Victor summons his darling to the ranch. Ashley walks in and he bids his sweetheart a good morning. He hopes she wasn’t planning on attending Estella’s arraignment today. He still finds it hard to believe she could have done this. He has been trying to think of who else that could have had access to the property. Adam walks in explaining he was just out for some fresh air after he had a late night. Victor tells him how sorry he is that he can’t participate in Dr Donahue’s program but is impressed that Adam is taking this news really well. Victor says they are in this together and he is not alone.

Nikki tells JT and Victoria she is sure that Estella has been framed by Adam. She says Adam got off way too easy for what he pulled on Victor and this time he will surely pay.

Noah talks to a Mr. Torres to talk about what he has to do to become emancipated. Rafe tells him he will need to show that he can support himself and he has to find a legal place to live. He tells Noah he has to go to court right now but he tells him to meet him in his office later and they can talk more about it.

When Nick and Sharon get to the club Nick calls Noah and tells him to meet them at the club. Sharon asks him if he really likes the house on Rampart Lane. He says he thinks it is perfect and she agrees. Nick knows the DNA test results should be in soon but he is already convinced that the baby is the one Cassie told him about in his dream. He says this is the future they were meant to have.

Mary Jane is petting her kitty once again saying she and Jack are soul mates and she knows Jack will realize this when he is not so distracted. When there is a knock at the door Jack is standing there. He asks what this important Jabot business she called him about is. She unzips her dress and is only wearing a black lace bra and panties. She asks him what is more important than keeping the CEO happy as she kisses him.

JT isn’t sure if it is Adam that is doing these things saying even if he had 20/20 vision there is still the ankle monitor he is wearing. Nikki thinks he has someone helping him. Victoria snaps at JT telling him she is going for a cup of coffee and she wants them to change the subject when she comes back. JT tells Nikki that Victoria has been really touchy lately and she isn’t happy about Victor removing Sabrina’s portrait and then removing the statue. Nikki says Ashley and the new baby are the center of Victor’s universe but she knows he does carry the past with him every day.

Victor talks about how happy Hope was when she found out she was pregnant. He was worried about her getting pregnant though because he was worried the baby might carry this disease. He feels he failed to take care of the baby. Ashley is sure that Adam will adjust to being blind, saying he is a survivor. He says Adam is an angry young man right now and he can’t even blame him.

Heather races into Adam’s room asking what is up. She tells him he was almost incoherent on the phone. She tells him she came up the back way. He tells her he is going blind and no longer a candidate for the trial. She asks her why and he said because of dear old Dad. He tells her his story about being jumped in prison. He says he can’t even lock his own bedroom door that is how much Victor trusts him. Heather tells him it is too late for Victor to be feeling guilty. Adam says you know what, screw him!

Victor thanks JT and Victoria for coming by and then he apologizes to Victoria for hurting her before. He said he took down the portrait because it brought back sad memories for Ashley. He brings up the Newman Foundation asking if they want to rebuild his collection. They laugh when they think about the shark in the tank and the broken egg. Victor thinks rebuilding his collection would keep Sabrina’s legacy alive. Victoria hugs her father showing her approval.

Estella tells Nikki this is all seems so unreal and she feels like she is in a nightmare and she can’t wake up. She says she and Sabrina were always so nice to her. Nikki tells her she is a cherished member of the family. She says no, a family member isn’t treated this way but Ashley is frightened and misguided. Estella asks how could Ms Abbott do this to her. She says she tries to be a good person, goes to church every week even, but before she could say more Ashley walks up and says it is because she is trying to drive her insane. Estella says she is innocent, and Ashley tells her the evidence says otherwise. Nikki is wondering if this will be too stressful for Ashley. Nikki really thinks Estella has been set up by Adam. She says so what if he is blind, he still could have done this. Ashley won’t listen to another word about Adam as she says he is the one that looked out for her and her baby.

Heather tells Adam he should yell and scream and then pull himself together. She says no matter how much he hates Victor Adam is still in a comfortable home with access to the best medical care. Adam says he is in prison there though. He says she will be waiting for him with open arms when he gets the monitor removed from his ankle. He asks her why she would want him because he is useless. She tells him he isn’t useless. She says he has a great life and she wants him because she loves him.

Mary Jane tells Jack he was wonderful and in return he tells her she was incredible. She tells him she has a question but then says never mind. He tells her to tell Smiling Jack what is in her pretty little head. She tells him she knows he isn’t’ looking for anything serious. She asks if there is a chance for them. He tells her that Sharon is with Nick now and he and Phyllis are only friends so she is the only one he wants to be with and then he kisses her. Come to find out this was only what Mary Jane was wishing they would say to each other. When she realizes she was only day dreaming Jack checks his messages. She tells him he is a busy man and that was his third message since he has been there. He asks why she would assume it was from Phyllis. He tells her she knew that he and Phyllis have been spending time together. She tells him no more talking as she wants more sex but Jack grabs her wrist telling her to stop.

Nick and Sharon try talking to Noah but all they get is attitude from him. They say they know things are confusing but they are now back together for the long haul. They are buying a new home with a room for everyone so they can all make a new start. They ask him what he thinks. He tells them he won’t be moving in with them. He says he doesn’t want to live with them like one big happy family. He tells them he doesn’t want Summer to go through what he had to go through and he doesn’t want to take part in another kid that they will screw up. They try to tell him it won’t happen again. He says he doesn’t plan to keep mooching off his grandpa either. Then he announces that he is going to file for emancipation and he will live on his own. Nick says emancipation isn’t as easy as he thinks it is. Sharon tells him he has parents that love him and then she asks how about if they all attend family therapy together, wanting to know if it would help. Nick asks if it is just because he wants to be with his girlfriend. Noah says Eden has nothing to do with this even though he would like it if she would move in with him. He tells them they just don’t have a clue.

Adam and Heather are naked in bed when he tells her he loves her and she is the only person in the world that he can trust. He says he doesn’t know what he would do without her. She says she wishes she could take his pain away for him. She promises to do what she can to make things easier for him. He says he appreciates her standing by him.

Ashley says Nikki can stare all she wants but she knows all the evidence points to Estella. Rafe interrupts by telling Ashley all he wants is justice for his aunt. He says the evidence is nothing but a joke. He says she delivered that box two days before. He thinks it will be thrown out of court. He says but nothing will compensate her for the emotional distress that Ashley and Victor has caused her. When they are ready to go in, Ashley and Nikki follow Rafe inside.

Victoria is happy with her father’s request saying she promises to make Sabrina proud. She takes a business call and while she is gone JT thanks Victor and then he says Sabrina’s work will make Victoria happy. He tells Victor he heard about Estella being arrested and he knows Nikki is upset. She thinks Estella was framed. Victor think she blames Adam. He asks Victor if he has asked the rest of the staff. Victor says they weren’t there. JT asks what about that woman he caught on the estate, Mary Jane Benson. He mentions the restraining order Mary Jane had on Paul. He still thinks she was there for more than just sightseeing. Victor asks JT to follow up on that though so JT makes a call to Randy and asks him to check with the visitor’s log and see if Mary Jane’s name is on his log. He tells Victor that Mary Jane has been a regular visitor for some time. Victor says ok, he will take it from here.

Mary Jane suggests to Jack that they work there. Jack says he would be too distracted. He says he hopes they are on the same page and they both know this relationship is about fun and games only. She says she understands it is just sex. She knows he is recently divorced and he isn’t looking to get serious and she has no intentions of getting hurt. She helps him with his tie as she tells him she has a meeting at Restless style. She asks will she see him later and he tells her sure as he gives her a quick kiss good bye. When he leaves she takes Kitty out and tells it that it is happening, she can feel it. She says soon he will realize he just can’t live without her.

Noah says he is old enough to live on his own. They say he isn’t but he argues that he is. Sharon says she knows she married and had Cassie young but she wishes she had waited for both. Noah calls them both hypocrites, Sharon and Nick both try to make him see he isn’t ready for all this, Noah tells them they can’t even run their own lives never mind his. Jack comes downstairs just in time to overhear Noah.

Rafe tells the judge that Estella is an unemployed employee with little means and the evidence is circumstantial at best. Heather has no objection to a minimal bail as long as Estella observes the restraining order to stay away from the Newman’s and their property. Rafe assures Estella that she will be out on bail within an hour. Ashley snaps at Estella telling her that she better not dare try anything because she is on to her.

Victor is on the phone and says no, he won’t come there and then he says don’t you set one foot into his home but he tells her to come to the ranch and the guards will show her to the garden. He will see her there. Adam is listening and looks very interested.

Jack says emancipation is serious stuff. Noah wishes he had never mentioned this to his parents but he has not plans to work through this with them. Jack pulls Noah with him so he can talk in private with him. He assures him that his parents love him. Noah doesn’t think they deserve to destroy so many lives like Jack’s. Jack explains it is complicated but he tells him Sharon does love him. Jack tells him that his Mom did not mean to hurt him. Noah wants to just get away from them. Jack asks him to at least wait a few weeks and see if things change.

Victoria tells JT she is excited and she can’t wait to start on this. JT tells her no more meeting in dark alleys. She agrees with him saying she wants to start by buying back the pieces that Victor sold or gave away after Sabrina died, starting with the Koon’s piece she loved. She says that piece is being sold by a private party.

Heather tells Ashley why she didn’t oppose bail for Estella. She says she is no flight risk and if she violates the restraining order she will be in jail faster that her head would spin. Nikki comes alone to gripe that Ashley and Victor were railroading an innocent woman because they can’t see past the obvious.

Mary Jane has no idea why Victor wants to see her and she has no idea what boundaries he is talking about her breaking. He tells her she has been wandering on his property insinuating herself into his family. He asks her if she thinks she will get away with stabbing him in the back.

Victoria makes a call regarding to the selling of the Koon’s piece. She is put on hold. The man she talked to tells the same man that he told about Daniel getting bail about Victoria’s message.

Nikki doesn’t need Ashley to hold the elevator for her, saying she is going to talk to Rafe before leaving. She tells Rafe what she thinks about Adam but he feels Adam is his friend and wouldn’t do this to him or his aunt and besides he is blind. Nikki says he could have made contacts in jail and she tells him about Adam lying to her. She tells him about the other day when Sabrina’s voice was coming from Adam’s laptop. Rafe is surprised and then says that would explain why Victor ordered Adam’s prints to be checked too. Nikki says Victor doesn’t trust Adam. Nikki tells Rafe that he was the one that defended him in that forgery case, but does he really think Adam wouldn’t gaslight Ashley to serve his own purposes.

Mary Jane denies that the area they are in looks familiar, saying if you have seen one tree you have seen them all. While Adam is listening Victor asks her about the vicious mutilation of the statue that used to be there. She asks him why would she do that. He reminds her that her only job in Genoa City is to keep an eye on Jack Abbott, and then he asks her if she got that.

Noah promises Jack he will think about what he said. Jack goes back to Nick and Sharon’s table and hears that the DNA tests are in. Jack hopes he got through to Noah and that Sharon’s wish comes true, that the baby will be Nick’s. Then he walks away with Nick and Sharon both looking at each other nervously. They grab hold of each other’s hands as they both hope they get the results they are both hoping for.

Jan Barrett

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