Ashley stops Victor from going into Adam’s bedroom, telling him he doesn’t want to do that. She gets him to go downstairs with her. He tells her she is so sexy, how could he possibly resist her. Inside Adam’s room he is telling Rafe he has strong feelings for him and then tells him to just forget it but Rafe doesn’t want to forget it, as he starts rubbing Adam’s face.

Chloe rattles on to Mac how Billy nailed his brother’s wife saying she guesses it was the heat of the moment because oops they didn’t use protection. She tells Mac the good part about all this is that Billy isn’t the only one that can possibly be the father. She says they can just wait it out and then they can go back to what they were doing.

Mary Jane pulls away from Jack saying she understands that his mind is somewhere else. He says he is sorry but she tells him not to be. She tells him they can just talk. She tells him he can tell her why he is so preoccupied.

Sharon is on her knees praying to God thanking him for answering her prayers. She says Cassie was right and it was her last gift to them and it is God’s gift. She thinks of this as a sign that she and Nick are meant to be together so now she feels they will make it because of Cassie and the new baby. She wonders where Nick is and then she says can’t wait til she can tell Nick.

When Nick gets at the hospital the doctor is telling Phyllis that Summer is in shock and her blood pressure is very low. He says she is also comatose. When Nick goes into the room Phyllis tells him what the doctor told her. She explains that Summer must have gotten the cookies out the trash can somehow. They looks over at Summer while she lies there wearing an oxygen mask in the hospital bed.

Mac looks at Billy and asks him if it is true that he slept with Sharon. Chloe says she thinks that finding out if Billy is the father is more important than the two of them sleeping together. Mac grabs her purse saying Chloe and Billy can continue torturing each other, because she is out of there. Billy steps in front of her telling her it was an accident. Chloe laughs saying yeah he tripped on Sharon while she and he both were naked. Billy tells Mac it was before she came back to town. Mac demands that he moves out of her way and then goes past him out the door. Chloe denies getting any pleasure out of this. She asks if he is going to be an Uncle, or a Daddy or just a lucky SOB that got off the hook.

Jack admits to Mary Jane that he is distracted but he says it isn’t that she doesn’t hold his attention. She doesn’t take it offensively, saying she sees how people lean on him but she says she has a feeling Phyllis and Nick will work things out in their marriage. Jack doesn’t think so, saying Nick’s attention is somewhere else and that is not going to change. Mary Jane thinks they just need a reason to open up, and then there will be one less person for him to have to look after. She tells Jack she will take a rain check as long as he remembers what it is for.

Phyllis sits by Summer’s beside and talks with her begging her to open her eyes for her. Nick starts having flashbacks as he watches Summer of when he was doing the same thing next to Cassie. Phyllis tells Nick not to be afraid saying he can touch her and she begs him to just talk to her. He sits down and tells her Daddy’s here as he takes her hand.

While still in the chapel Sharon talks to Cassie and tells her about their new home saying it will be a happy home for all of them. Then she wonders where Nick is. She notices he left her a message on her phone telling her that Summer was in the hospital due to her peanut allergy. He says he is on his way there and he will meet her there.

Nick calls his Dad filling him in on Summer, and then he goes back in the room with Phyllis. He tells her his Dad sends his love. Sharon comes in but watches them through the window when Phyllis asks him not to call anyone else yet saying she doesn’t want anyone else coming to the hospital. She tells him they shouldn’t even have to be there. Summer should be safe and sleeping in her bed right now. When Nick comforts Phyllis Sharon rushed off.

Victor tells Ashley about Summer and that they don’t want any visitors right now. Ashley sympathizes with them saying they must be in such agony. She says Nick needs that little girl the same way Victor needs their baby. Victor gives Ashley credit for bringing life and hope into his house, saying Sabrina is part of the past.

Next we see Adam and Rafe in Adam’s bedroom dressing. Rafe notices Adam is quiet and then tells him it is OK, he can either go or stay. Adam tells him he should go. Rafe says he knows Adam and Heather are together but he says if he is confused… Adam interrupts saying he just thinks Rafe should go. Rafe tells him to take it easy and then he leaves. As soon as he is gone Adam calls Heather and tells her he needs her.

When Billy rolls out the dinner service into the hallway when he wonders why Chloe is still there. She says she was just drinking in the atmosphere. Billy loses it with her asking is she wants to get lippy and clever. He calls it the Chloe/Billy show. He asks her wasn’t she done with him. He asks did she plan to scare Mac off so he’d end up in bed with her. She sarcastically responds by saying yeah it would be so hot for her, and she is so turned on. She says he is here in a hotel room like he just went to Prom night while his daughter is sitting at home waiting to see if she is going to have a new brother or sister. She tells him he is poaching the fiancé of his best friend, his best man at that. He tells her that Mac broke off the engagement. He says besides he never lied to Mac about Sharon, he just didn’t have anything to tell her yet. Chloe asks him if he is going to chase after her or is he going to stick around to find out if he is a daddy again. He just walks out the door without answering her.

Sharon goes back to the chapel and is back on her knees praying. She says Nick is breaking just like he was with Cassie. She asks why is this happening. She starts to doubt that this baby is really their blessing. She remembers Phyllis saying that it would kill Nick if he chooses her over her and Summer saying it would destroy him. Sharon rubs her stomach and says Oh God. She tells the baby she knows she is there and not to worry. She tells the baby that her sister Summer will be ok. She asks isn’t this Karma is it? As she kneels she says she wouldn’t want a child to suffer because of her and Nick reconciling. She says it kills her to see Nick suffering. She asks God to show her what to do, how to help him. She promises to do whatever it takes.

They take Summer out for testing for brain damage, They won’t let Phyllis go so she tells her she loves her and she will be there waiting for her as they take her out. Nick says he is so sorry. She tells him this is all her fault. He tells her no, she saved Summer’s life. She says no, she did this. She says they need to get this out in the open now. She knows Nick hates her. Sharon watches though the window as Nick holds Phyllis in his arms.

When Heather comes in Adam had just gotten out the shower. She tells him that Victor and Ashley seemed upset about something. He doesn’t seem to care, he grabs her and kisses her madly. She wonders where a kiss like that came from.

Victor tells Ashley an employee of his thinks she can function without supervision. When Ashley says that doesn’t sound like a good idea, he says no it isn’t. She tells him she is sure the woman will come around. When she goes for some yogurt, Victor calls Mary Jane but when he gets her voicemail he hangs up. When Ashley comes back in he tells her he has to take care of some urgent business.

Jack doesn’t notice Mary Jane at Jimmy’s when he walks in and joins Billy at the bar. Billy tells him he knows about the test results being in. He says Sharon knows where to find him and he does have a cell phone so if he is the lucky guy… Jack interrupts saying, “you stupid son of a…” You could see he is clearly irritated by Billy’s sel pity. Jack says he wishes this baby is his. He says it is a miracle, as in a gift. He tells Billy it is not a way for him to be screwed over. He tells him if he can’t see that then he is worse off than he ever thought he was.

Sharon watches as Nick comforts Phyllis. Nick tells Phyllis he froze when he first saw Summer as he remembered being there with Cassie. He tells her that he has let everyone down by never being there for them when they needed him. He says he was useless. He says he has to do this for her and for Summer though every step and every moment of fear or relief. He says neither of them are going anywhere, he has to do this or he will be lost inside. He says he can’t come back from this again. He tells her she can push him all she wants but he isn’t going anywhere. Phyllis tells him she won’t push him, but she needs to fix her face so Summer won’t see her like that if she wakes up. Nick says not if, when shoe wakes up. When she leaves the room, Nick turns to see Sharon looking through the window as she sadly just walks away.

He runs out into the hallway and tells Sharon that Summer is in a coma and they are testing her now for brain damage. Sharon tells him she is so sorry. He talks about how big she has gotten and how grown up she is now. He asks about the paternity tests. She lies to him telling him she didn’t read them yet. She says right now all that matters is that Summer is OK. When they bring Summer back he looks at Sharon, who blows him a kiss and then he goes back into the room.

Jack tells Billy that Sharon doesn’t want him to be the father either but that isn’t the point. He tells Billy he is ignoring yet another wake up call. He says soon the lovable screw up will just be a screw up and from where he sits Billy is almost there.

Mac goes back to Billy’s suite looking for her cell phone and finds Chloe still there. Chloe tells her if she had known this was going to be a big night for her and Billy she would have never come over. She tells Mac since she is still Billy’s wife this is her business. Mac denies it was her chasing after Billy saying he came to her. Chloe says it is because she kept sending him the signals though. She tells Mac she loves Billy with all his faults and quirks. She says she sees him for who he is and he hates it. She accuses Mac of wanting to fix him. He needs to get a grip on reality and deal with what is going on. She tells Mac that all she wants to do with him is make him a better person, and change him. She says that is not the way love is.

When Heather and Adam are dressing she tells him that was some hello. When he asks if she can stay and have a drink with him she has a brief she has to work on. He tells her he needs her more than she knows. She tells him he knows just what to say to make her love him even more. When he is left alone he looks exhausted.

Heather tells Ashley that Estella’s case is shaping up nicely. She says Rafe is a good lawyer but as the nephew he is letting his personal feelings obscure reality. Ashley is happy to hear that the walls are closing in on the one person that has done this to her.

Adam gets a call from Rafe telling him hi and asks how he is doing. When Adam says fine, Rafe doesn’t think he sounds so fine. He tells Adam he is just trying to give him some space and he may have come off as detached. He tells Adam the feelings he talked about were not just his feelings because he has those same feelings too.

Victor goes into Mary Jane’s suite and spots the bump under the sofa cushion. When he looks under the cushion he finds Mary Jane’s kitty. He just says hmmm as he looks like he is wondering what this is.

The doctor tells Nick and Phyllis that the MRI can’t rule out permanent brain damage. They ask him how bad is it. He says they won’t know for a while. He has to take a call but before he goes he tells them they will do everything they can for her. Phyllis prays that summer will soon be able to run, play and smile again. She asks God to please make sure that she knows they love her. Nick prays to God not to take their little girl.

Jack tells Billy that Sharon knows who the father is. They both check their cell phones and see neither have messages from her sp they assume this means that Sharon got her wish that Nick is the father. Sharon walks in and says she needed to say this in person but she knew she would find the baby’s father there. Billy looks scared until Sharon looks at Jack and says she knew Jack would be there for Billy because he is a good brother and he will be a good father too to their baby girl. Billy is delighted (and relieved) but Mary Jane is not so delighted, she looks pretty upset.

Jan Barrett

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