Nick and Sharon wait patiently on the DNA tests results to see who the father of her baby is. Nick assures her that he is going to be with her and the baby no matter what. She says they are so lucky to have this second chance. He says they are lucky to be together and this is the way it was always meant to be.

Phyllis tells Mary Jane how ironic it is that the magazine that she and Nick started together is now running an issue based on family. She says all this why her own family is falling apart. She knows that what the future holds for them isn’t good. Charlotte drops Summer off with Phyllis after camp and Mary Jane asks her to make her a bracelet too. Phyllis stops Summer from eating the cookies that are on her desk saying because they have peanuts in them and she can’t have peanuts, which Mary Jane takes note. Phyllis tells Summer they are bad so she throws them in the garbage. Jack comes in and tells Mary Jane, ‘Red’ and Summer all hello and then he pulls Phyllis to the side telling her that the paternity test results are in.

Adam calls the club looking for information on Mary Jane but doesn’t get anything useful. When he hears Victor coming he tells the person on the phone nevermind and he hangs up. Victor tells him he is going to town and asks if he needs anything. He says Estella is out on bail but there is a restraining order on her to stay away from there. Victor asks him if he will be OK at home alone but Adam tells him not to worry about him.

Chloe talks to Delia about her shoot at Restless Style. She decides to call Billy to tell him she emailed him some pictures from the shoot but only gets his voicemail so instead of leaving a message she just hangs up. She tells Delia that ‘Daddy’ Must have turned off his phone.

Billy asks Mac to meet her at the club when he text messages her saying it is urgent. Billy had had dinner catered and he says it is getting cold. Mac asks if this is a trick to get her to his hotel room. Billy lures her by telling her he has all her favorites like mac and cheese with ketchup. She is surprised that he remembers but refuses to let this get to her. He just wanted a chance to talk to her privately. Billy seats her at the table and then lifts the silver lid showing the food he has for her.

Sharon worries about Noah’s reaction and she says she wishes she could do this without hurting anyone. Nick says so does he, especially Summer. Sharon says she hopes that Summer doesn’t resent the new baby. Nick thinks she will adjust, insisting that this is the right thing for them to do. He says it killed him to see how useless he was every time Sharon needed him. He says he wishes he could go back and change things but they both know it is too late for that so the only thing for them to do now is to just move forward.

Mary Jane is playing with Summer while Jack talks to Phyllis. Phyllis says what comes around goes around, and then she says karma is a bitch. Jack reminds Phyllis that they once was waiting on DNA tests results themselves to see if Summer’s father was him or Nick. He apologizes saying he knows this isn’t the right time to mention that. Meanwhile Mary Jabe is telling Summer that her Daddy needs to come home to her and her Mommy so she doesn’t cry on Uncle Jack’s shoulder anymore. Mary Jane says she just needs to find a way to make it happen.

Chloe figures that Billy has seen the pictures by now but she wonders why he hasn’t called her yet. When Esther calls telling her she is going to pick up Delia so Chloe can go work out or maybe treat herself to a nice dinner and meet a fabulous guy at the club. Chloe says yeah wouldn’t Daddy be jealous.

Mac and Billy talk about his time in Miami when he was a bartender. He wonders if it runs in their family since now cane owns a bar. They wonder if Billy should ask Cane for a job. Billy can’t stop thinking about her being in his arms the other day. He tells her that she is real and he likes nights like this but he says he doesn’t want to cause her any trouble. He says he cares about her and Raul saying Raul is a good guy. He says if Raul is the one that makes her happy then so be it. He just wants Mac to be happy. Mac admits she broke off the engagement to Raul but she is still wearing his ring. She said she got scared of what Billy might do and of what she might do. She removes the ring from her finger and places it on the table.

When Nick and Sharon join Victor at the bar Victor tells her she is glowing just like Ashley. She appreciates Victor not judging her in all this. Nick tells his father that they are waiting for the DNA results. Victor said they should have told them, he would have scheduled this meeting at another time but Sharon tells Nick to go on to the meeting and he can meet her later at the hospital.

Phyllis tells Jack she should have seen the signs. She says Nick ran to Sharon even if she just broke a nail. She says seeing them together in Nick’s suite made her feel like an idiot. Jack tells her to go to him next time. Mary is listening to them as she thinks back to when she watched Phyllis and Jack making love while Jack continues supporting Phyllis. Mary Jane slips the cookies out of the garbage and puts them inside her purse without anyone seeing her.

Adam takes some things from underneath his bed and then stops when he sees a framed photo of his mother. He asks his mother how she lived without being bitter about her blindness. He tells her he was so strong and a great inspiration but he isn’t as strong as she is. He says she would be so disappointed in him. He says he only messed with Ashley to get even with Victor, he didn’t mean to hurt her baby. He talks about how Victor tells Ashley that he loves her but he plots against her brother. He says Victor doesn’t know the meaning of love. He says this sick part of him is his inheritance from Victor. He takes out the purple dress and the wig from his bag. He says he can’t even lock his door so now Victor can walk in on him any time he wants to so he has to hides these things. Suddenly Rafe knocks at the door saying he needs to talk to him.

He hides the box back under the bed and then tells Rafe he was resting. He asks Rafe what brings him by. Rafe wants to talk to him about Estella. He says anyone could have put that recorder into her pocket and she brought that box over days earlier so anyone could have picked it up. Adam asks who could do this to his Aunt. Rafe tells him he doesn’t know, but says for him to tell him. .

Billy admits he can’t say he is sorry Mac broke off her engagement. Mac tells Billy she has tried to forget him but it is too late now. He is married and he has a baby now. He tells her that Chloe threw his ring at him and told him they were over. He asks Mac does she love Raul. She tells him yeah, just not… but Billy interrupts by asking if she loves Raul like she loves him. She asks him not to do this to her. Billy only wants the truth. He says she is the most straightforward person he knows. She tells him she has known since she came home that it is him and they kiss each other.

Phyllis tells Summer her drawing is great while Mary Jane asks Jack to join her for dinner. She says they can put their heads together and find a way to cheer Phyllis up. Jack tells Phyllis he will drop everything is she needs him. Mary Jane shoves cookies in her mouth and then hugs Summer and gives her a kiss good bye.

Nick and Victor finish their business meeting. He talks about his dream and about how Cassie told him he’d have another baby girl. He says he loved Cassie as though she was his own and he will love the new baby the same way, he doesn’t care what that test says. When he leaves Jack walks over to Victor and asks him if he has shut down any more banks lately. Victor tells Jack to tell him where he keeps all his money at and he will see to it that it gets shut down, how about that. Jack introduces Mary Jane to Victor. She reminds Victor that they talked before about a newspaper article about someone who exposed a corrupt CEO. Victor says yes they did and then he says he had warned her not to risk more than she could afford. Jack doesn’t know what they are talking about as he looks so confused.

Sharon calls Nick to tell him she has the envelope in her hand with the DNA results. He tells her they will open it together. She tells him to meet her in the hospital’s chapel. As they hang up they tell each other that they love one another. Sharon has the envelope in her hand as she kneels to pray.

Phyllis calls out for Summer when she doesn’t see her anywhere. She finds her lying on the floor. Phyllis screams out HELP! She sees her daughter lying there not moving.

Jack and Mary Jane are having dinner when Chloe stops by to talk about Delia. She tells Jack she hasn’t been able to reach Billy. Jack tells her to try Jimmy’s. When she calls there she is told he isn’t there either. Chloe tells Jack if she sees Billy she will let him know that the DNA tests results are in. While sitting at the bar she hears a waiter telling someone about the sweet tip he got from Mr. Abbott in suite 407. She sighs and shakes her head as if she should have known.

Mac pushes Billy away and tells him he needs to give his marriage a chance. She reminds him that he took vows and they have a baby. He reminds her that they took vows too. She says but there was an annulment. He says everything that stood in their way is gone now. She says she is scared. He says he is to, scared out of his mind but he is afraid not to go for it. He asks how can they give up this opportunity to be with the one they were meant to be with.

Rafe wonders if Adam set Estella up. He says that Nikki thinks he did. Adam says well Nikki hates him, all the Newman’s do. Adam tells Rafe he can’t possibly believe this. He reminds Rafe that he can barely see his hand in front of his face so how could he have done this. Adam pretends to be hurt. Rafe says and his Aunt isn’t capable of this either. He says Adam could have had help. Rafe assumes then that if Adam has nothing to hide he wouldn’t have any objections to him looking around the room. Adam starts to squirm as he thinks about the box underneath his bed.

While Mac and Billy are making out on the sofa they hear a knocking at the door that won’t stop. He tells Mac not to move as he gets up to answer it. It is Chloe at the door ranting about him not answering his phone. She sees Mac and says she didn’t mean to interrupt but she thought Billy should know that they will find out today whether Delia will have a little brother or sister. Mac asks if Chloe is pregnant again. Chloe answers God No! And then asks didn’t Billy tell her? Chloe says Billy might be having another baby on the way with his brother’s wife.

Sharon can’t help but open the envelope and is thrilled to see that Nick is the father. Thanks God as she cries about it. She says Cassie was right, her prediction came true and she is having a baby girl with Nick. Sharon talks to Cassie telling her she knew. She says this must be a sign that she is happy and at peace. Sharon thinks she is so blessed and she says she can’t wait to see the look on Nick’s face.

On his way to Sharon, Nick gets a call from Phyllis telling him Summer is in shock. She says she must have eaten the cookies she threw away. She says she isn’t breathing and she is unconscious. Phyllis is nearly incoherent while talking through her tears. Nick tells her he will meet her at the hospital.

In Mary Jane’s suite, she undoes Jack’s tie asking him if he would like an after dinner drink. He says he would indeed. When Jack sends out for ice Mary Jane calls Victor and tells him she thought he would like to know that she has Jack right where she wants him. Victor tells her that was a ridiculous attempt of a power play and he found it laughable. He reminds her that he brought her to town to get Jack Abbott where he wants him and she better remember that.

Adam protests to Rafe searching his room and then pulls at his jacket lapels. He says he thought they knew each other better than that. He says it isn’t just a lawyer/client relationship, saying there is something deeper here, that is special. Adam tells Rafe he has feelings as he rubs Rafe’s lip. He asks Rafe doesn’t he have those feelings too? Rafe is stunned as he looks into Adam’s eyes.

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