Paul and Nikki eat some of Gina’s lasagna. Nikki laughs about Paul being banned from the club for only 24 hours and then says she is glad that woman finally came to her senses. She says who in their right mind would accuse Paul of being a stalker. Suddenly Mary Jane walks up. She goes over to their table and tells them he can tell her to take a hike and she’d understand but she would like to explain. Paul says be his guest and she  tells him about a guy that stalked her 3 years ago so when Paul started with the personal questions she panicked. She says she is sorry. Rafe walks up to Nikki asking to talk to her apologizing for coming to her but since Victor and Ashley won’t hear him out he didn’t know where else to go. He is worried about his aunt because she is a wreck, not eating or sleeping. Nikki tells him she is fond of Estella and she doesn’t think for one second that she has done what they have accused her of doing.

Adam apologizes for earlier saying he was shocked when he heard Sabrina’s voice on his laptop. He asks Ashley if she believes him, that someone is trying to set him up. She tells him she isn’t sure what she believes but for now she doesn’t want to talk about it. While they are downstairs Victor enters Adam’s bedroom with his hands in his pockets as he glances around.

Lily walks up from behind Cane while he is putting money in the safe. She tells him he didn’t sleep well last night and she asks if he is still worried about losing his family and her. She guesses he is upset because of Phillip. She says she can delay her shopping for her Dad if he wants to talk about it. He tells her no that right now he has a delivery to get ready. When she is gone Cane calls Jill and asks her how could she let Nina exhume Phillip’s body. She explains why they felt they had to. He says he is just angry that she is going to have to go through this again. As Jill whispers to Phillip Sr.’s picture, telling him she is so sorry, Katherine comes in telling her that the workmen are almost done with the exhumation. She says now they will finally find out who the young man is. Jill tells her thanks to her she raised the wrong child. She says he is still her son though. Nina comes in saying she is glad will soon have the information she needs.

Paul apologizes to Mary Jane about bringing all her past up for her. He asks what ever became of this stalker. Mary Jane says she left Europe and did everything she could to change her past. She even changed her social security number and all her personal documents. Paul would just like to know why she suddenly changed her mind about the restraining order. She says she realized she overacted. She doesn’t understand why he keeps pushing it. Nikki tells Paul she is going out to the ranch with Rafe. When Nikki leaves Paul turns around to talk more to Mary Jane but she has slipped out.

Adam pretends to have his feelings hurt when Ashley snaps at him telling him she wants to be alone, after all he has done for her. He tells her he is on her side and he always will be. Finally he gives up and goes to his bedroom. When he gets upstairs he senses someone is in his room. He asks what Victor is doing in his room. Victor is sitting by Adam’s laptop and he turns around and responds by telling him he is there checking out his story.

Nikki tells Ashley she came to check on her, Victor isn’t expecting her. Ashley tells her Dr. Taylor is terrific and Olivia is fine with him being her OB/GYN. Nikki brings up Estella and says she doesn’t think Estella would do the things they have accused her of. She tells Ashley that Estella is just sick over all this. Ashley tells Nikki that Estella doesn’t like her, especially not as much as she liked Sabrina and Nikki. Nikki explains that evidence can be planted. She Estella is not capable of doing something like this so she asks that they just consider that it could be someone other than Estella. When Ashley tells her about Sabrina’s voice coming from Adam’s laptop. Nikki says she knew that weasel had something to do with this.

Adam asks Victor not to fool with his laptop. He tells Victor he has no business snooping in his things. Victor tells him that he us under house arrest and released in Victor’s custody. Adam asks so does that mean he has no right to privacy. Victor says he forfeited his right to privacy when he tried to frame him for murder. He asks Adam why his door is always locked anyway. Adam doesn’t want anyone going in and rearranging his furniture and with Noah and Abby there, he doesn’t want them barging in on him and Heather when she is there. Victor orders him to keep his door unlocked from now on. Adam yells that he won’t live like this, being treated like a child. If Victor doesn’t trust him why doesn’t he just call the judge and have him sent back to prison.

Cane leaves another message for Langley and when Lily comes back he tells her that they were exhuming Phillip’s body. She tells Cane she can tell he isn’t just worried about his Mom. She thinks there is something he isn’t telling her.

Nina and Jill argue. Nina tells Jill that Phillip was the love of her life. Jill tells her she probably says that about all her husbands. Katherine stops saying they all need to stop destroying each other. She says they are doing this for Jill’s grandson. She says he needs them all to work together, his mother, grandmother and great grandmother. Jill snaps that he isn’t her great grandson. Katherine says he is and he always will be. Jill says she gave that right up when she switched him with Cane. Katherine tells her she is not sure they know the whole story about this. She says there are some discrepancies about that. She tells her how Paul found out that Violet wasn’t even in Genoa City when she handed over that child. Katherine says she cares about Cane and this is not his fault, he was only a baby. Katherine said they were so happy to have found Cane that they never asked questions that they should have asked that Nina is asking now.

Lily reminds Cane of their promise to be honest with each other saying it was lies that tore them apart before. Cane says of course he trusts her and then he admits he is scared. He says he claimed to be Phillip III when he came to Genoa City and into Jill and Katherine’s life. He says he knows they love him and he has an honest to God family. He says the problem is that every time he hears them talk about the man in that grave he feels that he will never compare to that man.

Nina tells Paul she is having the body exhumed as they speak. When Paul asks if he can help with any thing she tells him he could arrange for her to be there when they open the casket. When he asks why she says because she doesn’t trust those people. Also she tells him she ordered a DNA test. She says if he is Jill’s son, then Cane will be exposed for the fraud she thinks he is.

Victor and Adam go at it about him going back to prison. Adam tells him that he and Ashley are friends. Victor tells him then he has nothing to worry about. Victor says he will go to any lengths to protect Ashley and their baby. He tells Adam if he doesn’t like it he can go back to prison, he can call Heather right now. He picks up the phone and calls Adam’s bluff. He tells Adam when he sees that is not what he wants that Dr. Donahue is coming back to see him. Adam says he has been poked and prodded enough. Victor tells him he bought an entire research company to ensure Adam to get the best of care. He says he has been trying to help him. Victor gets up in Adam’s face and asks what kind of game is he playing. He insists that he will see the doctor. He warns him to be careful.

Ashley tells Nikki how supportive Adam has been though. Victor comes in and Nikki tells him that she is there for Estella. She says Estella has been nothing but trustworthy and honest and kind and she asks if they can say the same for Adam.

Paul wraps up his call and tells Nina it is all set. He warns her that this won’t be a pleasant sight so he will go with her. She shows him how she managed to get Jill’s toothbrush to test for her DNA. Paul tells her that isn’t exactly legal though. She knows it will be gruesome but she says Cane’s story is just so farfetched. Paul thinks Cane is devoted to Jill and Katherine. He even turned down his inheritance. Nina calls it a good act. Paul says he married Lily and he thinks she is a good judge of character and Neil supports him too. Nina says well if that is the case then nobody needs to know about this test but him and her.

Mary Jane orders a glass of wine at Jimmy’s. Lily gives Cane some more support and understanding. She gives him a Father’s Day gift even though she isn’t pregnant yet. He says aww a couple of baseball mitts. She says so when they have a baby he can toss the ball around with their son or daughter He hugs Lily even though he looks so sad.

Victor tells Nikki he didn’t get any pleasure letting Estella go. Nikki continues harping on Adam, so Ashley reminds her that he is blind and he is wearing an ankle monitor.
Nikki says he could have had someone helping him. She says bottom line is if they are discounting Adam as a suspect then they are as blind as he is.

Adam looks up on his lap top information about this doctor. He asks how the hell is he going to fool this guy. He calls Dr Taylor telling him he needs more syringes and the eye numbing drug and stuff. He tells him he doesn’t want any lectures, just do it now and Adam hangs up.

Jill calls Cane and asks him to call his Uncle in Australia. There is new evidence that Violet wasn’t even in Genoa City when Katherine made the switch of the babies. She tells him not to worry, they will work this out. She says it would really help if he could locate his uncle though. Cane says OK he will call him right now. Mary Jane asks if he just got bad news. He says not bad, it is catastrophic She asks if there is anything she can do, he asks if she can turn back the clock a couple of years. She encourages him not to give up because sometimes life surprises you and it gives you a second chance.

Nina and Paul stand in front of the coffin. Nina recalls the worst day of her life which was seeing them lower this casket into the ground. The technician comes up asking her if she is ready for this. Paul tells her it isn’t too late for her to back away now. She tells him she has come this far so she is ready and gives him the go ahead.

Adam calls out the track number saying it was supposed to be delivered overnight and then when he hears the truck drive up he says never mind it looks like its here now and hangs up.

Nikki assumes that Estella is at the door. Ashley is mad because she would invite Estella there without asking them first. Victor walks in with a box addressed to Ashley from a Jane Smith. When she opens it she screams and drops it. Inside the box was a realistic baby head that rolls out on the carpet when she drops it.

Jill looks at Phillip Sr.’s photo. Katherine says of course she remembers it is his birthday, after all he was her husband. Jill says but he wanted to be her husband and Katherine took him away from her and her son. Katherine says she talks about Phillip being her son blood or not yet she can’t believe she loves her as a mother loves a daughter. Jill asks her how can she say that to her when she took everything away from her.

Lily tells Cane that the delivery has been put away and she is taking the dog for a walk. She tells him she should take a break soon and work on their favorite project. He kisses her and tells her she is the best thing that has ever happened to him and he wants her to always remember that. He looks like he has the weight of the world on his shoulders when Lily walks out. He looks even worse when he opens the safe and removes his passport.

Paul offers to do this for Nina but she says it is ok, she has to follow through with this for both her husband and her son’s sakes. When they open the casket Nina is horrified. She covers her mouth to keep from screaming as she mutters out a cry. Paul is just as shocked as Nina is when they both stand there staring inside an empty casket.

Jan Barrett

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