Victoria is ready to go back to work after she assures JT she is fine. He fusses at her for not listening to him before causing her to get hurt. She looks sad when she realizes what the date is, Sabrina and Victor’s anniversary.

Dr Taylor tells Ashley that it seems to him that everything is fine with her. She tells him Victor is there but he is up in Adam’s room. When he goes upstairs Ashley holds her stomach as she looks at Sabrina’s portrait and tells her that Victor can relax and stop worrying and he can be happy now. She says she knows that is what Sabrina wants for him.

Victor insists that Adam sees Dr Donahue and not appreciating him spending millions of dollars on a stem cell facility to help him regain his eyesight. Adam says it isn’t that he isn’t grateful but he says he has given up on hopes besides Victor’s accusations have been too hard on him to take. Dr Taylor walks in and interrupts telling Victor he saw Ashley and all is good with her and the baby. Victor asks about the baby’s heartbeat and the doctor assures him it is all good, strong and steady. When Victor leaves, Adam demands to know if the doctor brought it.

Nick tells Sharon he doesn’t think Sharon needs her clothes today and then he asks what do they need a house for. He says they have a bed and a door that locks. She understands about him having to cancel the other say but she asks if he wants to go to Daniel’s hearing. He tells her no, Daniel has Michael there for him, so today he is all hers, so house hunting it is for them.

Michael tells Daniel that this judge is fair with no ax to grind. When he lists off the circumstantial evidence Daniel seems more sarcastic than optimistic. When Daniel is call in first, Phyllis glances over her shoulder at Jana. Kevin tells a nervous Jana that Michael managed to keep the hard core Silver Chipmunk out of jail didn’t he? He tells her not to worry, they will all be going home soon.

Adam orders the doctor to give it to him. When he looks in his medical bag for it he tells Adam he can just guess what he plans to do with this. He asks him if he is out of his mind. Adam asks him if it is any concern to him. The doctor says no but he won’t be blamed for this is anything goes wrong. Adam tells him nothing has gone wrong so far. He has fooled two doctors so far and now he will fool a third. He says he isn’t sure if his vision has actually fully returned because he doesn’t allow time between injections. He warns the doctor he won’t be any kind of a doctor if he talks to the medical board about him. He doesn’t care what Dr Taylor thinks, he says it might be worth it to him to see the doctor go down anyway.

Ashley says she almost believed Estella was innocent and she was starting to blame Adam. Victor still finds it hard to believe that Estella could be so cruel to do this. Ashley says she has a Sabrina fixation and that maybe she is on Victor’s mind too. She has just assumed he would mention to her that today was his and Sabrina’s anniversary. He asks why would he. She tells him she is going to town for a prenatal massage so he can have some time alone. She says she isn’t threatened by Sabrina and she can manage to give her a day. Victor thinks that is sweet of her. He hugs and kisses her and then she leaves.

While lying in bed with Nick Sharon’s eyes tear up. She tells Nick it is nothing, she says she is afraid to say it out loud. She tells him everything is just so wonderful. Nick promises her that no one is going to take anything away from her. She says she used to think that until she lost Cassie and him. He says he can’t promise there won’t be any tragedies but he promises her that he won’t walk away from her, she is stuck with him whether she wants him or not. She says she can deal with that. He tells her the first one in the shower gets to pick out the house so they both race to the bathroom.

Heather talks to the judge saying that their evidence will show that Daniel conspired to defraud a non profit organization and subsequently murdered his coconspirator. She says then he made off with the 100K of Federal funds. She starts calling out the charges which includes murder in the 1st degree and then asks that bail be denied. Michael stands when it is his turn and declares all the so called evidence being circumstantial only. He tells the judge that his client is a victim who has been made a scapegoat. He says he is a promising artist with a bright future and with no history of violence and asked that bail be accessed accordingly.

Jana is feeling guilty for telling Daniel about the meeting out in the alley to begin with. She is wishing she had never told him. She wishes she had told Victoria it was a fraud to begin with. Kevin stands by her but he refuses to make a plan in case she goes to jail. He tells her to stop blaming herself. When Kevin blames Daniel she defends him saying he has no idea what went on. Kevin says Daniel should have looked out for her though or he could have told him about what was going on so he could have looked out for her.

Michael tells the judge that Daniel has strong ties to the community and family in Genoa City. Heather interrupts saying that didn’t stop him from running before though. Michael says that was when he was a teenager and he was dismissed from those charges. Heather tells the judge that this man should not be allowed to roam free.

Sharon and Nick decide this is going to be harder than they thought when they look through pages of houses for sale. He tells her he is proud of her for making room in her life for everyone, summer, Daniel and Faith. She says they have two families now and they have to make room for the little one. He thinks about his Dad and how he always was trying to recreate his family by starting fresh. He said someone always got left behind. Sharon says well so they know what not to do now.

JT tells Victoria she needs to talk about Sabrina. He tells her that Sabrina knows how sorry she is and her father has forgiven her too. She says there must be some mistrust there still though. When JT disagrees with her she snaps at him. She says she can’t go to work today, she needs to see her Dad instead.

While holding the baby’s head Victor talks to Sabrina’s statue. He tells her it was only a year ago that she was his bride and that for such a short time he was so in love with her. She had such an impact on him. He can’t help but wonder what their life would have been like with their baby. He says he had the statue made so he could have her close to him but he explains that now he is with Ashley. He says Ashley was brought back into his life because of her. He tells her he has to let her go though. He says he loved her very much with a smile and tears in his eyes. He kisses the baby’s head and then puts it back on the statue. He tells Sabrina she has given him a lot of happiness, then he calls out to the groundskeeper that is nearby trimming hedges, and asks him to kindly remove the statue by this afternoon and then thanks the man.

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