It is Lily’s 21st birthday. She is at home studying. Cane, Colleen, Jana and Kevin are trying to figure out a surprise for her. They decide on a classic American surprise party but no one wants Cloe to attend.

Brad comes up to Gloria as she is on the phone. She tells Brad this job is temporary, she is working her way back up to the boardroom. Jeffery walks up and tells her not to get her hopes up for that and then asks Brad if Jill is in.

Adam catches Zara filming inside the house with her video camera. He tells her bad news, the show is over. She tells Adam this was for her friends. He sarcastically offers to hold her camera so she can go through Victor’s drawers. He accuses her of being after Victor’s money. He asks her when she is leaving. She tells him when she chooses to. She came on a one way ticket. She says she has an appointment at the club for a massage and she leaves.

Evelyn calls Nikki and she tells her she was just about to leave for the office. When she hangs up she thinks back to when David left her. When she starts to leave she grabs the newspaper on her doorknob and sees a picture of Victor and Sabrina.

Gloria gives Nikki her messages when she comes in. Brad walks up and asks if anyone has seen David. Gloria suggests a new perfume and Nikki snaps at her telling her that her job is to answer phones. She says she is going to her office and orders them not to disturb her. Jeffrey watches Gloria return back to her work struggling to keep her head up and smile after Nikki was so rude to her.

Victoria goes to Nikki’s office and tells her that she thinks the wedding has Nikki all stressed out. She tells Nikki she took her advice and went to the wedding. Nikki finally admits to Victoria that it isn’t the wedding that has her so upset. Victoria asks what it is then. She tells her that David wants a divorce. Nikki tells Victoria that marrying David was the biggest mistake she ever made. She wants to go after him but Victoria says that wouldn’t be a good idea. She says he will only lie to her now. She says she saw him giving Brad a check and he told her it was for the horse but now she doesn’t think that is true. Jill walks in looking for David but Victoria tells her now is not a good time so she leaves. Victoria talks Nikki into leaving with her.

Victoria sees Brad in the hallway and she asks him about the check David gave him. Brad sticks to David story about the horse. Nikki comes out wearing sunglasses to cover her swollen eyes and they leave the office. Once back in her hotel suite Nikki tells Victoria she is just tired and she wants to be alone. Victoria makes her promise to call her if she needs her. Nikki is all depressed as she sits back looking at her wedding rings.

Colleen ignores Adrian and Cloe at Crimson Lights when she asks Kevin for the afternoon off. Cloe goes to Cane and thanks him for helping her find a place to stay and then when he asks how is the new place she tells him it is quiet. She asks him if he has any plans for the night. She asks if Lily is doing anything tonight. He keeps telling her he doesn’t know to everything she asks and then he walks away to make a call.

Neil and Devon go to Lily’s house with balloons and a teddy bear and Neil offers to take her out for lunch. They don’t give her time to say no but Devon sneaks in a call to Cane saying the coast is clear. Cane says he is getting the food and not to let her come up until he calls him. Cloe walks back up to Cane and tells him she just realized today is Lily’s 21st birthday. She says she might bring some dresses by for a fitting for Lily but Cane tells her not tonight. 

Adam meets with Karen asking her if she had called to talk to Victor. She tells him about her wanting her old job back. Adam tells her that could be a problem. She asks if he was happy with her work how come it will be a problem. He wants to know if this will happen again. She says he has her word that it won’t. He agrees to let her come back but warns her that she will be on probation.

When Jill comes out to get Jeffery she tells him she is sorry for keeping him for so long. She invites Jeffery back to the boardroom with her and when they get there Jill is all over him. When she goes to lock the door Cloe walks in and interrupts. Jeffery says it is ok and he goes off for coffee.

Colleen and Cane talk about Adrian. She tells Cane that Adrian doesn’t miss her, he misses the idea of her. She asks Cane how he and Lily deal with their age difference. He tells her he doesn’t think it matters. She says that is what she thought too but now there is no us for her and Adrian.

Neil tells Lily that she has a good heart, she has a boyfriend that he can tolerate and she stayed in school. He makes a toast saying may her 21st year be calm and trouble free, because her last one nearly gave her a heart attack.

Zara sees Victoria and Nikki at the club and Victoria introduces Nikki to her. Zara gloats about how beautiful the wedding was. She tells Nikki that Victor told her that no one has ever made him as happy as her daughter has. Nikki sarcastically says he says that every time he gets married then takes Victoria’s hand and they walk away.

Karen joins Neil, Lily and Devon. She asks Neil what is up with Adam. Neil is upset that Adam went around him and didn’t consult with Victor first. He thinks putting Karen on probation was an immature thing to do Then Neil suggests they go back to his place to listen to some music and Karen is all for it.

Devon leaves to go help Cane and Colleen with their surprise party. Lily runs into Cloe who wishes her a Happy Birthday when she is about to leave. Cloe asks to go with her when Lily says she is going home to change clothes. She says she can pick up some of her things that she left there.

Gloria calls Jana and Jana is telling her about her plans of a red wedding dress. Gloria tells her about Jill making her get rid of her prosperity cat. Jana encourages her to not let them beat her.  She tells Gloria that she is glorious. Gloria walks into the boardroom only to see Jeffery kissing Jill on her neck. She doesn’t say anything, she just leaves the room.

Victoria runs into Adam at the club. He sees Zara and tells her he got her a limo. She tells him he is the sweetest man, until he tells her she is going to London. She wants to know if her daughter and Victor know how he is treating her. He tells her that her bags are in the car and then he hands her the camera. But says unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be anything recorded on it. She wants to know who he thinks he is. He says he is his Father’s son. When she walks off Victoria applauds his actions. He asks her if she thinks it was too much. She tells him no, he couldn’t have given Sabrina a better present.

Back in the boardroom Jill tells Jeffery the look on his face when Gloria walked in the door, looked like a little boy caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He tells her he didn’t come there to hook up with her. She tells him he didn’t look too unhappy. He tells her she is terrific but he admits he slept with Gloria. She starts to call him a sorry son of a … and he stops her saying actually he isn’t sorry. Jill tells him he will be.

Nikki is in her room thinking when the door opens. David walks in. He tells her he got to the airport and he realized he can’t leave her. He says he loves her too much. He wants to fight for them with everything he has, if she is willing to fight too. Nikki just stands there shaking her head not saying a word.

Jan Barrett

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