When Ashley goes to Restless Style, George the photographer compliments her on how great she looks, saying the magazine’s next cover girl sure has a gorgeous mother. Abby is all ready and excited for the shoot. She says she loves this and then she tells her Mom that she loves her.

Poor Jana comes out to meet with Michael while now dressed in her jailhouse orange jumpsuit. Kevin tells her he is sorry he is late but he had to speak at the high school assembly and he even got a standing ovation. Michael tells them it is unjust that Jana was denied bail just because of her past record of a murder charge since the charges were officially dropped. When Michael goes to meet with the judge Kevin tries to cheer Jana up as he promises she will be able to wear her wedding ring again soon.

Noah tells Eden he wishes it was she that was doing the photo shoot with him. Eden laughs telling him there is no way Abby would allow a misfit to replace her. Noah asks Eden to drop by Restless Style when she is done working at the coffee shop and he promises to make Abby behave.

Victor lets Heather in to see Adam but he tells her it has to be a short visit. He introduces her to Dr Donahue and then sends her upstairs to inform Adam that the doctor is here. Victor tells the doctor it will be worth every penny he has spent to buy the research company if it will help his son regain his sight. Upstairs Adam is on is ordering Dr Taylor to cancel his stupid surgery and get the hell over to his house because he needs more solution for his eyes. Heather comes in and tells him Dr. Donahue is there to see him. Adam says he refuses to be poked and prodded. She wants to know why. He says Zapato has more freedom in that house than he does. He says he is no better than a dog with a choke collar. He asks her if she loves him. When she tells him yes he tells her then help him find a way to get his ankle monitor off his leg so they can be together.

Daniel and Amber try to figure out who hates him enough to be framing him. He thinks since he did do that Restless style cover maybe it is someone stalking him. Then he thinks about Alex. When Kevin comes in Daniel apologizes for getting Jana involved Kevin accepts his apology but then wants to figure out how to get them out of this mess. Daniel asks him about Alex. Amber wants to know who Alex is. Kevin doubts Alex would be smart enough to have done this, besides he says his Mom has that security footage of Alex assaulting Jana. Kevin is blushing when girls from the assembly see him and tell him he is awesome.

Michael tells Eden he is extremely proud of her and how she is keeping her grades up and working at the coffee shop helping out. Eden says she still misses her Dad but she does admit she it’s kind of nice having a real home. Michael tells her she can stay with them as long as she wants to but encourages her not to grow up too fast hinting to her about her having sex with Noah. He is hoping they are proceeding with caution. She tells him to tell her they are not going to have this talk.

Abby worries about Ashley being out but Ashley tells her everything is ok now that Estella has been arrested. Abby can’t believe Estella would have done all those things but it could have been… Ashley and Adam both cut her off before she can say Adam. The photographer hurries the kids up when Abby spits out the last word anyway telling them the guy still creeps her out.

Heather stops Adam from trying to cut the monitor off his ankle with the knife he is using. She takes it and sets the knife on the coffee table. She asks why leave now when he finally has reason for hope. He knows she is right but admits he is just on edge because of victor’s accusations and mistrust. Heather assures him that Victor will soon see he is wrong. She tells him she has to go to court so she leaves. On her way out she runs into Victor who goes in to tell Adam the doctor is there. Adam asks how come he hates him. Victor tells him he doesn’t understand his way of thinking. He feels they both owe this to Hope to take advantage of this opportunity that she was never given. He tells Adam to pull himself together and come downstairs, they will be waiting.

Kevin wishes the kids with the Silver Chipmunk club that they have started, good luck. Amber and Daniel tease him as they call him a celebrity bow. Eden comes in with a message for Kevin, telling him he has been asked to speak at a peace and wellness retreat. Michael thinks this would help Jana’s image if Kevin does this. Kevin doesn’t think he is a motivational speaker but he still loves the attention. He says who would have thought that going off on the deep end would end up being a good thing.

Adam slowly starts down the stairs and as he starts going he imagines Victor pushing him down by grabbing him by the shirt accusing him of faking it all along, telling him he should kill him but he will just let him rot in prison. When he comes back to reality he turns to head back to his room but Victor stops him asking where he is going, the doctor is waiting for him.

Kevin finds that the Elks Lodge now wants him to speak at their leadership symposium. Michael thinks again this would be a good idea saying it might help Jana. He says he is going to talk to the judge. Amber tells Kevin she is so proud of him for using this whole Chipmunk idea and turning it into an inspiration. She says now they have to help poor Daniel who caught Michael on his way out on the patio to ask him about getting hold of the victim’s cell phone. Michael says they won’t get that until the discovery phase of his trial. He warns Daniel not to do anything illegal or it could go against him in this. He tells him not to risk his bail. He says there is enough people that have takes matters into their own hands. Michael says one false move and the judge will revoke his bail and he will find himself in a cell next to Jana.

Ashley takes Victor’s hand and places it on her stomach asking him if he can feel that. When he tells her no, she says well maybe next time. Dr Donahue gets to the examination of Adam’s eyes. He tells Victor he feels this has been a waste of time. He explains that Adam has puncture wounds in his corneas. He says it appears that Adam has been injecting something into he eyes. Adam has guilt written all over him when Victor and Ashley both ask, WHAT?

George raves over how awesome the kids were for the photo shoot and then he leaves. Abby says she could get used to someone doing her hair and make up like that all the time. Noah asks doesn’t she already have that. Since her Dad gives her everything else. She points out to Noah that he was the one that got a new car. He agrees saying his Grandpa is great, then he remarks how his grandpa is there for him more than his own Dad is. He tells Abby he is planning on divorcing his parents but doesn’t want anyone to know yet. He says but soon he will be able to do whatever he wants to do.

Daniel thinks Amber is up to something but she says she isn’t, but she heads off to check her email leaving him and Kevin alone to find who the guy in the ski mask is. They agree that all they need to get Daniel and Jana off the hook here would be the guy’s cell phone which the Feds are holding as evidence. Kevin looks at Daniel and says no way that is crazy.

Dr Donahue tells Victor that Adam’s eyes have been injected with a hypodermic needle. Victor grabs Adam by the shirt collar and says this is why Adam didn’t want to see the doctor. He tells Adam he is a sick monster and he is going back to prison for torturing Ashley. Adam thinks quickly and tells him the truth is that while in prison a bunch of the inmates jumped him and injected something into his eyes. Ashley asks if they used a hypodermic needle. Victor wonders if Adam did this to fool the other doctors as well. Dr Donahue tells Victor that Adam indeed does have the same the same disease that his mother had and he has had it for some time now.

On his way in to speak to the judge Heather stops him and tells him that she not only had Jana’s old case history reviewed she has decided to reopen the case. Michael is mad but he says let’s deal with this case first and then they will talk about Jana’s history.

Abby tells Noah she knows how it is being bounced back and forth but she can’t believe Noah would rather live in a one bedroom apartment eating roman noodles instead of living with his parents. Noah says he likes noodles and besides he doesn’t need a driver and a cook. When Eden comes in Abby lays into her blaming her for all of this. She tells Eden Noah should be emancipated from her not his parents. Noah tells Abby it is time she leaves as he practically pushes her onto the elevator. He then takes Eden to the photo studio to show her the boxer shorts they made him wear for the shoot.

Adam is in shock when Dr Donahue confirms that he has the same disease as Hope had but now since his eyes have been damages from the needles in his eyes he can’t participate in the trial. When asked what the outcome will be for Adam, the doctor tells them he is sorry but it will ends up being permanent blindness. Victor places his hand on Adam’s shoulder saying he is sorry too.

Amber types her name into the computer, to Google herself and she comes up with a lot of photos and some other good stuff. She brags that she is an internet celebrity. She notices that most of the entries are coming from the same email address so she calls her friend Ally and tells her she has a cyber stalker. She asks Ally since they were on some of the websites together, had she been targeted also.

Kevin pours some coffee for Daniel when he tells him that he plans to stay rehabilitated. Daniel refuses to take no for an answer by tells Kevin that Jana stood by him. He tells him that she would walk on coals for him so he hopes she never finds out he wouldn’t do the same for her.

Michael has to break the news to Jana about her old murder case being reopened, thanks to Heather Stevens. Jana says she always felt she got off too easy for killing someone. Michael tells her no, she is the one that saved Kevin and she even proved him wrong when he even had his doubts about her. She tells him she is so lucky to have him in her life. He says he is going to try every trick he can come up with to stop Heather from sending her back to prison.

Victor is feeling guilty now. He says he should have gotten Adam out of that prison sooner. He shouldn’t have pressured him into seeing another doctor only to let him down again. Now Adam is paying for his mistakes.

Adam is sitting upstairs feeling really depressed as he throws Hope’s scrapbook across the room. Ashley slowly opens the door to his room and offers him some support and encouragement. She tells him she and Victor will help him get through this. She says she will be there for him, just like he was there for her. He leans his head on her shoulders as he starts crying.

Jan Barrett

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