Amber calls Detective Wallace and shows him the damage someone made in their apartment when they broke in. Daniel didn’t want her to call them so she did it when he wasn’t there. She blames the Detective and those that sent those emails. The Detective doesn’t seem to care. Daniel walks in and isn’t happy to see that Amber called the cops.

Jana reads online about the unsolved art robbery and then thinks back to Daniel telling her about the scheme he got involved in. Kevin walks in with the Bardwell’s with him bragging about the penthouse that Jeffery’s handling the bill for. Gloria turns down a job offer saying they have a secret plan in the works. When they leave, Kevin worries about his mother and this secret plan.

Mary Jane bumps into Nikki at the club and tells her she can’t join her and her fiancé for dinner. She tells Nikki that Jack has her way too busy. Mary Jane hands Nikki a file and tells her to have a lovely evening as she leaves. Nikki joins Paul at the table and he tells her that he is investigating her business associates Mary Jane Benson.

Jill barges into Victor’s office while he is on the phone demanding to talk to him. She blames him for causing her to lose all her money and leaving her flapping in the wind. Victor says he doesn’t give a damn, it is none of his business. He says he has more important things to do. She admits she may be taking it too personally but she pleads with him to hear her out. She says she can get all her money back and then give him what he can’t seem to get enough of, payback.

Jana listens as she cleans the counter off at Kevin ranting about Gloria now trusting and relying on Jeffery. He tells Jana she hasn’t even been listening to him and says she has been acting weird all day. He tells her to snap out of it and then jokingly asks if she is pregnant. She laughs and tells him things are finally peaceful but she can’t seem to shake this feeling that something terrible is about to happen. He promises her that nothing is going to happen.

Daniel fusses at Amber for calling the police. She doesn’t understand why he is so upset with her. The Detective says he will file a police report for forced entry since nothing was stolen. Amber asks about protection but the Detective says they don’t have the manpower to have them protected and He sarcastically tells her no but she can put in a call to the Governor. Daniel isn’t sympathetic and Amber accuses Daniel of not caring.

Nikki thinks Mary Jane is harmless, perhaps just a private person but Paul disagrees.. He says she is vague but he is sure he has met her before. . He says her mannerisms are familiar. Plus he says she got tongue tied and covered her tracks when she let it slip that she knew that April lived in New York. He thinks she is avoiding him. Nikki agrees that Mary Jane was quick to turn down her invitation to dinner tonight but who can blame her since Paul would give her the third degree. She asks Paul what has he found out about this mystery woman. Paul says that is the problem, he can’t find out anything about her. He says it is as if she doesn’t exist. Nikki says they must have had her checked out at Jabot. Paul still is convinced something’s no right and he says he could use Nikki’s help in finding out what.

Jill says she thinks Katherine made a fool out of him by stealing Neil away from him. Victor stops her and tells her that losing Neil was a big loss but it was his decision and he won’t get involved in her battle with Katherine. Jill tells him thanks to him she has nothing. She says she asked for a job, not a handout. He tells her there is no room at Newman for her. Jill says she wonders if Ashley knows what kind of man she is marrying, one who would intentionally keep her from her father’s company and then asks if Ashley is home. Victor shakes his finger at Jill and tells her to listen carefully. First of all he doesn’t like Jill barging in on him. Secondly Ashley and the baby are in a very fragile state and if Jill upsets her she will have far more to worry about than her bank account, he promises her.

Daniel still fusses about Amber calling the cops. He asks her if they took fingerprints or pictures. She says no it was a waste of time. She is going to go see Kevin saying they are going to have to look out for each other since the cops won’t. She tells him she has to fix this and then storms out. Daniel calls Aucker again and he leaves another message. He says if Aucker doesn’t call back soon he is going to blow this case wide open.

Jill tells Victor she is sorry, she had no idea Ashley was having problems with the baby. She doesn’t want to harm her but she won’t roll over and die in this. Victor thinks she is a resourceful woman and she can resolve this problem without him. Gloria and Jeffery march in telling the housekeeper that of course he will see her. Jill and Gloria ask each other at the same time what are they doing there. Jill says she is conducting business. Gloria assumes Jill told Victor all the gory details. Victor complains telling them how dare them march into his home like this. They thought Victor would be willing to help them. Jill and Gloria start arguing about Jeffery’s bad financial advice and Gloria accuses Jill of trying to steal Jeffery from her. Jill calls Gloria a selfish witch saying she won’t take the credit for them making fools of themselves. Victor throws the Bardwell’s out and leaves Jill telling Gloria to go work at the coffee house so Jeffery can live off her tips. Jeffery tells Jill as he points his finger at her that this isn’t over yet. She then apologizes to Victor who warns her not to ever do this in his living room again. She says she will show herself out. When she leaves Mary Jane calls Victor and tells him she needs to see him right away. Victor says yes he would like to see her too, so she tells him she will see him at the club.

Paul thinks back to his lunch with Mary Jane. Nikki walks up with faxed copies of Mary Jane’s references which were never checked out after all. Nikki agrees that Mary Jane does seem rather eccentric. She says Mary Jane is anti-social and it is like she has something to hide. Paul still thinks they have crossed paths before somewhere.

Mary Jane gets her stuffed cat out and tells it not to worry Kitty. She says Victor is on his way and he’ll get rid of that mean nasty Sharon and then Jack will come back to her.

Amber tells Kevin that one of those email maniacs trashed their apartment. She says she called the cops but Detective Wallace showed up. Kevin promised Jana that he would never play Shaggy to her Velma. Amber tells her that she is Daphne, thank you very much and she says of course the break in was about her and not Daniel.

Daniel calls Aucker one more time leaving another message. He says if Acker keeps ignoring him he is going to show up at his office first thing in the morning. Jana comes over and finds that someone broke in. Daniel says nothing is missing except for the forgery. He says and now he can’t reach Aucker. He says Amber doesn’t know about the painting missing. He says she is convinced that the break-in is by one of those that sent those emails. Jana is worried saying that Amber is going to pull a crazy stunt and bring them all down with her. Daniel still refuses to tell Amber anything.

Nikki looks at Mary Jane’s references and says she doesn’t know any of these people but she can certainly look into it. Victor walks over to congratulate Nikki and Paul hoping they are as happy as he and Ashley are. They tell him they haven’t set a date yet. Nikki tells him she was disappointed to hear that he had to let Estella go, saying she has been a long time employer. He says he wanted Ashley to feel comfortable. He says he only came over to congratulate them and shakes Paul’s hand and then walks away. When Victor goes to the stairs the club manager tells Victor that the bill hasn’t been paid for this suite this month. Victor gets angry ordering him to never speak to him in public about this again.

Jill comes in at the penthouse and she claims that Victor bought their act. Gloria doesn’t understand why they had to do it this way. Jeffery explains that Victor needs to think they are fighting so it won’t occur to him that they are all working together. Jill says they can use that to their advantage. Jeffery says he has someone that is following Victor. They ask what his plan is. He says to find some to leverage on Victor and get their money back. Jeffery gets a call from the guy following Victor telling him that Victor is at the Athletics Club. Jeffery says so what, he is a member there. The guy tells him more which makes Jeffery laugh as he hangs up the phone. He tells the ladies they have their skeleton.

Nikki complains to Paul about Victor firing Estella. Paul says he has a new rule. No more talk about work or either of their exes. He wants to talk about their wedding. He asks what would she like, a big cake or a small cake. Paul gets a call and says hey there and asks how they are doing. He says she is sitting right across from him and then says they will be right there. When Nikki asks him who that was he tells Nikki it is a surprise as they leave.

Jeffery tells the ladies that Victor has been paying for a suite at the club. Jill is not surprised saying he pays for people all the time to stay there on Newman business. Jeffery asks if he pays in cash though. Now Jill does find that suspicious. Gloria says let’s go find out who is in that room. Jill offers to go saying the manager there likes her. Gloria pouts wanting to know then what are they supposed to do. Jill tells her to go read an article on dressing age appropriately. When Jill goes out the door, Gloria tells Jeffery she is going to wring Jill’s neck.

Victor thanks Mary Jane for her time and effort. She is not giving up she says. She thinks Jack is still interested but he is just distracted. Victor tells her the plan just didn’t work out. She says but it will if he will just give it some time. Victor tells her this is the last time she will see him and he drops a lot of money on the table. She tells him she doesn’t want his money though. She insists that they had a plan. She says Jack needs to pay for what he has done. Victor doesn’t want to see anyone get hurt and she says he owes her an explanation. She tells him he tracked her down and took her away from her life. He gave her a new face, a new persona. Victor holds up the cash money and tells her it will compensate her for all her efforts. She pleads for one more month and she will get Jack away from that blonde bitch. Victor tells her that that blonde bitch is the mother of his grandson. He says she is family and he doesn’t want her to get hurt.

Paul takes Nikki out to the patio at Crimson Lights where she sees her surprise. She sees Todd, Paul’s brother. She says Oh my gosh as she hugs him. Todd tells Paul long time no see. Paul hugs his brother who is a priest.

Daniel starts picking up stuff from the floor while Jana tries to convince him that he needs to tell Amber what is going on. He doesn’t think they need Amber going up against the Department of Justice. Daniel is sure that Aucker is looking into the break-in but Jana can’t shake the feeling that this is all going to have a bad ending.

Amber and Kevin are going through the letters and emails looking for the most hateful ones. Amber tells Kevin those people don’t know the whole story. Kevin asks if they should track them down and give them a muffin basket. The radio show, Loveline comes on and Amber gets an idea saying this is a way they can tell the world they aren’t a couple of lunatics who got pardoned because they have friends in high places.

Father Todd tells Nikki and Paul about his three week trip to the Holy Land and the next ones to Jordan and Turkey. Paul calls his brother the globetrotting priest. After they talk some more Todd tells him he has to catch the red eye out tonight and asks them what they are up to. He says their mom told him that the two of them are living in sin. Nikki shows him her engagement ring. He congratulates them and says Mary would freak out no matter what Paul and Nikki does anyway. Todd laughs as he welcomes Nikki to their crazy family.

Mary Jane complains to Victor that he brought her there to ruin Jack Abbott and now he is more concerned with Jack’s ex-wife. She rants on asking why every man in Genoa City wants to protect this woman. Victor thinks Sharon is very fragile. He tells her that her suite is paid up til the end of the week and he wants her to leave town. He says he has given her a new image saying she is someone else now. He says she can start a new life now so she needs to forget Jack. She insists that she wants Jack. She won’t let Victor walk away like everyone else has. She says she isn’t giving up til she breaks Jack in a million pieces. Victor tells her to pull herself together. It is the end of the chapter so she needs to get out of town. He heads towards the door. She yells at Victor telling him not to dare walk out on her. The she begs him to please don’t walk away. When the door opens Jill is out in the hall but she darts out of the way so they don’t see her but she is using her cell phone to record what she is seeing. Mary Jane grabs Victor hugging him tight telling him she needs him. She says she can’t do this without him. . Victor pulls her away from him telling her she will be fine. When he walks away she begs him not to leave her over and over as she cries out.

Howard Aucker knocks on Daniels door but when Daniel answers it he is looking at a stranger and when the guy asks him if he is Daniel Romalotti Daniel tells him he is not Howard Aucker. Daniel and Jana both look scared,

Father Todd and Paul joke a little together about their Mother saying she will light a few candles for their immortal souls. Nikki feels like a teenager trying to gain her boyfriends approval. Todd says she will come around. Paul thanks his brother for his blessing and wants all of his family at his wedding. They can’t even remember the last time the whole family was together. Mary Jane happens to see Paul and Todd together and then she runs outside as she appears to be hyperventilating.

Jill goes back to the penthouse and updates Gloria and Jeffery on what happened. She says Victor has been paying cash for Mary Jane Benson’s suite at the club. She says she is the director of public relations at Jabot. She tells them that isn’t the best part. She goes on to tell them that when Victor was coming out the room, Mary Jane was crying and begging him not to go. She says poor little Ashley is at home pregnant while Victor is with Jabot’s PR representative. They say this is better than what they had hoped for. We see Victor sitting at the bar calling to check on Ashley while Jill, Gloria and Jeffery are making a toast at the penthouse with champagne, to getting their money back and to the downfall of Victor Newman. They laugh as they all clink their glasses together. Back at the bar Victor ends his conversation saying “I love you too, my darling”.

Jan Barrett

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