Victoria shows Nick a newspaper article that suggests that his billionaire father is behind the magazine. Phyllis asks if they think Victor planted that but both Nick and Victoria say no. Victoria says her Dad never goes to the press, which is why they always seem to make things up about him.

Cane talks to Jill about Lily. Jill didn’t know about Lily’s plans to go to New York. She reminds Cane that Lily is under contract with Jabot exclusively. He says yes he knows but Chancellor owns Jabot and contracts can be negotiated. Jill tells Cane she knows he wants Lily to be a success but Jabot has her under exclusive contract for another year. He says he knows that but he thinks her success could be their success. Jill asks Cane, “Have you really thought about this though. She really could become a star!” Cane says he hopes she can be. Jill says ok, he has convinced her and she will have the contract amended.

Jack has fresh flowers for the table and has cinnamon rolls baking in the oven. He tells Sharon he is really sorry for not talking to her before inviting Gloria to stay there. Sharon says they still have to break it to Noah. Right then Noah walks in and asks what is that smell. Jack breaks the news to Noah. Sharon tells him she won’t be staying in the house but in the pool house. Noah asks if she will be gone by the time he gets back from summer camp. Gloria walks in telling everyone good morning. She asks if that is cinnamon rolls she smells and then says she picked up fresh fruit from the farmers market. Noah asks her if that crazy dude Jeffery is going to be staying at the pool house with her. She tells him no, that crazy dude is gone forever.

Sabrina and Victor talk about plans for the wedding. She tells him she doesn’t even know where her mother is right now. She tells him she was thinking about asking Victoria to be her matron of honor. Victor thinks that is a great idea. She says well it will be if she accepts. Adam walks in and Victor asks him about the lawsuit. When Adam walks out Sabrina asks Victor if he thinks he is a little too harsh on Adam. She thinks he is paying enough for the mistake he made. Victor asks her if she is saying she should treat him different because he is his son. She says not at the office perhaps but this is their home. Victor says perhaps he should include Adam in the wedding party then. Sabrina says fine but she isn’t sure how Victoria and Nick will react to that. He agrees to put off asking Adam for a while to take into consideration about what Nick and Victoria will have to say about it.

Gloria shows up at Crimson Lights for work all energetic. Jana is impressed. When a customer orders she tells Jana she will get it. Kevin bets Jana that it won’t be edible but she fixed it perfect. As she is wiping the counter Jeffery and Jill walks in and Jill sarcastically comments on Gloria working there compared to being in the cosmetic world. When they are talking Gloria can hear Jeffery bragging to Jill about how he is going to be spending his money. He turns around and sees Gloria and calls her waitress asking for more coffee but to make sure it is hot this time.

Gloria is insulted so when she makes the coffee she puts hot sauce in the cups. When Jill takes a swallow Jeffery takes one at the same time. Jill spits hers out screaming asking Gloria what did she put in those cups. Suddenly Jill notices Jeffery gasping for breath saying he can’t breathe. Jill yells for someone to call 911 and then asks if there is a doctor in the house. Gloria is in shock as she watches Jeffery fight to breathe. The paramedics come to take Jeffery to the hospital and when Gloria walks towards him Jill stops her telling her to stay away from him. Gloria is in shock saying she is so sorry but Jill threatens to sue them and Crimson Lights and to close Crimson Lights down after this.

Jack comes up with an idea to do a profile story on Sabrina. Sharon doesn’t think Nick will go for it but she thinks it is a great idea. She asks him if maybe they should run it by Nick. Jack says not yet. They need to find out if Sabrina would be interested first. Sharon says she will go talk to her right now and leaves. She finds Sabrina and Jana at Crimson Lights. Sharon tells her what they have in mind and Sabrina is quite taken with the idea.

Nick breaks the news to Jack that he signed up a new model for the next issue of the magazine. He tells Jack that it was one those situations where he had to sign then or lose the deal. Jack asks who the model is. Nick tells him Katy Perry. Phyllis says you go look online and she is on 1000 websites because she is so popular. Later when Sharon tells Jack Sabrina liked their idea, they approach Nick with the idea and his response is ,”Hell No”

Neil goes to Lily and Devon’s house to pick something up and is surprised to see Lily home. She tells him her flight got cancelled and now she is having a problem getting another flight out. He tells her he would let her use his jet but it is being serviced right now. After talking to her father Lily wonders now what she really wants. Cane comes in and tells her that she is free of the exclusive clause with Jabot. Lily decides this isn’t what she wants after all. She surprises Neil, Devon and Cane when she says she isn’t going to go to New York at all.

Sabrina goes to Jabot to talk to Victoria. She tells Victoria that her father and she love each other very much. Sabrina tells her that they are going to set a wedding date. Victoria says how nice of her to let her know. Sabrina asks her if she would please be her matron of honor. Victoria wants to know if this is her fathers request or hers. Sabrina tells her that they both love her very much and would like her to be a part of the wedding. She asks Victoria if she will do it. Victoria smiles at her and says absolutely not. A devastated Sabrina later tells Victor her heart is broken that Victoria has turned her down.

Adam comes down and asks Sabrina if Victor is around but she says he is at the gym. He asks her if she is ok and she says she is. He says she doesn’t seem ok. She tells him how she asked Victoria to be her matron of honor and how she turned her down. Adam apologized by saying he can tell how this has hurt her. Meanwhile Victor goes to see Victoria and asks her if there is anything he can say to her to get her to change her mind about being Sabrina’s matron of honor and she tells him no.

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