Victor walks in after taking a walk and asks Sabrina how she would like to get married today. She says that is a lovely idea. Her Mother walks in and asks Sabrina to get her a cup of coffee. She tells them it is bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding.

Nikki and David are having breakfast when he tells her she doesn’t have to hide it if she is upset about Victor getting married today. She says she isn’t upset, in fact she is happy today. She says she hope Victor will be as happy with Sabrina as she is with him. Brad walks up and tells David and Nikki about a factory he thinks they should buy. He sets the newspaper on the table and all David sees is an ad for a poker tournament. Brad asks David what he thinks and David says they need to make an offer. Nikki leaves and goes to ride her new horse.

Lauren, Michael, Janna and Kevin are at Indigo having breakfast and Jana is all excited about being the maid of honor for Sabrina today, Neil walks in and they ask him if he will be at the wedding. He tells them yes he is going. They ask if he is bringing a date and when he says he is going solo Michael invites him to sit with them.

Adam and Heather come downstairs into the Club when Paul walks in. Adam tells him he has to go get ready because he is Victor’s best man today. Heather tells Paul she is going as Adam’s date and Paul is surprised that they are ready to go public with their relationship. Heather tells him she is ready.

Victoria goes to Restless Style and tells them she is still debating on whether or not to go to the wedding. Phyllis tells her she thought she had already decided not to go. She said she had until she talked to her mother. She says she made some good points as to why she should go. She asks if she would go, wouldn’t that make her a hypocrite. Nick thinks she should go. Phyllis tells her she understands and if she were in her shoes she would feel the same way. Nick tells Phyllis that she isn’t helping. Phyllis then turns the tables saying on the other hand she knows how it feels being not wanted in the family. With that she leaves to get Summer ready for the wedding.

Nick still thinks she should go to the wedding. Victoria says when the minister gets to the part, speak now or forever hold your peace, maybe she could express her thoughts then. Victoria considers forming a picket line or shouting from the roof with a bullhorn. She says people would be talking for years. Nick says they are already talking. Nick asks her to give it a shot and tells her not to get caught up in the drama. JT walks in and offers to take her to Lake Geneva and they can spend the day at the beach with Reed, or they can go to the wedding. She tells him going to the beach sounds really good.

Adam goes out to the ranch and is introduced to Zara. She tells him she and Sabrina haven’t been as close as she’d like. She says they were more like sisters and then she thanks them for allowing her to be there.

After a business meeting Katherine tells Jill to go ahead of her, she wants to check on Nikki. She says she might be upset about Victor’s wedding. Katherine tells gives Jill a few reasons why Nikki would be upset about it. Jill isn’t being very sympathetic. When Jill leaves Katherine phones Nikki. She asks her how she is doing. Nikki tells her she is so glad she called. Katherine goes to the stable to talk to Nikki. She asks Nikki how she is dealing with Victor getting married today. Nikki says she is fine with it. And she says she is dealing with David’s addiction too. She tells Katherine she trusts David.

Meanwhile at the club David sits at the bar looking at the ad in the paper. Paul walks in and sneaks over his shoulder and sees the ad. He tells David it must be tough seeing those kinds of ads. David tells him that there are meetings everywhere too. When Paul walks off David calls his sponsor and Paul watches him. David tells who he called that he really needs their help.

Sabrina tells her mother that Victoria won’t be coming to the wedding and that none of the other friends can come. Zara pouts that she didn’t have time to bring an escort. Sabrina asks her mother not to be hitting on the men at the wedding. Zara tells her that at least her education has paid off. She tells her she has hooked herself a bigger fish than she ever could.

Victor is dressed and out at the barn when Adam walks up. Victor explains to him that this is the kind of a wedding that Sabrina wanted. He tells Adam about Abby. Adam remarks that here he thought he was the youngest and now he finds out that he has a little sister too.

When Jill arrives she offers her congratulations to Victor. She says she wouldn’t have wanted to miss this, Victor Newman getting married in a barn. Victor gives Sabrina all the credit. When Jill notices Adam and Heather talking she remembers Adam being the guy that sat across the table from her when the judge ruled against Jabot. Heather assures Jill that her friendship with Adam will not have any effect on her work.

Abby runs up to Brad when he goes to see her at the Abbot home. She runs off to get a gift she has for him. Ashley promises Brad to make the next visit a longer one. Brad encourages Ashley to come back to Genoa City. She mentions all the changes since she has gone. She says Nikki marrying David surprised her. He says he has heard that music before, even though they are both with others, it is just a Victor and Nikki dance.

Ashley brings Abby out to the ranch and Sabrina welcomes them. Sabrina tells Abby how beautiful she is. She tells Abby she has a gift for her and Lauren offers take Abby up to get it for her. Sabrina thanks Ashley for coming and Ashley tells her she wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

Neil walks in and asks Jill if this is what it looks like. She tells him yes this is it. Victor and Neil are talking later when Nick and Phyllis walk in with Summer. Victor tells them how pretty she looks. When Phyllis takes Summer off to find out what she has to do Victor thanks Nick for coming.

Zara scolds Sabrina for asking Jana to be her maid of honor. Sabrina tells her she doesn’t care what she thinks, she likes Jana. She tells her mother not to ruin the most important day of her life. She warns her that if she makes a scene then she will call security and have them escort her to the airport. When she walks away she starts to go upstairs but stops as she cries.

Nikki calls David and leaves a voice message for him to come down to the stables and join her. She wants him to be with her when she rides her horse for the first time. He stares at the phone and says poor Nikki. He picks up the phone after avoiding her call and makes a call booking a flight to Las Vegas. He goes out to the stables and he tells Nikki that he has something to tell her. He tells her he had to tell her in person. He tells her he wants a divorce. He says he is sorry but he is leaving her and he walks out. She yells out to him asking him what he is talking about.

Victor tells Ashley that Victoria probably won’t come. Everyone is chatting as the priests walks up to Victor telling him he thinks the ceremony is about to begin. Victor looks outside the barn and he says I’ll be damned. Victoria and JT are standing outside holding Reed. The music starts and Jana walks down the aisle, then the flower girls. Victoria and JT come in and find a seat as Victor smiles at her. Then Sabrina comes in at the door and stands and waits.

Jan Barrett

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