Victor and Sabrina are on their honeymoon and he points out the Eiffel Tower to her. She tells him the reality is better than anything she has ever dreamed of. They are lying back relaxing in their suite when someone knocks on the door. Victor has got a masseuse to come to the room for her. When the woman gets there she tells Sabrina she will stay away from the stomach. Victor swears he never said anything. The woman asks if they want to know what the baby is going to be. Sabrina says she would like to know but Victor says he wants to be surprised. Sabrina tells her to whisper it to her and not let her husband know then.

Sabrina is all relaxed after her massage. She teases Victor asking him if he wants to know what the sex of the baby is. He is tempted but doesn’t really want to know. He wants to go to the opening of an art show tonight but Sabrina just wants to stay in the hotel room instead.

Nikki yells at David that he dumped her last night and now he comes back to her asking her to forgive him. She yells at him that she wants the truth, was any of it real. She wants to know why he came back. He tells her he can’t leave her, he loves her too much. She asks him what he wants her to say. She asks him where he spent the night last night. He told her at a hotel near the airport. He tells her he talked with his sponsor last night. She grabs for her phone and demands to know his sponsors number. She says she wants to know if she has just heard her last lie from him or not. She calls and his sponsor confirms that he talked to David last night.

David promises Nikki he will try not to gamble anymore and he will tell her the truth. She says they were a great couple and he says they can be again if she will just believe it. David’s phone rings and he doesn’t answer. Nikki asks him if that was his bookie and he admits it was. Nikki tells him he played and betrayed her and she doesn’t know if she can get past that. David thinks that they need to spend some time apart. She agrees with him saying she thinks this is what he needs. She tells him he better not be lying to her. David leaves without saying anything else. Later Nikki opens the mini bar and removes a bottle of Jack Daniels. She opens it and sniff’s it. She starts shaking and suddenly throws it across the room and then starts crying.

When Colleen sees Cloe with Lily she tells her that the party is by invitation only but Lily says she remembered her birthday and even got her a gift so she asks if she can stay. Devon is surprised to see his Aunt Tyra there with his little cousin, Anna. Tyra tells Devon that his mother told her where he was so she thought she would come to see him. Lily is showing Anna her gifts and she asks about a big one wondering who it is from. Cane tells her it is from him. Cloe shows a bit of jealousy and she walks over to get a beer. Colleen tells her that she is a guest there and she should act like one. Cloe tells her Lily is like a sister to her. Colleen looks at the beer in Cloe’s hand and takes it from her telling her no beer for her, she heard how friendly she gets when she drinks and Colleen walks off.

Cane overhears Anna asking her mother where they are going to stay tonight telling her she is getting tired. Tyra tells her she doesn’t think they can stay with Devon but she promises to figure out something. When they bring the cake out Anna sings Lily a special Happy Birthday song and then Lily blows the candle out.

Lily starts opening gifts and finally she gets to Cane’s. It is a bunch of boxes inside each. Finally when she gets to the last box she finds a rhyme and she has to go get it in the refrigerator. It is a paper saying he is taking her on a vacation to Mexico. Cloe is raged with envy and Colleen notices.

At Crimson Lights Amber tells Katherine that Daniel left her a message on her cell phone last night but it was hard to understand because the reception was bad. She says she called him back but only got his voicemail. She says she has just been throwing herself into her work lately along with her memoirs. Gloria arrives and tells Katherine that Jill sent her for an order of coffee apparently for a big meeting. Katherine says she could have ordered out for that but Gloria waves the list and says she did. When Gloria goes to the counter to order Jeffery comes up from behind her and tells her she will need a fork lift to get that order back to the office.

Karen and Neil are back at his apartment and she finds it strange back there. He asks her how about some music. He suggests some bebop jazz and maybe a game of chess. She tells Neil during the game that she is not distracted by him removing his clothes. He makes his move and she calls Check Mate. They end their game and end up kissing each other really romantically.

When Gloria returns with the coffee Jill scolds her for getting her the wrong thing and orders her to go back for the right one. Gloria tells her she doesn’t get paid enough for this as she leaves. Katherine witnessed the whole thing so she walks up to Jill and tells her she will gladly give Jill the coffee facial that Gloria threatened to give her.

Amber is with Katherine taking notes about the memoirs. Katherine tells her about a time she went skinny dipping with John Abbott. They laugh when Amber tells her something about herself. Jill walks in and fusses about Katherine wanting to write the book anyway. Amber says she finds it interesting. When Jill walks out Amber says and they weren’t even talking about her. Katherine says not until now and tells Amber to grab her pen. Katherine tells her to write down that Jill is a viper and certifiable. She thinks back to a fight she had with Jill over MacKenzie. She remembers smashing a vase over Jill’s head, knocking her unconscious onto the floor. She says she knows how it ends since Jill is still alive. Katherine tells Amber to write this one down too. One thing about Jill is that she has turned revenge into an art form. She holds a grudge and with her it is never ever over.

Jill finds Gloria’s desk empty so she decides to rummage through it. She finds the cat she told Gloria to get rid of and then in a drawer she finds a photo of Jeffery and Gloria. Jill says to herself that Gloria won’t be smiling for long and she walks away from the desk.

At Indigo Gloria orders a martini when Jeffery walks up. She tells him to go away. They start talking. She tells him abut her ex stealing all her money. She smiles when Jeffery says that’s a shame and he says a woman like her should be treated right. They talk to each other pretending they had just met. She tells him her ex, who has a name of Jeffery spends her money like it grows on trees. She says he has someone new in his life now and she caught them in a lip lock. He says he bets that it was a goodbye kiss. He nudges Gloria and tells her to come on and start over with him. She smiles. They start laughing as they flirt with each other. Jeffery tells her that the night they made love was the greatest night of his life. She says what he is really saying is that she is great in the sack. He says true but he is also saying that he loves her. She asks him to say it again and they kiss just as Jill walks in to see them.

Cane talks to Tyra about Devon. He tells her about how he came to Genoa City to find his family and how he was flat broke. He says he did something and he doesn’t want her to be mad but he paid for her hotel room. She says she can’t accept it. He tells her he would really like it if she did. He asks her not to tell Lily about it though. She thanks him with a hug. Meanwhile Deon calls Neil and asks him to come over. He says he has a big surprise for her. When Neil gets there Devon tells him about his Aunt Tyra and her daughter is there from Seattle.

Jan Barrett

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