Nikki is irritated when Gloria isn’t at her desk. David walks up and says good morning to Nikki. He asks her how she slept. She asks him how he thinks she slept. He tells her he is going to do everything he can to make this up to her. She asks him where has she heard that before and then excuses herself.

Michael is yawning over a cup of coffee. Lauren asks him what time he came to bed. He tells her he was reading his grandmother’s diary. He says he is going to start looking for his father again. She tells him if he is in, then she is in with him. He tells her he is hiring Paul Williams to help and Lauren is surprised. Later Michael meets with Paul and gives him what little information he has on his father. Paul tells him it isn’t much to go on. Michael says that is all he has.

Phyllis is on the phone with someone interested in advertising in the magazine. Amber walks in wearing one of her designs and Phyllis is shocked. Amber tells her that she encouraged her to wear her own designs even though Sharon didn’t want her to. Nick walks in and asks Amber to let him know when Sharon and Jack get there. He asks Amber what is that she is wearing. He tells her it is very unique when she says it is one of her designs.

Neil is upset about Tyra showing up at Lily’s party like she did with no warning. Tyra and Anna come in with Devon. Neil questions Tyra about how long they are going to be there. She tells him as long as it takes Anna to get to know Devon. Devon is happy to hear that. Tyra goes to get coffee and Neil talks to Devon about Tyra. He is wondering why Tyra suddenly showed up in town.

At a meeting David doesn’t bring papers that he was suppose to have ready. Nikki tells him he was supposed to have them ready this morning. He says something came up last night and he didn’t have the chance. She tells him morning means morning. Jill says well there is no point in going on with this meeting without it and Nikki agrees. David sarcastically thanks Nikki for her support and he leaves. Nikki gets up to leave when Jill asks her if there is a problem between her and David. Nikki says no and she leaves. 

Nikki scolds Gloria when she gets to work late and Gloria apologizes. David walks up and gives Gloria some orders. Nikki tells him he was supposed to be working on the sales chart. He tells her he will get to that after his meeting. He walks off. Jill walks up and starts to scold Gloria for being late and Nikki tells her she already took care of it. Jill says well now she is going to do it. Nikki says Gloria got the message already. Jill asks Nikki since when did she become her boss. Nikki walks away saying she will be in her office. Jill tells Gloria if she makes one little mistake she is out of there. When she walks off, Gloria whispers that Jill might have the power but she got the guy and smirks.

At Restless Style the four owners have a meeting. Jack leaves for a meeting with Jill and Nikki. Sharon and Phyllis talk. Sharon tells Phyllis she agrees with everything Nick says. Phyllis says she doesn’t and then she tells Sharon that she agrees with everything Jack says. Sharon tells Phyllis that every good idea she comes up with she blows it out of the water. Phyllis tells her to stick a sock in it. Nick walks up and plays referee and stops the bickering.

Sharon comes up with an idea and Nick likes it but Phyllis isn’t so happy with it. Finally Phyllis admits that the idea has potential. They start talking about basing this idea on a real life person in a cartoon but they have to find the right person. Nick and Sharon both think Amber would be perfect. When they tell Amber about their idea Phyllis interrupts and asks Amber for some coffee. When she walks off she asks Sharon and Nick if they are crazy. She thinks it would be a disaster to ask Amber but Nick and Sharon thinks it is a good idea. Phyllis names off reasons that they shouldn’t use Amber. When Nick sides with Sharon about this, she says she is just going to go and talk to Jack. She says she is sure he will hate the idea and she leaves. When Jack comes in, he goes along with the deal of using Amber making Phyllis really mad at Nick now for siding with Sharon. Nick tells her that this is really no big deal. She yells at him for not supporting her. He asks if she would want him to do that even if he doesn’t agree with her.

Paul sees David at the bar. David tells him to relax, he told Nikki everything. He says he should be happy now. Paul tells him he is just looking after his friend. He asks if Nikki left him. Then Paul tells him that he wants him to know that whatever he does he will be watching him.

Gloria brings Nikki some tea and asks her if there is anything else she needs. She tells her she thought she could use the tea after Jill treated her like she did. Nikki tells her she doesn’t need anything. Gloria tells her to just let her know if she needs anything because she just wants to help. When Gloria goes back to her desk Jack walks in and says it looks like Jabot has hired a new receptionist. Gloria says she is just filling in for the day.

Jack is there for a meeting with Nikki and Jill. He tells Jill it is nice that she honors his father’s legacy by hiring Gloria. Jill tells him he is right and asks how come he doesn’t hire her. She says she has to borrow Nikki first. While they are out the office Jack sits in Nikki’s chair and he day dreams about him running Jabot again. When Nikki and Jill walk back in and interrupts his thoughts, Nikki tells him they are ready to make the deal if he will give her, her desk back.

Neil takes Tyra and Anna out to breakfast. Anna eats a lot of pancakes and they tease her. He sends Anna off to get some orange juice and Anna tells him she knows what he is trying to do. She says he is trying to get rid of her so he can talk to her mom. Neil tells Tyra that her daughter is one smart little girl. When Anna is gone, Neil asks Tyra about Yolanda. She asks him if he is asking her if she does drugs like her sister. She tells him once her daughter was born she has worked hard to take care of her. She tells him how she held the same job for 10 years and he is impressed.

When Anna comes back, Neil tells her that he heard that she can sing so she asks if she can go play on the piano and he says sure. Devon and Lily walk in when Anna is on the piano. She says her Mom keeps messing her up. Devon sits with her and plays on it. Lily goes over to Neil and asks him how the interrogation went with Tyra. She asks him if he trusts Tyra now. Neil says trust is something that one earns. Lily reminds him that these are Devon’s family and he needs that. Neil remarks that his 21 year old daughter is passing all this wisdom around.

Gloria takes a call from David. She connects him with Nikki and listens in on the conversation. David tells her he has a meeting and she doesn’t believe him. He tells her that she needs to learn how to trust him again. She doesn’t know how she is going to be able to do that. She wants him to move the meeting to her office. He just tells her he will let her know how the meeting goes and he hangs up.

Paul meets with Michael and Lauren. He says he done a search on the States data banks. He came up with a guy by the name of River Baldwin. They wonder if that could be Michael’s father’s brother. Paul says after more investigations he discovered that River Baldwin also shares the same social security as Michael’s father. So they figure they are the same man. Paul says he has more bad news. River Baldwin is also wanted for murder.

Jan Barrett

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