Cane and Lily are at Crimson Lights picking up a cheesecake for her birthday when he explains to her that as much as he appreciates her gesture about them going to Australia, he would really rather not go. He says he thinks his past should just stay in the past.

Chloe goes to the Abbott home looking for Billy and is sad when she finds no one there. Billy is walking in at Jimmy’s with a bouquet of flowers behind his back. He hands them over to Mac who tells him he really doesn’t want to do this. He argues telling her oh yes he really does want to.

Kevin and Amber are on the phone with Loveline who has them on hold. When they finally come back to the phone, Amber is upset that Dr. Drew doesn’t want to talk to her. He says she is beyond help. Amber isn’t discouraged though, she starts dialing for Rush Limbaugh. Kevin tells her to hang the phone up now.

Daniel has been played! He now has to explain to the real Howard Aucker about why the fake guy contacted him. When the real Aucker explains he is the only Howard Aucker with the Department of Justice Daniel realizes he has been had. Jana tries explaining it all from the beginning. Daniel says he did call and it was verified that a Howard Aucker was working for the Sept. of Justice. Daniel wonders if that guy wasn’t who he said he was then who was he. He told the real Aucker that he could sketch what the man looked like. Aucker hands him his business card and tells him to fax him all the info and to call him if this guy shows up again. When he leaves Daniel dials the last number the fake Aucker gave him only to find that the number has been disconnected.

Amber is still trying to get on the air so she can tell their side of the story, promising big ratings to anyone that will listen. She finally finds the perfect show, “Can’t Get Over The Blues?” She decides to call in to ask a question for Tommy. The King of the Blues comes on the phone and starts giving out baseball references but Amber realizes she is talking to Tommy Lasorda and she just know he won’t be able to help them.

Mac is not happy with Billy bringing her flowers. She feels different when she reads the card that comes with the flowers. It is from Billy congratulating his two oldest and best friends on their engagement. Billy tells her he only wants her to be happy. She tells him he needs to go and go get Chloe and the baby and bring them home. On his way out he bumps into Cane and Lily. He tells Lily Happy Birthday as he goes out the door. Mac watches with a sad look on her face.

Neil comes in with a gift for Lily. He jokes around with Cane saying it looks like they are in competition now as he looks around Jimmy’s. He sees yet another gift there from Cane. Neil thinks back to it being just last year that Tyra and Anna joined them for Lily’s birthday party. Lily tells him that a lot has happened since then and she is really happy that he has changed his opinion of cane since then too. JT walks in and goes behind Mac and covers her eyes saying guess who? Mac says yeah it has been two months and he finally decides to come see her and she laughs.

Billy goes home and finds Chloe there. She tells him that the baby is at home, which is at the Chancellor Estate now. She reminds him that that is where she and Delia live now in case he hadn’t noticed. He asks if she came over there to hammer him now. She tells him she is tired of him acting like a jerk with her. He says he begged her not to leave. He claims he is exactly like he was before they got married, a self indulgent screw up. He tells her he doesn’t deserve her, Mac or a precious little kid like Delia. He says Chloe needs to stop acting like he pulled a bait and switch. She comes to the conclusion that he really only wants her and Delia to be gone forever.

Amber and Kevin are excited to be talking to Tommy Lasorda but they know it was a mistake calling him. Tommy tells them to hold on and asks what they are sorry for, He acknowledges that he has heard about the Bonnie and Clyde bank robbers and when they tell him who they are he says holy moly. He says he doesn’t approve of what the governor did though and asks what the hell is going on there.

Daniel and Jana are trying to clean up some when Daniel says he must be the biggest chump in the world. Jana encourages him by telling him no he isn’t, but he is a good artist and a decent human being that is trying to do good for his country. He tells her he has no choice but to track this fake Aucker guy down but she tells him there is no way she will risk something happening to him.

Kevin takes the phone out to the patio for privacy. Tommy is playing the devil’s advocate here. He tells Kevin that he knows Kevin suffered abuse from his father and that he might act out because of it but he has to ask was robbing an armored truck the way to do it. Kevin says he has had enough of the head shrinking but Tommy asks him not to hang up. Kevin decides to tell him his side of this. He tells Tommy, “The reason he did what he did is because… (he hesitates) and then says because I am, I am insane!”

Billy tells Chloe that she seems to have forgotten that Mac is engaged now. He tells her that she is the one that is obsessing over Mac, not him. She tells him she has been waiting for him to wake up and make their marriage real. He says well it has been consummated more than once. She says oh well how romantic! She reminds him of all the things they have in common and that the two of them together have ‘heat’. She says if only he would focus on what they have instead of going after a girl that doesn’t want him anymore. She tells him he is a grown man so why doesn’t he WAKE UP! And expect something of himself. She tells him to look at Cane and how he got what he wanted because he went after it. Billy yells telling her not to ever for the rest of her life compare him to Cane again.

JT and Mac talk about what has been going on in their lives. Mac says he is happy for him and Victoria even though it did start while she was still with him. JT shows her photos of Reed and then he congratulates her on her engagement. He says he didn’t realize that she and Raul were that close. JT says he doesn’t see too much of Billy these days. He says he isn’t the same kid he used to be. Mac tells him Billy is not a lost cause though. She says she knows he can be a good man.

Roxanne is jealous of all the gifts that Lily is getting. She jokes around that Cane has given her 22 gifts, one for each year of her life. Lily only got Cane one but it is useful. Cane opens the box and flips through a day planner. Lily explains that it is a roadmap to their family and she shows him where she has the baby making days circled. Nina walks in and looks over at everyone.

Jana thinks Daniel is crazy for wanting to go after these guys especially while his place is a mess. She asks what would happen to Amber if something happened to him. She asks if he is expecting her to lie to Kevin too. She tells him he needs to leave this to the authorities to take care of this. She finally agrees to keep quiet about this as long as he drops it. They get a call tipping them about Kevin and Amber being on the phone with Tommy Lasorda so they both turn the radio on to listen. They hear Tommy telling his listeners who Kevin and Amber are and then he tells Kevin he is up. Kevin apologizes and explains how it started with him being locked in the closet again. He says if he could take it all back he would, he isn’t a bad guy. He says he is a regular guy that has a great wife and great friends and family and now a second chance. He says if the Chipmunk taught him anything it is that we are all a little nuts.

Billy calls Cane a smug sanctimonious jerk that tried to take their daughter. He questions Chloe looking at Cane as a hero now. She says she thinks he has been pretty decent and she says he has tried to reach out to Billy. She tells Billy he is jealous of a guy that is running a bar. Billy sees Jimmy’s as something that Cane took from him too along with his Mother’s attention. Chloe point out that it is because Cane pays attention to her too though. She tells him he doesn’t give Jill anything. She says his mother has been there for her and the baby but she gets nothing from her own son. She tells him she went after Cane because Billy wasn’t ready to step up. She says she is ashamed of what she did to Cane and to Lily but now she has to do everything in her power to make sure that her daughter is never ashamed of her.

Nina explains to Mac that she is there to talk to her boss but it looks like he just stepped out. Neil tells Lily that her mother would be thrilled to see that she is so happy now. When Cane and Devon come back from making a delivery Nina walks over and asks if she can talk to Cane. They invite her to join them. She talks to them about the screenplay she is working on. She says every time she asks Amber for details she avoids talking about it. Devon says she pulled some crazy stuff to get Cane to Genoa City. Nina can’t wait til she hears more, saying it makes for good drama. Cane says he is a big fan of movies but he says this is about Katherine. Nina says she thinks this part of the story is stunning though about how he and Jill found one another and she would love to hear all about it. When Nina asks about Violet, saying that she knows that she died but she says would like to include her in the movie, Cane doesn’t want to talk about it now saying maybe another time.

Billy tells Chloe he knew this wasn’t going to work and that he is a horrible person. He wants her to move back into the pool house and he will clear out. He is tired of all the fighting every night. She looks at him and then she tells him he kills her. She says he is so charming, and everybody loves him, if only he made the slightest effort does he realize what an amazing life he’d have. She says even though she knows she might be the biggest idiot in the world, she love him. She says she is sorry but she doesn’t think her love is the worse thing that can happen for him. She tells him to just let Mac go and then she can make their marriage work but only if he is willing to make an effort. She looks at him and tells him she knows there is something else and she thinks she deserves the truth.

Tommy takes a call from a listener that wants to give Kevin a break. Kevin thanks the caller and says he appreciates the support. Tommy ends the show by telling Kevin he thinks he and Amber will be OK. Before Tommy hangs up Kevin wishes Tommy good luck with the Dodgers this year. Then he thanks Amber. Jana and Daniel come in and tells them that was a brilliant idea to call in like that. Kevin asks Jana what she and Daniel have been up to. Daniel jumps in to say they have been researching foreign art dealers. All of them cheer up thinking things are starting to look up for all except Daniel doesn’t look so happy. Then we see somewhere else where the fake Aucker looking at Daniel’s painting. He likes it saying it is perfect and identical. He says that Romalotti kid has no idea what he has gotten himself into.

Cane says he has to make a phone call and then Lily can open her other gifts. Lily walks away to explain to Nina how Cane doesn’t like discussing his past with anyone. Nina asks her if there are any particular areas that she should avoid like an incident or something. Lily tells her she thinks Cane want to help but it hard for him. While she walks Nina out, Cane is on the phone with Langley/Philip telling him they have a problem.

Billy tells Chloe he misses her and Delia which Chloe thinks is a good thing. He says but in order to be this good guy, which she has faith in him knowing he can be, he has to come clean. She says great there’s more. He says this one is a pretty tough one. He blurts out that Sharon is pregnant and he could be the father. Chloe is shocked and she just stands there covering her mouth with her hand.

Jan Barrett

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