikki if they can talk.

David tells Walter that Gloria checked out of her room before he could get to her. He says she probably is heading back to Genoa City to talk to Nikki. Walter offers him a job with him to pay off his debts again. David has a flash back to seeing JiMin lying dead on the floor. Walter tells him he did a first rate job with JiMin Kim. He tells David he should be proud of himself saying he has talent for this kind of work. David doesn’t want to talk about it.

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