Gloria goes to Michael’s and tells them she won’t need their hospitality after all. Michael wants to know what happened. Michael and Lauren wonder why Jack would ask Gloria to move in with them. She accuses Michael of being jealous and she asks if he misses her already. Michael tells her that as much as he worries about why Jack would invite her back, he is tickled pink that she has found somewhere else to live. When Gloria leaves Michael admits to Lauren that he hurt his hand when he punched Jeffery. Lauren takes Fenmore to the kitchen to get ice for Michael’s hand and she whispers to her son that Gloria was right, Michael does love his mother.

Jack goes home only to find Sharon there talking with a decorator that is going to help them redecorate the house. Jack asks for a minute alone with his wife to speak to her about something. Sharon tells him she loves this guy because he is so easy to talk to. He tells her that is fine but he needs to talk to her. She asks him what is wrong. He tells her he just got finished talking to Gloria and she isn’t going to like this but Gloria is coming to live with them. Sharon is upset that Jack made this decision without her.

He tells her that it seems that Gloria is the anonymous donor that gave his father’s foundation and Cassie’s memorial all that money. Sharon says that doesn’t sound like something that Gloria would do. He agrees and tells her that he thinks that maybe Gloria has really changed.

Sharon still doesn’t like it that he made this decision without talking to her first. Sharon uses Noah as an excuse to be against bringing Gloria back there. She says if getting rid of Gloria brought them back together then what does he think bringing her back is going to do. Jack tries to make her see that he is just trying to fulfill his father’s wish.

Later when Sharon and the interior decorator are going over plans Jack seems a little distracted when he hears their plans on the changes. Sharon tells the man that Jack trusts their thoughts on the changes. She looks at Jack and asks him isn’t that true. Before he can answer Gloria interrupts saying hello, she is home, carrying her portrait. Sharon just looks at Jack in disbelief.

Jack reminds Gloria that she will be staying in the pool house. She says she thought he was joking. She asks if it is even fit for humans. He says they had it redone so yes it is. Sharon sarcastically says they have been using it for the dog’s house too so yes it is fit. Later she has to use the guest bathroom and Jack says only til they get the pipes in the pool house fixed. Sharon says which will be tomorrow morning. Gloria thanks Sharon for letting her move back in and then she thanks Jack too.

When it is just Sharon and Jack alone in the house Jack asks Sharon what does she thinks about Gloria now. Sharon says she isn’t exactly unsympathetic but she can’t understand why he won’t just pay for her a room at the hotel or for an apartment. He explains that if he did that she wouldn’t have his Dad with her. Sharon doesn’t understand. She says she understands that he misses his father but she doesn’t know why suddenly he is more worried about Gloria than he is about her and Noah. She walks out after that. Jack sits there and just stares. Suddenly John’s ghost appears. Jack thinks it is Alistair but realizes it is his father. John tells him he is very proud of him and thanks him for what he is doing.

Adam is at the gym working out when Heather walks in and sees him. She walks over to him and says hi and she starts flirting with him. The end up kissing right there and Adam is worried that someone will see them. She tells him that could happen but no one else is there. Her phone rings and she says she has to take this because it is the office. When she walks away on the phone, Phyllis walks in saying hello stranger to Adam.

Later when they are working out Phyllis is watching Heather and Adam. She notices Heather flirting with Adam and wonders what is going on. When Heather leaves Phyllis tells him she saw him with Heather. He says so, and she says she noticed because he actually got her to smile for him which is something not many can do. Later when Nick shows up at the gym Phyllis tells him that Adam is sleeping with Heather Stevens.

Cane goes to see Cloe, who claims to be sick, bringing her club soda. She tells him he is a lifesaver. When he brings her a glass of the club soda they talk about Lily. Cloe tells him Lily is going to become a Diva. He says he doesn’t think so but he does want to ask her something. He asks if Lily has what it takes, and if not, what he has to do to make it happen. Cloe tells her there are challenges and even though the agency is helping her out she still isn’t a class act. He says he is going but Cloe starts moaning again and he offers to stay if she is still sick.

About then the door opens and it is Devon and Lily. Devon says, “Guess who never made it to New York?” Something was wrong with the plane so Lily gave up waiting and just came home. Cloe is mad at her for giving up like she did. When Cane and Lily go upstairs to unpack Cloe tells Devon to bring her some aspirins but Devon tells her to get it her own damn self. They all decide to call in for pizza and Lily tells Cloe she can’t have any. She says she is getting chicken soup. Cane says he will pick it up.

While out Cane goes to Restless Style to talk to Nick but no one is there but Amber. She tells him she imagines it was hard on them when Lily was replaced on the cover of the magazine. He asks her how she is doing and she says she is hanging in there with Daniel on the road. He says he has to go because Lily is waiting on him. When he is gone she looks at her computer hoping she has an email waiting for her from Daniel but is disappointed when there is none waiting for her.

Jan Barrett

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