When everyone is shocked at seeing the baby’s head roll after Ashley drops it, she asks what she has done to make someone want to hurt her like this. When Adam walks in Victor asks him if this is his handiwork. He pretends to know what he is talking about. Victor says the baby’s head came from Sabrina’s statute. Adam continues pretending when he says ‘My God!’ and then that he is sorry. Victor asks why he would be sorry, is it because he did it. Adam says he would never hurt Ashley and he says they should be asking Estella about this. Nikki steps in to defend Estella saying she is not capable of such cruelty which is more than she can say for some people in that house. Victor picks up the phone to call the police to report a crime.

Cane tells Mac he has the bar closed due to an electrical problem. She offers to stay there while they fix it since she isn’t looking forward to going home with them bulldozers as they are exhuming Phillip’s body today. Cane tells her to go home, he will stay. When she is gone he leaves another message for Langley to please call him before he loses everything.

Katherine tells Jill she didn’t intend to take anything from her. She says she didn’t want to stop being her mother.  She tells her she needs to stop living in the past. Jill wants to know what is taking so long and where is Nina. When Katherine tries to calm her down she says she can’t calm down until she knows her son’s body is back at rest where he belongs.

Nina says it can’t be. She wants to know what’s going on, where is Phillip’s body. Nina is freaking out over finding the coffin that was supposed to be holding Phillip’s body was empty when they opened it. Paul tries to calm Nina down too. Paul calls Katherine and reports what happened. He tells her there is no body there for them to test. Katherine asks how that can be. Nina insists that the technician finds her husbands body now.

Cane takes his passport and puts it in his back pocket, then he takes the bag of money from the safe at Jimmy’s. He thinks back to his vows to Lily at their wedding. Suddenly he hears Lily banging on the door telling him to let her in.

Billy sees Mac on the patio at the coffee shop. He bribes the girl with money to close the patio down for a private party. He goes out on the patio and closes the door. He sees she has her cell phone and realizes she had been avoiding him. She tells him she thought it was best that they didn’t speak. He says it was 6 years ago that they were married. He wants to know if they can go back to being those kids again. He says so what if she is engaged and he is married with a kid. He wants to know if they can’t share a few laughs together like they used to. Mac smiles at him as she sits down.

Victor follows Adam up to his room to tell him the detective is on his way. Adam says good, then maybe they can find out who has been doing this. Adam gives all the reasons it will impossible for him to have done this which causes Victor to check the ankle monitor to be sure it is working properly. Adam tells him to check the security logs and he will see that no one has been helping him especially since it is only Rafe and Heather that has been visiting him. He tells Victor he will expect an apology when the truth comes out. Nikki stays with Ashley and listens to her talk about Sabrina’s ghost. Nikki doesn’t think the house is haunted or Sabrina’s ghost, she thinks it is Adam and it will all stop once victor exposes him. When Victor comes down he asks why Nikki is still there. Ashley says she asked her to stay with her. Estella and Rafe come over and Rafe is relieved that at least now they are willing to listen to what Estella has to say. When they are told of the baby’s head, Estella asks who would do such a horrible thing. Victor asks Rafe and Estella to stay until the police come.

Cane tells Lily he was working in the back and didn’t hear her. Lily tells him she had a craving for Thai food so she went to get some. She promises Cane she is not going anywhere when he asks her to promise him she won’t ever leave him. She says not now, not ever as she hugs him.

Nina says she has her own thoughts about why that casket had nothing but sand bags in it. She says the guy falsified the evidence. She says they can’t trust those DNA tests saying there is no proof that Cane is a Chancellor. Jill says it doesn’t prove he isn’t her son either. Paul gets a call and he asks if they are absolutely certain. He tells them he had the medical examiner test the coffin to see if there had ever been a body in the casket before and they found that no body had ever been in it.

Mac and Billy go down memory lane from when they were still in high school and about Prom night when she was crowned prom queen over Britney. They say that was one of the best nights of their lives. She says she was a nervous wreck about dancing in front of people. Billy plays music on the jukebox and asks her to dance. She says she doesn’t want to make a fool of herself out there. He tells her he has been doing that himself since he came back to town so now she owes him.

Katherine says she has heard of some funeral homes selling bodies to be used for parts and stuff. Nina last saw Phillip before he died in a hospital bed and it appears that no one ever saw him actually in the casket. Katherine doesn’t blame Nina telling her she was just a teenager with a baby of her own. She says she and Jill should have made sure the arrangements for the DNA tests had been done properly. Nina says there never could have been a DNA test done to prove that Cane is Jill’s son. Nina says she won’t let Phillip be robbed of his birthright by some con artist. She tells Jill to have Cane take another test or she will.

Lily and Cane talk about their life together while eating their Thai food she brought in. Jill calls cane and tells him she needs to talk to him and she is on her way over. He tells Lily that his Mom is coming over and it didn’t sound good.

When the detective arrives Victor explains to him what happened. He says who ever did this had to have had access to the grounds and he wants them caught and prosecuted. While Adam is listening, Victor doesn’t want the detective to take the baby’s head in as evidence. He asks that they kindly do the investigation from there. He says that he will make whatever resources he needs available, he just wants this trauma to end today.

Detective Wallace says there are no prints on the piece itself but they did pick up and good clear one on the box itself. Victor wants him to match it with Rafe’s, Estella’s and Adam’s prints. Rafe objects until Estella finally agrees after the detective says he can get a warrant. Nikki begs Victor not to do this. He says it is already done as he walks out leaving Nikki to apologize to Rafe and Estella.

Victor tells Adam that Detective Wallace was there and that a print was located on the box. Adam says lucky for him his prints are a matter of record for the cops already. He thanks Victor for the heads up though and then asks Victor if there was anything else he came to say. Victor notes that Adam isn’t nervous and Adam says it is because he isn’t afraid of the truth.

Katherine and Nina thank Paul for being with Nina when they opened that casket. He promises to keep this quiet and that he will be in touch as he leaves. Katherine doesn’t know what to make of all this but Nina says she does but she sure wishes she could see Cane’s expression on his face when he realizes he has been busted.

Jill explains to Cane what is going on. She tells him how much he loves her and why this makes it so hard to tell him something. She says there were no tests done on Phillip’s body because there was no body to test. Now Nina is insisting on doing another DNA test. Lily objects to it in cane’s defense saying he doesn’t have to do this. Jill says she doubts that Nina will give up on this until they prove to her by doing another test.

The test on the fingerprint found on the box proves to be that of Estella’s and they are the only ones on the box. Ashley asks what did she do to her to make her hate her so much. Estella wants to see what the box looks like. She says she brought over a box the other day saying who ever it is that is doing this used it, she denies doing anything wrong. Ashley brings up that the other day Estella let herself in with her own key. She accuses Estella of having issues with her from day one. Estella says it was her that had issues with her. When asked if Victor wants to press charges he says you bet he does. Nikki begs Victor not to do this saying deep down he has to know she didn’t do this. Victor orders her to leave his home.

Katherine and Nina say they both need to prepare themselves for the results of this new test. Nina says maybe there never was a switch and that Phillip really is Jill’s son. Katherine remembers it but says it was really fuzzy. Nina reminds her that she was a little drunk at the time so she thinks maybe it could be just memory in her head. Katherine says she certainly puts a lot of weight into a power of suggestion. She asks isn’t it coincidental that she remembered this when she desperately wanted to accept Cane. Katherine can’t believe the implications that Cane would have been lying all this time and faking his DNA test. Katherine says next think Nina will do is blame Cane for Phillip’s body missing. Nina says if Cane refuses to take the test then she will have her answer.

Jill doesn’t doubt Cane is who he says he is. She is happy he is willing to do this. She says she can’t wait to see the look on Nina’s face when she is proven wrong. Cane says he will set it up to take the test tomorrow. When Jill leaves Lily thinks it is good that he is getting the chance to let everyone know once and for all who he is. He asks what if it proves he isn’t. She asks him why he would say that. He says all he knows is what his uncle has told him, so what if Nina is right. Lily doesn’t care if he isn’t a Chancellor or what ever his name is, he is still the man she loves. Cane sends her home saying he will stay and lock up so she leaves him alone.

Mac is dancing with Billy, and she is embarrassed. She keeps stepping on his tows and apologizing to him. She tells him she warned him. When they slow it down he tells her it feels like they are at the Prom. She tells him they can’t go back. He agrees and says he should go. He thanks her for the dance and says she will see him around somewhere and Billy leaves.

Rafe can’t stay long as he tells Adam that he can no longer represent him. He says he has to represent his aunt. Adam says he is sorry but he understands. He says Estella was good to him but he admits the evidence against her is overwhelming. Rafe doesn’t believe it and he says someone is setting her up and by God that someone will pay when he finds out who they are.

Ashley feels safe in Victor’s arms. Victor assures her that Estella will stay behind bars. He says the only think she needs to focus on now is the baby. She agrees saying the baby is the only thing that matters now.

Nikki tells Paul she still cares about Victor even though he doesn’t deserve it. She says he is so scared that Ashley is going to lose that baby. She asks him what he has been up to. He tells her he had a meeting with a client but he can’t discuss the case he is working on but he says he can discuss the filet mignon he is about to have.

Katherine tries calming Nina down but she says she is so frustrated. She accuses Katherine of not caring. Katherine says it does matter to her. Nina appears to be freaking out when she says somewhere Phillip is out there lost and her son might be sick and there is nothing she can do about it. Katherine promises her they will get to the bottom of all this. Jill comes in with a proud look on her face happy to report that cane didn’t even flinch when she asked him to take another test. She says she has no doubt that when he does he will soon be vindicated.

Cane opens the freezer and takes out several vials of blood and then he calls Langley again leaving yet another message saying by the time he gets this message he would have done what he has to do and then maybe he will quit running. He closes the lid of the freezer while holding the blood samples in his hand.

Jan Barrett

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