Victor and Sabrina exchange their vows. They have their own words to say to each other. The priest pronounces them husband and wife. He tells Victor he may kiss his bride.

Nikki runs back to her hotel room looking for David. He isn’t there so she calls him and leaves a message telling him that she needs to talk to him saying she doesn’t understand. David sneaks back into the hotel room after Nikki leaves and packs a bag. When he starts to leave Nikki walks back in. She asks him where he is going. He tells her he has to go. She blocks him and says no, no, no, it is not going to end like this.  He tells her there is no future for them. She asks him why he is saying that. She asks him if he has stopped loving her.

Then she asks if he is gambling again. He says yes he is. He tells her about all the times he was gambling and lied to her. She tells him she knows what it is like to be controlled. He explains the difference in him and her. He tells her about him pawning the watch she gave him. He tells her about the big win he got. She says she sees now. He isn’t running from some loan shark so now he doesn’t need her money and now he doesn’t need her. Nikki tells David he doesn’t really want to go. He tells her yes he does.

She asks him then why is he still there. He tells her if he stayed he would gamble away all his money then go to her for more until he gambled all of her money away. She tells him that he presented this wonderful picture so she would fall in love with him. He tells her none of that matters anymore. She says she should walk away and not look back. He tells her yes she should. She screams at him that she is still there and he should try and make this work. She screams that he owes that to her.

Victoria notices Sabrina’s mother taking pictures. She warns Zara that the wedding invitations asked that the guests not bring cameras. Zara tells her that she isn’t just a guest. She is the bride’s mother. Later Victoria sees Zara with her camera again. She tells her she thought she told her to put that thing away. Victoria tells her not to ruin things for Sabrina again. When Victoria walks off she hears Zara call and tell someone that she has pictures of the wedding and that the wedding was private so that means her pictures are exclusive. She asks what they think they would be worth. She laughs and says great, let the bidding begin.

Victor tells Victoria he is so happy she came to the wedding. Sabrina tells Victoria it means so much to her that she showed up. Victoria says no matter what she thinks, she is really glad that she is happy. Katherine talks to Sabrina and tells her how happy she is for her. Sabrina tells Katherine that she wants her to know that she loves Victor very much. Adam and Heather walk over to Victor and Sabrina and congratulate them. Victor asks Adam to speak to him a moment. He says he had no idea that he was bringing Heather as his date. Adam asks him if that is a problem. Victor tells him they can talk about it later. Later Victor tells Neil to keep an eye on Adam and Heather while he is on his honeymoon. In fact he wants him to keep two eyes on him.

Ashley and Sabrina talk. Ashley thanks Sabrina for being so nice to her daughter Abby. She says Abby was so taken with her that she has decided to name her doll Sabrina. Ashley admits to Sabrina that she cares deeply for Victor and Sabrina understands.

Victoria tells Nick and Phyllis about Sabrina’s mother taking the pictures and wanting to sell them to the highest bidder as exclusive pictures. Phyllis sees her taking more photos. They all agree to put an end to this. They plan on a way to get hold of the camera. Phyllis is going to ask Zara to take a picture of Victoria and Nick and then Victoria wants Nick to start flirting with Zara while they get the camera and destroy the pictures.

Adam and Jana gather everyone around to make the toast to Victor and Sabrina. He starts out making the toast telling them what an honor it is for him to be standing up for his father like this as his best man. He tells everyone that he isn’t the only son here though so he doesn’t think he is the one that should be making this toast. He calls Nick up to the altar. Nick looks around surprised. Nick goes up and makes his toast. Zara goes up to Victor and thanks him for letting her be there. Phyllis asks Zara if she can take a picture of Victoria with Nick and Zara. Phyllis tries to open the camera but can’t get it opened.

Katherine tells Jill he thinks Adam and Heather make an attractive couple. Jill doesn’t like them being together. Heather is confronted by Victoria and her seeing Adam. She asks her if they started dating before or after the lawsuit. Heather assures her that she and Adam never talk about business. She says her work is kept confidential. Meanwhile Neil corners Adam and asks him about his dating Heather. Everyone is worried about the two of them being together and working on opposite sides.

They announce that it is time for the bride to throw the bouquet. Victoria asks Zara if she is single. When she says yes Victoria encourages her to join the women for the bouquet. She offers to use the camera to take a picture of Sabrina as she throws it. Zara gives her the camera and joins the crowd. Victoria removes something from the camera and then pretends to take the picture when Sabrina throws it and Zara catches it.

After the wedding, JT meets with Paul and Paul tells him about David booking a flight to Las Vegas for one. JT asks if he is going to tell Nikki. He says no but JT says he is too good a friend not to tell her. Meanwhile Nikki tells David he can’t leave her like this. He tells her he is better off without her and she is better off without him and he picks up his suitcase and leaves Nikki there crying. Paul knocks on Nikki’s door. She snatches the door open and he tells her about David booking the flight to Vegas. She tells him she already knows that and then she tells Paul to stay out of her life and shuts the door in his face.

Jan Barrett

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