Nikki talks to David about his meeting. He tells her it went well. She tells him when he gets back maybe they can have dinner. He tells her that Harrison invited him out to dinner so he is going to stay and fly home tomorrow. Nikki warns David if she catches him in one more lie then it is over even though she still loves him. He tells her he loves her too and he hangs up. As he hangs up he gets off the elevator and enters in the casino.

Gloria and Jeffery enter the same casino and he is ready to gamble. She says she is about to get her fortune back so she doesn’t want to gamble it away now. He says he feels lucky and it is their wedding day. They go and play the Roulette wheel and they win. Gloria grabs the chips and says she is going to buy herself something. She reminds Jeffery that there will be no honeymoon til they are married. He says well what they are waiting for.

They go to the Little Chapel of Love. They settle on a wedding performed by Little Richard. Gloria thinks this guy is an impersonator of Little Richard as they go over what they have to do in order to get married. They say their vows as they laugh. He pronounces them husband and wife. Little Richard plays for them and Gloria thanks him saying it was wonderful. She says she doesn’t think the real Little Richard could have done it better. Jeffery says it is the real one and Little Richard confirms it making Gloria laugh.

Adrian talks to Amber about Daniel. Amber tells him about how Daniel didn’t even try to talk her into going to see him when she told him she couldn’t go. Sarcastically Adrian tells her how dare Daniel not to care about her career. He says when Colleen was in China he didn’t want to go there to see her. He just assumed when she got back they would fix things but now she won’t even talk to him.

Jack and Sharon are at Indigo. Sharon tells him at least Amber showed up in time this morning to work. He thinks with Katy Perry on the cover of their new issue won’t sell to anyone over 30. Victor walks up with Sabrina and they see the magazine. Victor says he likes it even though he doesn’t know who Katy Perry is. When he and Sabrina get to their table Sabrina tells him she can see he apparently doesn’t like Jack. Victor explains to her that she is right and goes on to tell her about some of the things Jack has done to him. Meanwhile Jack is practically doing the same thing with Sharon, talking about the things Victor has done. Sharon reminds Jack that he has made mistakes too. She says but Victor was good to her and to Noah.

Brad questions Colleen at Crimson Lights about her not coming home last night. She tells him she is not a child anymore. He tells her all he asks is that she just calls him if she isn’t coming home. She tells him she doesn’t want to call him. She says this just isn’t going to work.

At Indigo Brad greets Jack and Sharon and tells them that Colleen is back. Jack says that is news that they can share. He says they will take her out to dinner this week sometime. Brad notices the magazine and remarks about the cover. He tells them the advertisers must be worried. Jack says it was a big hit. When Brad walks away Sharon asks him about it, he says he will make sure it sells.

Adrian talks to Victor about the interview he is going to do with Sabrina. He tells him it will be a serious piece. Victor brings up the problems from his last book. Victor tells Adrian that he wants the article to be accurate and he would like to see it before it is published. When Victor walks away Adrian interviews Sabrina.

Katherine walks in to talk to Nikki. She asks about David. She tells Nikki that Jill thinks David is slacking off and she wants to know if things are ok. When Nikki says yes, Katherine tells her as her friend she wants to know what is going on. Nikki tells her not to tell Jill. She says she and David are dealing with things. She confides in Katherine and tells her everything is terrible and she even almost took a drink. Katherine asks her how come she didn’t call her. She says she couldn’t. Then she tells Katherine that David wants a divorce. She says they are in limbo. He needs her but that isn’t love. She says she doesn’t trust him. Katherine asks her if he is staying the night in L.A. and Nikki said yes but she immediately thought he was lying to her. Katherine wants to take her to the club for a change of scenery but Jill and Brad are there so Katherine tells her she knows of another place.  At Crimson Lights Katherine and Nikki compare David and Victor. She tells Katherine she was so sure with David but Katherine tells her she rushed into that marriage even though she knew David was gambling. Victor walks up and thanks Nikki for talking Victoria into going to his wedding. He says he appreciates that, it meant a great deal to him. He says maybe one day he can return the favor but she says that is not necessary. He walks off. Nikki tells Katherine of all days for Victor to be nice to her. Katherine tells her that she is her own worse enemy. Nikki says everyone told her marrying David was a mistake and they were right.

Colleen goes to Restless Style and is amazed at the changes made while she was gone. Amber tells her that Adrian is working there now writing an article on the art gallery. Amber tells her she heard that they had broken up. Colleen tells her that she and Adrian is none of her business. When Jack comes in, Colleen talks to him and Sharon about her trip to China. She tells them about her and Adrian breaking up and she moved back in with her father. She tells them Brad acts like she is still in high school and she is saving her money so she can move out to her own place.

She goes to the bathroom and Sharon tells Jack that she knows what he is thinking. They decide to invite Colleen to come live with them. When Colleen comes back she accepts their invitation and says she will pack her stuff and move in tonight. When she starts to leave she runs into Adrian. She gives him the key to his apartment back. He thought she would come by and talk. He says of course he guesses she just doesn’t want to talk ever. She asks him to please not make this harder and she leaves.

David is on a winning streak at the Roulette table. Walter tells him he could just quit now and pay him off and things would be good. He says or he can keep on winning, pay him off, and go home with a suitcase full of money. He says or her could pay him back by working for him again, he knows that isn’t his favorite choice but he is good at it. They call for all bets. When they cut it off David loses. Gloria sees him. She tells Jeffery David is there, Jeffery wonders what he would be doing there. Gloria remembers listening to Nikki’s call. She tells Jeffery that is David Chow.

Colleen goes to Brad’s house to pack her things. He apologizes to her and promises he will back off. She tells him she appreciates him looking out for her like he does but she is going to move in with Jack and Sharon.

Adrian gives Jack the interview copy he had with Sabrina’s former coworker. Jack connects his laptop and using the earplugs and listens to it. He hears her say that it was very sad about what happened between Sabrina and Philippe Chaderot. She says they found out later that he was her lover, it was such a scandal. Jack gets on the phone to make a call to Paris France.

Jan Barrett

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