Nick jokes around with Sharon about how she hogs the covers in bed. He tells her that Noah is volunteering at the rec center over the summer. When Sharon asks him to help zip her dress Nick has other ideas in his mind as he kisses her on the neck. He tells her the realtor they are meeting can wait but Sharon says Summer can’t wait though. He tells Sharon he hasn’t told Phyllis that they are going to take Summer with them to look for a new house.

Daniel says he has to go tell his Mom what’s going on before Michael tells her. Jana says she isn’t nervous, she just needs to get advice from Michael, she isn’t getting arrested. Jana and Daniel both wish they hadn’t gotten the other involved in all this. Daniel says there is no crime though. Amber and Kevin worry about Daniel’s prints being on that gun. Howard comes in waving a warrant to search the premises. When Amber asks what he is looking for he tells them for starters $100K.

Nina and Katherine don’t understand why there is no record from when they had Phillip’s body exhumed before. Nina wonders if this is Jill’s doings, thinking she might be trying to stop her from digging to protect her precious Cane. Katherine says but Jill has a right to know but Nina wants to wait to tell her about Paul finding out that Violet Montgomery was not even in Genoa City when Cane was born.

Cane makes a call leaving a message saying … Nina’s still at it… Things are getting sticky… Please call me. Lily brings out some breakfast telling Cane he has to keep up his strength. She asks if he is still worried about Nina. She tells him he tossed and turned in his sleep all night. She says she knows something is wrong and she wants to know what it is.

Daniel goes to Restless Style to talk to Phyllis. He tells her that Nick is a real terd. Daniel gives her the news about his forged painting and it being stolen. She is happy he is OK but tells him to stay out of trouble because she can’t take any more bad news. Daniel is going to talk to Michael just in case there is a problem. He asks how Summer is doing. Phyllis says she is OK but she doesn’t understand how come her daddy isn’t tucking her in at night.

Mary Jane tells they burned off a lot of calories saying they are unbelievably compatible. She asks doesn’t he agree but he gets a call from Phyllis before he can answer her. When he leaves to go see Phyllis Mary Jane sees Sharon and walks over to her and apologizes to her for what she said to her last time they spoke. Sharon tells her she has already forgotten about it. Mary Jane says she is so glad because Sharon didn’t need anymore interruptions. She confirms to Mary Jane that she and Nick are indeed back together. Mary Jane tells her that is nice and then says she is a sucker for true love winning out. She asks if this is for the long haul then and does this mean she and Jack are over now.

Nina can’t believe it when she hears that the technician that performed the exhumation on Phillip was charged with falsifying forensic information on another case. Jill comes in just in time to hear this too. Now apparently the guy has disappeared. Nina still wants the records but says she won’t fax them anything until she talks to her lawyer. Nina asks if Jill still thinks there is nothing to worry about here. She says someone is trying to keep them from finding out who is buried in Phillip’s grave. Jill looks at her and says how dare you!

While Howard and his men search the apartment tearing his apart, Kevin and Amber tell each other they know Jana and Daniel doesn’t have that money. They are still surprised that those two are in trouble since they are always the ones staying clean. When one of the cops picks up Amber’s sketchpad she snaps that it belongs to her. Kevin tells her they are only doing their job, but she tells him she will see how he chills when they are searching the coffeehouse. When he thinks about that he takes off out the door.

Daniel tells Michael about what is going on and as Michael takes his notes Daniel mentions the part about his finger prints being on the gun. Jana tells him how they think she is Daniel’s accomplice. Jana says the guy in the mask is who they should be after, so Michael says well then they are going to start by doing the cops job and find the masked guy themselves.

Phyllis hangs the phone up with Jack when Nick comes in asking where Super Girl is. He tells her he picked up the antihistamine. Phyllis says to tell Sharon that Summer has a peanut allergy. Nick says they are going to the park, and then he says he doesn’t want her to hear it from Summer but he and Sharon are going to look at new houses today.

Sharon asks why Mary Jane is suddenly interested in her personal life. Mary Jane tells her that she and Jack are seeing each other again. She was wondering because Phyllis was holding on to hopes for her marriage and that Sharon might be going back to Jack. Sharon says that she and Jack are just friends. She tells her not to believe what Phyllis tells her about Nick, she is just projecting. Mary Jane thinks back to watching Jack and Phyllis together. Jack walks over to where they are and Jack asks her to join them. He asks if Mary Jane minds and the expression on her face tells she isn’t too happy about it.

Cane tells Lily how he grew up and how they moved around a lot. He said his Uncle had no use for kids. He brings up his best friends parents and how he loved being at their house. He said they use to carry on like teenagers. He says now his dreams have come true and they are like Freddy’s parents. Cane still has the little kid inside him telling him he can’t have the family he wants so desperately. Lily said that kid in him is wrong and she doesn’t know another man that is more honest and generous than Cane is and she says she won’t be disappearing. She tells him he is a Chancellor and her husband and that won’t ever change.

Jill declares that Cane is a Chancellor and a hard working decent loyal man who is the salt of the earth. Nina says she never said Cane was lying, she just thinks there’s reasons others might. Jill tells her Cane even gave up his inheritance. Katherine gets back to the man buried on their property wanting to know if he has the Huntington Disease gene. Since they have no DNA on record Nina doesn’t have any choice but to have the body exhumed. Jill tells her, her son and the husband that Nina claims to have loved so much is buried there and she just won’t allow Nina to do this. She said it nearly destroyed her to have what she thought to be her own mother’s grave dug up. Nina tells her it is not up to her.

When Kevin and Amber get to the coffeehouse they are relieved to see the Feds aren’t there. He remembers how obsessed he was over Mrs. Chancellor’s money and the thought of being rich. Amber asks what he would do if he had a briefcase of money fell into his lap. Kevin says since it has been done a couple of times already he thinks he would be lucky to find a penny on the floor now. When they go into the back to look for sweetener for the coffee shop, they spot the briefcase and realize it is the money that is missing.

Mary lies and says she would love to have Jack join them. Sharon says she has to meet Nick and Summer but she asks Mary Jane if she can borrow Jack for a moment. Mary Jane goes to make some phone calls so Sharon tells Jack she hopes things are ok between him and her. He tells her seeing her with Nick was a bigger dose of reality than he was ready for but he is sure it will get easier for him. He promises he will always be there if she ever needs him though. Mary Jane watches them as they hug each other and then she hears Sharon warning Jack that Mary Jane would like nothing more than to see him free and clear. Jack says that is too bad because he is not ready for anything meaningful with that woman.

Phyllis tells Nick she doesn’t think Summer is ready to go house hunting with him and his girlfriend so soon after he left her Mommy. Nick tells her he doesn’t want to drag Summer to the club when he gets her to visit with. He wants her to help them pick out a new home. She reminds Nick that Summer has a home, the tack house. He wants Summer to have a stable home. Phyllis questions his definition of a stable home by asking him if he calls him leaving his family and hooking up with his ex stable. Summer interrupts when she runs out and jumps into Phyllis’s lap.

Michael says the DA’s office found a cell phone on the guy that was killed and it was registered to a Thomas Belfour and Daniel’s name and number was in it. Michael warns Daniel that they are still suspects so he tells Daniel to keep his mouth shut. He wants him to live to live the lives of Saints until that money is found.

Kevin and Amber have no clue how that money got their. They don’t think for one minute that Daniel and Jana put it there. They try hiding it when Howard gets there to search the coffeehouse.

Nina says she just wants the truth. Katherine says that is what they want as well. Jill asks do they really? Nina tells her again that it isn’t her call and she has the right to exhume the body if she wants to. Jill says she will take her to court to fight her. Nina asks how can she says she doesn’t want to know who he is. Katherine says it doesn’t matter to Jill. Nina says she can’t go another day not knowing who husband was and who is in that coffin.

Sharon tells Jack that she and Nick are going to look at houses today. Mary Jane comes back telling them she has to get back to Restless style now. She tells Sharon it was nice to see her and then she gives Jack a quick kiss. When she walks off Sharon tells Jack that woman likes him, she really, really likes him. Jack says he and Mary Jane are both adults and they have an understanding. Sharon says he better remind her of that then. Jack says Mary Jane isn’t the bunny boiling type. Sharon tells him he better open his eyes because it is clear that the woman is infatuated.

Phyllis gives Summer some sunglasses to go along with the makeover George gave her. George suggests they use Summer on next months cover issue saying it would fly off the shelf. Nick says he is OK with a test shot and then they can decide. Phyllis puts a hat on Summer’s head asking what does he think. Nick says like mother, like daughter. Mary Jane walks in looking disappointed when she sees how happy Nick and Phyllis seem to be with each other.

Jill feels sure that Phillip didn’t have Huntington’s but Nina still wants him to be tested to be sure. She says if there is the smallest chance she wants to get Phillip into a research study to find a cure. She asks Jill if she wants her grandson to know she wouldn’t go that extra step that could possibly save his life. Finally she gets Jill to agree but only with one stipulation and that is that Nina only has him tested for genetic markers but not to test his DNA to hers. Nina asks why not prove who cane is. Katherine agrees with Jill on this one. She says they should get the answers for Phillip but anything else would be unnecessary so Nina agrees to do it their way.

Kevin and Amber watch them searching the coffeehouse nervously. Daniel and Jana walk in and Kevin and Amber try to get them to leave before it is too late but Howard walks out with the briefcase before they do. He tells Daniel he got their just in time to see what he found. He asks if they care to explain how the case of money got at the Mr. Fisher’s place of business. Michael comes up and introduces himself as Daniel’s lawyer and then tells Daniel to keep quiet. Jana and Daniel are handcuffed and read their rights. Michael calls Phyllis and tells her what is going on. She tells Nick about it who offers to drive her to the station saying she is in no condition to drive. Nick asks Mary Jane if she will watch Summer for them. She says of course so Phyllis explains to Summer that Mary Jane will be babysitting her.

Nick calls Sharon and tells her about Daniel and that he is taking Phyllis to the station and he asks that she call the realtor. She tells him OK they can just do that another time and then she tells Jack what is going on. Nick and Phyllis leave and Mary Jane is with Summer, who asks if her Mommy is OK. Mary Jane tells her that her Mommy is fine. Mary Jane tells Summer she is sure that Daddy won’t be gone from their house for long. She tells her that Auntie Mary Jane will take care of everything and make sure all the right people end up together but she tells her this will be their secret. She says even Auntie Mary Jane will end up happy and she will be with the man she wants more than anything.

Nina calls and orders the exhumation and says the remains are to be sent to the lab for testing tomorrow, only for Huntington’s. When she ends the call, Jill thanks her and leaves to call Cane to tell him about it. She tells him not to worry, because this is strictly for Nina’s son and then fills him in on the possibility of Nina’s son having Huntington’s disease. She assures him that no other testing will be done and that no one doubts him. Cane thanks her and then he calls Langley again leaving a message for him to call him.

Katherine tells Nina well done and then leaves the room to go check on Esther’s cookies. While she is alone Nina makes another call requesting a second DNA test.

Jan Barrett

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