This is the rest of todays story! (Thirty minutes into the show, there was an interuption for a News Conference with the President and it took over the rest of the show.) The first half can be seen here and now for the other half!

Nick says it is too bad that JT and Victoria are in their old place Sharon doesn’t want a big house to impress anyone. She wants something homey that has a big kitchen that the kids can do their homework while she is cooking. Nick shows her one house that lists a bonus room off the master room saying that could be a nursery. Sharon is excited when she sees the yard. Nick says and her Mom could stay there when she visits. He tells her this can be Faith’s room. He confesses that is the name of the baby in his dream and asks Sharon’s stomach she likes the name. Nick calls the realtor and makes an appointment to see the house because they think they have found Faith a home.

Daniel talks to the judge and admits as a teenager, and he knows he should have stuck around and faced the charges instead of running like he did. He convinces the judge but places his bail at one million dollars. Michael asks the judge to reconsider the amount. The judge says he is the son of an international recording star and Heather also tells the judge he is also the son of Phyllis Newman as in the Newman family. The judge sticks to her decision and Daniel says he will just stay in jail. Jana says oh no, and they ask how will he come up with that. Daniel says he isn’t and Phyllis says he is coming home, she has this.

Kevin and Jana are scared when they hear Daniel’s bail is one million. Michael thinks Jana’s will be much lower. He goes into the courtroom with Kevin and Jana. Phyllis insists on taking care of this. Amber tells Daniel to let his mother do this so they can try and find out who really did this. She says no one else is going to help. He says this must be some scary guys and they gave up to 100K to set him up to be the guilty one. So they are either rich and don’t care or they planned to set him up the whole time.

Michael tells the judge that Jana is a business owner and she is in a loving marriage and her connection to all this is slight. He says he knows the money was found at her place of business which was frequented by hundreds of people daily. He asks that her bail be set at a reasonable amount. Heather clears her throat and she tells the judge that by look at Jana she’d never know she was a murderer. She says although it was vacated thanks to Mr. Baldwin’s clever defense. The judge thinks a previous arrest fro murder is reason enough to deny bail. Kevin jumps in and says Come on, this is unfair. She is not going back to jail! They handcuff Jana and take her off to jail. Michael calms Kevin down and tells him that he will have her out soon.

Victoria guesses that her father had been out to visit with Sabrina’s statue. Adam is listening at the stairs when Victoria tells Victor that she goes to the statue sometimes too. She says she can feel Sabrina there sometimes. She can even feel her in the house. Victor thinks Sabrina’s sketch there is unfair to Ashley so he removes it. He says he has moved on. Victoria asks if he going to just going to forget her. He tells her he has ordered the statue to be removed also. He says he doesn’t need to remember Sabrina. Adam heads back up to his room after listening to them. Victoria tells Victor that when he is done with the people that love him he just dismisses them as though they don’t exist. She says Sabrina doesn’t deserve this. Victor says he is living with Ashley now and he doesn’t know what Victoria is talking about. Victoria walks out with the sketch of Sabrina under her arm and as she passes Ashley she snaps at her telling her she hopes she is satisfied now.

Nick tells Sharon to go with him to see their new house. Sharon doesn’t want to get her hopes built up on the baby being ‘Faith’. She reminds Nick that this might not even be his child. He tells her that she can think what she wants to think, he knows that little girl in there is his and he is going to buy her a new house. When they start out the door, Phyllis shows up telling Nick she needs his help.

Daniel and Amber are shocked to hear that Jana’s bail was denied and she was arrested. Jana tells Kevin she will be ok. Michael explains that Heather doesn’t like Jana  since she got off those charges of murder. Kevin blames Daniel for getting Jana involved in this so he has to get her out. Daniel takes the blame and says they have to find out who is to blame for all this. Aucker walks up asking him if he is going to find the real killer. Amber says they will find out what really happened, even though Daniel has no clue who would do this to him.

Victoria talks to JT about Victor wanting to pretend that Sabrina never existed. JT thinks there is more to this than Sabrina. She gets mad and walks off as she tells him she can see exactly where he stands in this and it isn’t with her.

Ashley wonders if Victoria was pressuring Victor into forgetting about Sabrina. He says he has no idea what Victoria is thinking. Ashley says she obviously has unresolved issues where Sabrina is concerned. She notices the portrait gone and he says he took it down for her and their family and for himself as well. He says they are all he is going to pay attention to now. Upstairs as Adam listens he is in a hurry putting the injection into his eyes that he spills it all over the floor. OMG he cries out.

Nick is surprised to hear that Daniel’s bail is one million. He asks why so high. She tells him it is because she is a Newman in name only. She tells him she needs permission to access money from their account. Nick tells her yes she can but he wants to talk to Daniel about it first to make it clear to him that he is putting his trust in him. Phyllis is upset that Nick would even think Daniel would run out on him. Nick reminds her how he ran last time. She says he ran because he was scared of Nick. When she is about to leave she changes her mind. She has to have her say before she leaves. She finds it ironic that Nick wants to lecture her son on running away when that is all he ever does himself, like now, creating a new family and starting over. Phyllis tells him to call it what he wishes, it is still cowardly.

Michael goes to make some calls and Amber is determined that she and Daniel will find this ski masked guy. She says so what if they don’t have anything to go on. Daniel says someone took the time to set him up and he can’t think of any enemies he might have.

A mysterious hand sets a drink down in front of him and says it looks like he does. Another man walks up and tells the man that he has bad news. The girl was denied bail and Romalotti will be bailed out soon. The mystery hand shatters the glass when he throws it at the wall and pounds his fist on the desk.

Jan Barrett

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