Colleen goes to the club and surprises Brad. She tells him she is getting a room there. He asks her what Adrian thinks about it. She tells him that he doesn’t know she is back yet. Brad tells her she should move back in with him at his house.

Gloria dreams that she is an old smelly beggar trying to sell flowers at Crimson Lights and no one wants her there. In the dream she tells Kevin she has no one in her life now and she says Jill has her diamonds.  She wakes up with Fisher licking her in the face. She goes to Crimson Lights. She says she only have one way left to save herself and it won’t be selling flowers on the street. She says Jill will not get the best of her and it will be a cold day in hell before she lets Jill get her diamonds too.

Sabrina hides her wedding notes from Victor. Adam says he needs to get busy writing his speech as the best man. Later Sabrina complains about her friend not being able to come to the wedding Adam asks her about her family. She tells him a few things about her family and then says that is why Victoria means so much to her. Adam tells her to give Victoria a little more time to adjust.

Jill wants to stop the plans of going green but Katherine overrules Jill and tells Victoria to continue with it. When Victoria leaves Jill fights with Katherine but Nikki interrupts. She tells them a conference call has been rescheduled for Friday. Jill tells her to reschedule it because she and Katherine won’t be available. Nikki didn’t realize that Victor was getting married Friday. She says she is fine with that. She says she has remarried so why shouldn’t Victor and she hopes he will be as happy as she and David are.

David gets a call telling him his funds are now available. Later when he sees Brad he thanks him for the winning tip. He says he won enough to pay off all his debts and now he is not going to do anymore gambling. Brad encourages him to still play poker with the guys at least. David hands Brad a check just as Victoria walks up telling Brad she needs to go over some things with him unless she is interrupting. Brad tells her she isn’t interrupting at all.

Sabrina thanks Adam for their talk earlier and she tells him they are sort of like kindred spirits, outsiders. She teases him about calling her a gold-digger a while back. He tells her sorry about that. She teases saying he can call her Mommy, but he says he can’t do that. He tells her he could be a devoted big brother though if she and his father ever have kids.

Adrian sees Victoria and he offers to help her with Reed and the stroller. They sit at the table and talk. They talk about Colleen and he tells her about how they had a fight before she left. He tells her he is writing articles for Restless Style about her Father’s art collection. Victoria tells him that is a sore subject for her.

At the club Nikki thinks back to when Victoria told her about Victor’s plans to marry Sabrina. Victor walks in and they talk about odd things. Nikki offers her best wishes for him Friday and always. When he walks off she says softly Good Luck.

Victor lets Neil know he is going to France on his honeymoon. Neil tells him about an art gallery there that Dru liked so much. Neil tells him about things not working out between him and Karen. He tells Victor not to worry about Newman Enterprises while he is gone. He promises to cover for him while he is gone. Neil says he thinks Adam is doing great but wonders if he is leaping before he looks with all the new changes. Adam over hears and walks to their table. He asks if he can join. Adam proves to Neil he is looking before leaping this time but tells him he does value his expertise. Victor tells Adam it is good for him to listen to Neil and that he trusts Neil completely.

Colleen goes to Crimson Lights and sees Kevin and Jana. She gives them a gift she bought for them. Jana tells Kevin she has a long list for the wedding crew. Kevin offers Colleen a job and since she has been replaced at the club she accepts. Adrian sees Colleen and asks her how come she didn’t tell him she was coming home. They go out on the patio and she tells him she knows she hurt him. She says he treated her like a child and he tells her well she acted like one. She tells him she is done fighting with him. He tells her she is not a quitter. She says she is not quitting, she is just moving on. She thinks it is over between them. She wishes him all the best as she heads back inside to serve coffee.

Gloria goes to the board room at Jabot and talks to Katherine. Katherine asks her how she is doing. Gloria tells her she doesn’t have a job, she is in debt and she needs to work. She says Jabot is the one place she felt close to John and she begs her to rehire her.

Victoria catches David talking on the phone talking about a horse and he hangs up fast. She comments on him hanging up so fast and she says she saw him give Brad a check. David tells her that was personal. She can see he is squirming but she says she doesn’t mean to make him nervous. David claims that he is planning a surprise for Nikki this afternoon and Brad is helping him. She asks what he is buying. He tells her it is a surprise. She says that is nice because her mother loves surprises. She thinks it is good if he is telling the truth and she walks off.

Katherine goes to the board room and tells Nikki that out of respect for John she never wanted to let Gloria go. Nikki agrees to rehire her and says it was Jill that fired her in the first place though. Jill comes in mad that Gloria is in the building. She gets even madder when she finds out that Nikki is going to rehire her. Katherine yells at Jill for firing her to begin with and says they are giving Gloria another chance. Jill says fine but only if they do it her way. Katherine warns her to behave.

They call Gloria back into the room and they tell her she is rehired. Gloria thanks them but Jill says not to thank her, she is against it. Gloria promises to follow all the rules. Katherine warns her that it won’t be her old position and Jill says it won’t be the same paycheck. Gloria says she doesn’t care and then asks what he new title would be.  Jill picks up the phone and says, “Good Morning, Jabot, may I help you. Gloria says oh she will be answering the phones, in a very disappointed voice.

Neil sees Victoria at the Club and they talk about the wedding. She says she knows she should be happy for her father because she knows he is in love. She says maybe if Sabrina hadn’t kept it from her. She says she just can’t get over it, she just doesn’t know how. She asks him if it were him what he would do. He says he would go.

David brings a blindfolded Nikki through a stable to show her the surprise he has for her. When he removes the blindfold he shows her a horse he got for her. Nikki is all excited and says Oh My God!  Nikki asks what the horse’s name is. David tells her, Athena, a goddess for a goddess. Nikki tells the horse she is beautiful and she loves her already

Neil goes home and hears a k nock on the door. When he opens it Karen is standing there saying trick or treat. Neil smiles and asks her to come in. He asks her what she is doing there. She tells him she couldn’t stop thinking about him.

Victor gives Sabrina a gift, a silver baby rattle like the one she gave Victoria for Reed. He had it sent over from Florence. Sabrina tells him she loves him and then kisses him. Victor tells her he thinks she and Victoria will become best friends again and their baby and Reed will become playmates.

Jan Barrett

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