Michael tells Paul so his father is a murderer. Lauren asks if they are sure this is Michael’s father. Michael wants to know who he murdered. Paul says a bank janitor. Michael goes over the report that Paul gave them. He says his father was a leader of the Weatherman, a radical leftist group in the late 60’s. Paul says they found a fingerprint on a piece of a bomb casing. He says after that he lost the trail on him

Gloria thinks about when she over heard Nikki talking to David when Jill interrupts and tells her when she sees Nikki to tell her she needs to see her. When Nikki comes out she tells Gloria she has to go to the club. Gloria says she understands and then as Nikki is leaving Gloria tries to give her Jill’s message but she missed her.

Cane and Lily wait for Jill curious as to why she wanted to see Lily. They talk about their trip to Mexico. When Jill comes in she tells Lily that Forrester wants to use Lily again in a photo session. Cane suggests that he goes to L.A. with her this time and Jill agrees. Cloe tells Lily to stay away from the rice and beans in Mexico. Later Cane comes in with good and bad news. He says his budget meeting got rescheduled for next week. Lily asks if that means he can’t go with her. He says his secretary is trying to reschedule it for him so he can meet her there if he can.

Amber brings out the new issue of Restless Style. They all are excited about it. They all think the next one would be great except for Phyllis who claims that she will hold off on buying the flowers. When Sharon calls Amber over to give her their news Phyllis calls Nick over and tells him she thinks they should explore other options with this.

Kevin tells Jana that Danny offered him two tickets to go to a concert in Dublin. He says he could buy one ticket and they can both go and bring Amber too. Jana says she can’t go now because Sabrina is depending on her while she is gone. Jana tells Kevin she thinks she can manage on her own so she tells him to go with Amber.

As they discuss the new offer to Amber she is so excited. When the phone rings Phyllis tells her to go back to work. Jack and Nick talk to Adrian about his article. He tells them he has some questions for Sabrina. He says she went from a nobody to a somebody in the art world at warp speed. He mentions her getting involved with an art collector before this. Victor and Sabrina walk in and they talk about the wedding, and they thank Phyllis and Nick for letting Summer be the flower girl. Victor asks about a shipment that was supposed to come in. Amber says it came in but she turned it away because they wanted money for it. She says they will be back tomorrow. Adrian asks Sabrina for an interview

Gloria tells Jill that she couldn’t get Nikki to listen to her when she tried to give her the message. Jill says get David for her though. Gloria says he isn’t there either. Jill asks does either of them even work there anymore. Gloria tells Jill it looks like she needs some help at the top. Jill sarcastically tells her she doesn’t think so as she leaves.

Nikki shows up at the club just as David is about to go up to the conference room with Harrison. Harrison tells her he didn’t realize she was going to be there. David says neither did he. She says she found suddenly she had some spare time so she decided to join the meeting. After the meeting David scolds Nikki for embarrassing him by showing up. He says he could have handled the meeting.

Harrison comes down and tells them that they want David to come to Hollywood to pitch their ideas to the whole team. Both David and Nikki like that idea. While in the club David asks Nikki if he is going to have to worry about her barging in while he is at his meeting in Hollywood. She says she wouldn’t do that to him. He tells her that is what she just did. She says she was just looking out for him like he asked her to do yesterday. He tells her she has to start trusting him again if they are going to have a future together. He gets up and she asks him where he is going. He tells her he is going to pack for his trip.

Gloria goes in at Restless style and tells Jana that she and Jeffery made up and he says he loves her. He calls her while they are talking. He tells her he wants to see her. She says something about being wined and dined. He tells her he is getting ready to leave town. She tells him he really ought to rot in hell. He tells her to be there in 15 minutes and not to be late. When she hangs up she tells Jana that Jeffery is playing her and she fell for it again.

Michael tells Lauren he feels like an idiot for believing Gloria. She says maybe Gloria didn’t know the truth. He tells Lauren she had to have since she bailed him out of jail. Paul says he is sorry. He says not half as sorry as he is. Lauren points to Michael that Gloria just came in. He goes up to her saying he has to talk to her and drags her away. He asks her why she bailed his father out of jail. She says she was a poster child for love is blind. Michael grabs her and tells her he wants her to tell him everything. She says she bailed him out, he lied to her and then he took off leaving them alone. She says she did everything and anything to put a roof over his head. She tells him his father used her just like Jeffery used her. She tells him she has paid plenty for her stupidity and then she tells him you just get over it and she walks off.

When Gloria goes to see Jeffery, she thinks he is about to walk out on her. When they get inside the room she sees money stacked up everywhere. She rants on about how he used her and how he just wants to rub it in to her when suddenly he picks up a handful of money and then he tells her if he can’t get her to admit that she loves him then he wants her to at least marry him for his money and then he starts throwing money in the air all over the room. Gloria tells Jeffery yes she will marry him. She tells him no hanky panky though til she has a ring on her finger. He tells her he thought she would say something like that so there is a jet waiting for them right now. He asks her how does Vegas sound to her. She laughs and they start kissing.

Kevin and Jana arrive at Restless Style to give Amber the good news. She blurts out to them about how excited she is about becoming the new animated character for Restless Style called Restless Amber. She tells them she is going to be famous. Then she asks them what they came to tell her. Her phone rings and when she answers she asks are you serious, when? Amber has to decide on what she wants more, to go to Dublin or her job at restless Style with this new offer. She knows Phyllis would boot her off the new project before she would delay it. She tells Jana she can’t go. She tells Jana either way she loses. She calls Daniel and tells him she can’t go after Sharon and Phyllis tell her they need to start building on this character right away.

Cane calls the hotel where Tyra is staying to confirm that they put the bill for her room on his credit card bill for as long as she wants to stay there. He asks them to leave her a note letting her know. He goes inside and asks Lily if she is ready to move in with him. She tells him she is getting closer to it and then says this trip will be a test for them. They laugh and start kissing.

Cloe barges in and finds Lily and Cane on the sofa with his shirt off. Lily tells her to try knocking sometimes. Cane asks Lily to come up and take a shower because they have to go to the airport soon. When Cloe leaves she calls Jill and suggests that she stays here and works with some of the other fresh faces instead of going with Lily and Jill agrees.

Victor and Sabrina come in at the club. He sees Nikki sitting at the bar and asks her where her husband is. Paul rushes to her rescue telling her he is sorry he is late. When Victor leaves Paul asks her if she is ok and she tells him no. Meanwhile David rushes out the door using the phone. He calls Walter and tells him he has a meeting in L.A. and then from there he is off to Vegas and tells him to meet him at the casino there.

Jan Barrett

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