Ashley insists that the voice she heard on the phone and it was Sabrina’s voice. Victor looks at Adam and asks if he is the one that has been tormenting Ashley. Adam continues hitting buttons on his computer trying to stop the recording yelling that he doesn’t know what to do to get it to stop.

Billy and Raul meet at the club and Raul tells him that Mac won’t be joining them saying she is working. He admits it worried him when Chloe called him telling him that Mac needed him. Raul is surprised that he didn’t know Chloe called him. He asks him didn’t she tell him about it?

Chloe is beginning to wonder if there is anywhere she can go that she won’t run into Mac. Mac tells her she found it strange that Chloe would call Raul like she did. Chloe tells her it isn’t strange at all, she says mama bear’s just trying to protect her daughter. Mac notices Chloe isn’t wearing her wedding ring. Chloe tells her no but she sees Mac is wearing her engagement ring from Raul so it shouldn’t really matter where things stand between her and Billy anymore, right?

Lily tells Cane she likes the idea of putting a sofa in there office at the bar. She jokes with Cane about calling their first baby Jimmy if they conceive one there. Cane wants lots of kids but he will settle for six. She says with or without kids they will still have their families. He says he just wants a big family, anyway he can get it.

Jill is at her new job doing a manicure on her first customer who complains about one of her nails being smudged telling her to redo it. The woman asks her if she has somewhere else to be. Jill tells her no she doesn’t as she fixes the smudged nail. The woman goes on to complain about her daughter in law telling Jill she bets she has never met a piece of work like her. Jill says oh she bets she has.

Nina tells Katherine that her son deserves to know the truth about his father and they should learn the truth about Cane as well. Katherine snaps that they already know the truth about Cane for heaven sakes. Nina brings up that there were two DNA tests done and she and Jill chose to believe the second one that told them what they wanted to hear instead of ordering a third test. She says she has noticed how they all act around Cane, saying there is never anything too good for him. She says if Phillip had gotten that kind of love from them, he might still be there now. Katherine says they didn’t accept Cane so easily. She tells Nina she doesn’t know what Cane went through, saying she doesn’t even know him. Nina tells her this isn’t even about Cane, this is about her. Katherine asks if there is more going on here. Nina says so much more than Katherine can imagine.

Lily and Cane start doing inventory at Jimmy’s, saying they will pass this on to their kids one day. They decide it would be nice to take Jill to lunch. They feel so sorry since she has lost so much recently, like her job and her relationship with Katherine. Lily says imagine if she didn’t have him in her life but at least she still has Cane.

When Jill gets home she hears Nina talking to Katherine her making up to her son about not facing the fact that his father has a drinking problem. She feels he would be here today if she had. She tells Katherine she hasn’t mad peace with it. She says the sight of Phillip reaching out for his son on his deathbed will always haunt her. Katherine tells Nina that Phillip has grown to be a fine young man but now she can see why Cane upsets her so much. She says she sees him living Phillip’s life. Nina says she would have no problems with Cane as long as he is who he says he is. Jill walks in tells Nina oh no, but she isn’t bitter at all, is she. Nina looks at Jill calling her the expert on worming her way into families like the Chancellor’s and the Abbott’s. She says if anyone should see a con coming a mile off it should be Jill. Jill said she sure saw Nina coming. Nina tells them that no one even dared to question Cane. She said she could drive a semi truck through the holes in Cane’s story. She asks how any of them could trust him.

Adam tells Victor this isn’t what it looks like. He swears it wasn’t him. He said he clicked on an email and that was what he found and it scared the hell out of him. Victor grabs the laptop and hits a few keys and then he tosses it on the bed saying there have been no recent emails. Adam says he deleted it because maybe it was a virus. Victor accuses him of being the one that is behind the crying baby, the scrapbook, and the phone calls. Adam looks toward Ashley and tells her he would never hurt her. She doesn’t know now what to believe but decides she needs to go lay down. When she leaves, Victor asks Adam if he is trying to play him for a fool. Adam says he is a victim here and asks if he is going to beat a blind man. Victor grabs him by the neck and asks if he has been gaslighting Ashley.

Victor grabs him by the shirt now and asks again. Adam denies it asking how stupid does Victor think he is. Victor asks if he expects him to believe that someone it trying to set up, he is a blind man that is wearing an ankle bracelet. He reminds Victor that the recorder was found outside by the barn. Victor says someone that would do anything for him could have done it for him. The first one that comes to Victor’s mind is Heather. Adam says the assistant DA? Adam says Estella was there today but Victor isn’t buying that Estella is trying to frame Adam. Adam says he knows Victor has blamed him all along. He even brought in a doctor to prove he wasn’t really blind. He says Victor wants him to be guilty. Victor tells him to listen carefully, if he is the one that has been gaslighting the woman he loves, God help him. Victor walks out leaving Adam looking pretty scared and shook up.

Chloe praises Raul on how fast he got on that plane to fly there to check on Mac. Mac tells her she knows Raul is a great guy. Chloe tells her sure Billy is a great looking guy but he is irresponsible, insensitive and infuriating, the drama is constant. She tells Mac the fantasy of Billy is different from the reality and she doesn’t think Mac can handle it. She asks Mac if she thinks she can change Billy. She warns her that Billy will never change, not even for his daughter whom he happens to love a lot. She tells Mac not to throw away a guy that believes in her and worships her because Billy will never change. She warns Mac to think about it before she does that.

Raul talks openly with Billy about how he and Mac got hooked up together. Billy asks if they just fell into it. He hopes it isn’t too weird for Billy to hear about it all. Billy tells him he deserves to be happy. Raul claims he knows what is going on and he says how sorry he is that things aren’t going well for Billy and Chloe. Mac calls Raul and he answers to her saying Hey, Gorgeous. He tells her that he and Billy were going to go and shoot some hoops together. Billy tells him to go on and meet Mac so Raul tells her that Billy bailed on him so he can meet her. He thanks Billy and Billy just says no problem.

Jill doesn’t understand why Nina is digging for dirt. She asks doesn’t Katherine’s life include enough misery on its own, so why dig up more stuff. Nina remarks that she finds it pathetic that Jill is finally sounding like a mother and Cane is not even be her son. Jill threatens to sue Nina, the director of this screenplay and the studio too. She says then she will sell her story and everyone will know what a conniving little bitch Nina is. She asks how would she like that. Nina says she will do what she has to do for her son. She announces that she is having Phillip’s body exhumed. Cane walks in just in time to hear what Nina said.

Mac thinks back to her and Billy going at it together until Raul walks up and interrupts her thoughts. She tells him the bar is closed right now for inventory. He can see that there is something serious on her mind she doesn’t have to look so nervous, he says she can tell him anything. She tells him she hasn’t been completely honest with him.

Billy is on the basketball court when he decides to call Chloe. He says this is his third time trying to reach her and he wants to talk to her about seeing Delia too. She tells him she is busy doing research for Restless Style and asks if they can meet later. They agree to meet at the club when they can.

Cane snaps at Nina asking her if she realizes what this family went through. He tells Jill that Nina is obsessed when Jill tries to calm him down. Nina tells him to get used to it. Cane says she is insane. Cane says Nina is attacking him. Jill tells him no, she is using him to get to her. Katherine tells cane to go home and let them handle this. Jill tells him she will handle this. When he is gone Jill tells Nina that there are some things she doesn’t know. She says they had Phillip’s body exhumed and tests confirmed that she wasn’t his mother. Jill says she doesn’t want the poor guy’s body dug up again. Nina tells her well there are things she doesn’t know either. She says Phillip had a physical done before he went to Iraq. She says she has to do this because it could effect the rest of her son’s life.

Ashley comes in from a walk She says hearing Sabrina’s voice is more proof that maybe Adam is trying to scare her into losing the baby. She asks if he is going to send Adam back to prison. Victor asks her if she wants him to. She says since he is blind she isn’t sure what to do. Victor says he isn’t sure wither but if he finds out for sure that it is Adam doing this, he would be better off in prison. Adam listens but then he sees the box that Estella dropped off.

Billy continues shooting hoops. He is angry as he slams the ball down, showing his frustration. Cane walks up asking him if he is having a bad day. He offers to challenge Billy a one on one game.

Mac tells Raul she is all messed up right now. He says if her coming home has been different…  She says it is her that is different. She is confused now about what she wants. She wants Raul but then again she isn’t sure. He tells her they don’t have to rush into anything in making any decisions. He says he is fine with her just wearing his ring and knowing that she loves him. She starts to remove the ring but he stops her. She tells him she can’t marry him.

He tells her not to do that. She says it’s not right. He asks her to keep the ring until she figures out what she wants. She says she can’t ask him to wait but he says he will wait for her whether he asks her to or not. She thinks he deserves to be happy. He figures out that this is why Chloe called him. He says for Mac to keep the ring. He insists he still wants to marry her. He says he is sure enough for the both of them that they will marry. She can’t make promises to him. He says regardless he still wants her to wear his ring and then he kisses her.

Lily shows up on the basketball court as Cane and Billy shoot the hoops. She asks what the score is. They say it is a tie. Billy gets a call and says the missus is on her way. Billy makes one more basket shot and he runs off to change clothes. Lily tells Cane see, it is not so terrible to have a brother.

Katherine gives Nina a glass of wine and then asks her what is wrong with Phillip. Nina says he could be fine but he had some symptoms of Huntington’s disease. She says it is hereditary but Phillip is scared to get tested because it is fatal. She says he will be home this summer and he is finally ready to find out the truth. She says if Phillip Sr. doesn’t have it then Phillip Jr. would likely OK since she herself has tested negative. Jill weakens and suggests Nina call the lab since she has asks that they save Phillip’s records when they had his body exhumed.

Adam connects to the US Postal service. He says he needs to send an overnight package and he would like to know the closest drop off location. He writes the address down. Then he puts the box in his bag and climbs out his window. Meanwhile Victor and Ashley are downstairs and he is happy to see that Ashley’s appetite have returned. She tells him she is going upstairs for some time alone and Victor sends her up.

Billy is happy to see Delia. He tells Chloe he and Cane were shooting hoops. He tells Chloe she really played him but calling Raul to occupy Mac’s mind. She says the joke is on her. She says she has learned her lesson and she is done now. She wants to set up a schedule for visitation. She says he can’t just come in and out of Delia’s life on a whim anymore. He talks about how much fun he will have with Delia. He says if Mommy is nice, maybe they can invite her to join them. About that time Mac walks in the door when she sees Billy with Chloe. She slips her ring back on her finger and walks over to them to tell them Raul is on his way back to DC. She tells Billy he looks so happy with his daughter. She tells them she has to go work out some and walks out.

Lily puts the basketball under her shirt making it look like she is pregnant. Lily asks how it went with his Mom. Cane tells her about Jill fighting with Nina and Katherine. Cane says he only hopes that Jill can convince Nina to back off from all this.

Katherine and Jill wait while Nina is on the phone. She tells the lab she wants the records from Phillip Chancellor III that were done in January 2007. She asks excuse me? She tells them to check again. She says there is no even a file with his name on it. Jill and Katherine wonder how that can be possible. Nina says she will damn well find out.

Jan Barrett

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