Victor is at Indigo for a meeting when he sees Victoria who is there waiting for Nikki to join her. He asks her again about going to the wedding and once again she tells him no. When Nikki gets there Victor mumbles to her to talk some sense into her daughter and he walks away. Nikki tells Victoria she thinks she should change her mind and go to the wedding.

Victoria says she can’t believe she is on his side. Nikki tells her she is on her side and wants her to consider her as the voice of reason. She says she won’t always be so bitter about her father’s marriage to Sabrina. She says time heals everything. Victoria isn’t so sure about that. 

Nikki tells her that she needs a lift to work. Victoria asks Nikki if she will think less of her is she doesn’t go to the wedding. Nikki says that will never happen but she wants to say one more thing. She tells her that her father has a lot of faults but he does love his children. She tells her how he fought for her life when she was in the coma and how he never left her side. She tells Victoria to be the bigger person. He will always be her father, and she needs to accept that.

Adrian tells Colleen that he wants to talk. He wants her to come by his place when she gets off work but she doesn’t want to. He finds it ironic that she worked with her father to get his book killed off and he is the one that is willing to forgive her yet she won’t come talk to him. When he leaves Lily comes in and sees Colleen. She hugs her friend welcoming her home. Colleen tells Lily all about her and Adrian. She tells her he doesn’t see her as an equal so breaking up is the right thing to do. Lily knows that is hard since she has been there before. Lily invites Colleen to move in with her. She tells her she kicked Cloe out but she is welcome to move in.

Cane calls and asks Lily to meet him at Indigo. Cloe is there and it appears she has had a few drinks. She gets between Cane and Devon and says her two favorite boys all to herself and then says she is so lucky. She tries to get Cane and Devon to dance with her but neither will. She tells Cane he is just mad at her because she kissed him.

Neil tells Karen she sure knows how to surprise a guy. She tells him actually she surprised herself by coming back. She tells him she isn’t sure what this means for them though. Neil takes a call and cancels a meeting for tomorrow. He explains to Karen that Victor is getting married tomorrow. Karen thinks that is kind of fast. Karen tells Neil she wants them to just focus on being friends now.

Gloria goes into the mansion and asks Jack if he can help her open a bottle of Gin. When he finds it hard Sharon goes for some pliers. Jack warns Gloria to watch it with the Gin. He doesn’t want her skinny dipping in his pool again. She tells him not to worry. While Jack is trying to open the bottle Gloria giggles just as Ashley and Abby walk in.

Abby tells Jack and Sharon how she is excited about being the flower girl and shows them how she has been practicing. Gloria walks in offering everyone a martini. She asks Ashley how she is doing. Ashley tells her that she is confused. Ashley asks Jack if he has lost his frigging mind inviting Gloria back there. Jack explains how Gloria was going through a rough time and how she lost half of her money and then gave the other half away. Sharon says MILLIONS.

Jack promises Ashley later that he will try to keep Gloria away from her. She tells him she can handle Gloria. He tries to explain to her why he has had a change of heart when it comes to Gloria. He tells her Gloria was the love of their Dad’s life and he wanted him to treat her as such. Ashley says that Sharon says he told her that Gloria would be gone by the time Noah got home. Jack says yes he knows. She asks him what he is going to do about that. He says he doesn’t know yet.

Brad meets with David at the club and tells him Jabot’s Retro is on fire and hands him papers telling him to look at the financials. When David looks it is a baseball pool but he tells Brad he has quit gambling. David tells him about Victoria seeing him give him that check so he hopes he will have his back for him if he is needed to. Brad tells him he shouldn’t have to ask.

Victor tells Sabrina he has to go sign for a shipment that is coming in and after that they can have the rest of the evening together. He asks her to go with him and she agrees. When they get to the warehouse they enter a room decorated in yellow and blue with candles lit all over. She asks Victor if he did this and he says yes. She says this doesn’t happen in real life. He says it does in hers and he promises her that.  While drinking wine they talk. Victor tells her he talked to Victoria again and she still says she won’t come to the wedding. He tells her he remembers walking Victoria down the aisle when she married Brad Carlton even though he was against the marriage. He said he did it anyway. He says one should never turn their back on family, there is no excuse for that.

Gloria goes to Crimson Lights and tells Kevin she is back at work at Jabot. She tells him she is in a different department though, corporate communications. Kevin teases her as he figures out that means she is a receptionist. She says but she plans on working her way back into the boardroom.

Neil and Karen walk in at Indigo and Lily is all excited to see them together. Neil tells them they are going to take things slow together. Devon tells Karen that Neil missed her a lot. Karen smiles and tells him he has made her day by telling her that.

David sees Victoria when he goes to meet with Nikki and asks her if her mother told her about the horse he bought for her. Victoria can’t believe that her mother didn’t tell her. When Nikki comes back to the table she tells Victoria she just didn’t have the chance to tell her. Later Ashley and Jack and Sharon are at the club for dinner when Nikki comes up and says hello. Ashley tells her she is in town for the wedding saying Abby is going to be a flower girl. Nikki tells her that is sweet and walks away. Jack and Sharon fill her in about Nikki being happy because she remarried herself a few weeks ago. Ashley says she beat Victor to it then.

Cane tells Cloe he has found her a place to stay. He says it is a guest house on a lake and she can stay there under one condition and that is that she has to stay away from him. Lily walks up and is surprised to see Cloe. She tells Cloe doesn’t she have somewhere to be. Cloe drunkenly tells her as a matter of a fact she does. She gets up and leaves.

Sabrina tells Victor a little about her life as a child with her mother. She says after her father died her mother used to dress her up to make her look older and took her to clubs and order drinks for her saying they were sisters to try and pick up men. Victor thinks that is horrible. Victor and Sabrina share a dance in the candlelight looking into each other’s eyes. Later when they go home she is surprised when her mother Zara is there. She tells Sabrina surprise she made it there for the big day.

Jan Barrett

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