When Mary Jane hears Nina call out Paul’s name she hurries out of Crimson Lights before he sees her there. Paul tells Nina that she just won’t believe what he has found out about Violet Montgomery.

Cane doesn’t want Lily carrying in boxes of liquor in hopes that maybe she might be pregnant.  When Lily has to go she reminds Cane that a call came in from Nina. She says she guesses that she has some more questions for him. Cane’s head hangs down as he grumbles at the reminder. Soon after Lily is gone Cane leaves the bar too.

Jill doesn’t have much gratitude towards Neil who talks to her about the Director of R&D position. Katherine steps in and says she would rather promote the night security guard, Allan. When Jill hears that Mitchell Told that she called to see about her selling her half of the Chancellor house but she says she isn’t going anywhere and that she is doing fine financially.

Mary Jane tells Victor she hasn’t had the chance to drop the restraining order yet when she sees him in the hallway upstairs at the club. Victor goes on to Nick’s room as he automatically assumes that since Nick left Sharon that he found out he is the father of her baby. Nick tells him but baby or not he feels the right thing for him to do would be to be with Sharon. When Victor wants to know about Phyllis and their child together, he has to ask has Nick really thought this through.

While Olivia and Ashley talk, Adam listens in to Ashley telling Olivia to meet Aunt Olivia, Adam thinks back to his talk with Dr Taylor insisting that Ashley has miscarried. When Olivia leaves Ashley rubs her stomach and talks to the baby. Suddenly Estella walks in the front door saying hello and then asking if any one is home. She places a box down and notices the painting of Sabrina on the wall. When Ashley sees her she turns just as Ashley snaps at her asking her what the hell is she doing there.

Tyra tries making things better between her and Devon while on the basketball court. She asks if he is mad because she lied to him about them being related or with her for being with Neil. She tries making it sound like she only did what she did because she was trying to look after him. Devon says he doesn’t want to have a family breakfast now. He tells her to tell Neil that he lost his appetite.

When Heather comes in she tells Adam she thought she heard a woman’s voice. He tells her it was his Braille lesson. He tells Adam she missed him too after he tells her he missed her. She wishes they had their own place. She tells him she has changed her mind about going to the judge about his ankle bracelet. She kisses him as she tells him there maybe a loophole with it after all. He tells her to find loopholes, no one is better than she is at finding them.

Rafe tells Ashley he brought Estella there with a box with Victor’s papers that has things like his insurance papers and stuff, he says God forbid anything to happen. Ashley says nothing will happen to her baby. She says she was feeling just fine until Estella came in. Estella is insulted that Ashley would think she was that cruel. Rafe asks her to just hear Estella out and then do the right thing by asking her to come back.

Lily passes on the coffee thinking she might be pregnant. Olivia tells her that the home pregnancy test came out negative though. She tells her that her pap smear test showed up an abnormality so more tests need to be done then she can determine if or what if anything is going on. She tells her to give her secretary a call. Lily had hoped she would be able to give Cane some good news so she is disappointed now that she can’t. She says since he lost Delia he has had his heart set on starting a new family. Lily says she has a feeling that whoever was a part of her life back then, he just wants to forget about them now.

Katherine tells Neil that Jill would have been perfect for that job. She says they could have been unstoppable at Chancellor if Jill could only get past her pride. When Neil starts to leave he tells Katherine the position is still open if she changes her mind about Jill taking it.

Cane comes in wanting to talk to Nina. He tells Neil there is nothing he can do to help but he assures him that Lily is just fine. When Neil leaves Cane complains to Katherine about Nina keeping on dragging him into the past saying she won’t stop digging until she proves he isn’t who he says he is. Katherine tells him he has nothing to hide so let her dig. He says well maybe he does. He says he was only 2 weeks old when Violet died and he only knows what his uncle told him about his past. He tells Katherine she knows more than anyone how all that is.

Paul shocks Nina with his news. He says Violet wasn’t even in Genoa City when Cane was born. He says she was in Arizona sick with pneumonia. He tells Nina he didn’t catch it at first because she was registered under her married name. Nina says so it is a lie, and then declares that she just knew it.  She suddenly gets a text message from her son.

Victor is worried about what all this is going to do to Noah and Summer. Nick says he can’t live a lie and it took him years to convince himself that he is over Sharon but he was kidding himself. Victor thinks this will effect a lot of people, telling him that children need stability in their lives. Nick says he is looking for a house for them because he won’t ask Phyllis to move out. He says he can’t live with Phyllis anymore though. Victor says it is hard watching him do what he himself has done because he knows the pain that it causes. He tells Nick that he doesn’t regret being with Ashley but that is different because Nikki left him and she got involved with this no good SOB, whatever his name was. Nick says he means David Chow. Although Victor likes Sharon he is worried about what this will do to the kids. When Victor repeats that he hopes Nick has thought this through, Nick tells him that he and Sharon belong together.

Estella says Ashley doesn’t want to hear the truth. Rafe says after all these years of loyalty to this family doesn’t his aunt at least deserve to be heard. Ashley tells her to go ahead and say what she came to say. When she starts Ashley interrupts and asks about the recorder that was found in her pocket. Rafe says it was planted. Estella tells Ashley she didn’t have the same relationship with her as she has with Mr. Newman’s other wives but she swears she would never try hurting Ashley. She says that Mr. Newman knows deep in his heart that she would never do what she has been accused of doing. Ashley asks her if she is saying she made all this up. Estella tells her she would never hurt her. Rafe hands Ashley an envelope saying it is proof his Aunt is no liar. Adam walks into the room just as she takes the envelope.

Rafe says he is there to set the record straight, that someone is playing sadistic games on Ashley. He says his Aunt Estella took a polygraph test and she passed it with flying colors. Heather offers to take a look at the paper but Adam says not right now. He thinks Rafe and Estella should leave.

At the club, Jill isn’t impressed with the guy looking for her a job. He tells her that even the slightest whiff of scandal and no company will hire her. She blames all this on Katherine’s comeback. The guy tells Jill she’s overexposed. Jill says that is just great, that witch comes out smelling like a rose and she is blackballed. She decides to find her own job. She says once she lands something his firm won’t represent anything over a day worker again. She walks out leaving him to pay the bill.

Katherine tells Cane that she will take care of business and he can get started on his family. She says blood or not she is always going to be his Grandmother. He tells her he loves her and then he leaves. Katherine says to herself, “Jill, Director of Research & Development, no, I’ll be damned if I let you spit in my face again.” When Nina walks in she asks if that was Cane leaving. She wonders if he is avoiding answering her questions. Katherine asks her not to question Cane anymore and then she asks her to just leave him out of all this.

Neil goes to the club bar and meets with Tyra who is moping over a cup of coffee. She tells him Devon is not happy with their relationship. Neil tells her he will come around, she just needs to give him some more time. She says he has completely cut her off and she hopes he doesn’t do that to Neil. She thinks she and Neil should stop seeing each other.

Jill finds herself desperate to find a job. She walks into a beauty salon and a woman approaches her asking her what will it be, a manicure or a pedicure.

Adam tells Rafe he will make sure Victor sees the box Estella brought them. Rafe promises he won’t rest until he finds out who has framed his aunt. Heather gets a call and then kisses Adam saying she has to run. Adam goes to Ashley who now can’t help but wonder is Estella really is innocent. She says she has been a loyal employee there all these years and it makes no sense why she would turn on Victor now. Victor comes in and Adam looks like he is guilty of something.

Tyra tells Neil she doesn’t want to be responsible for Neil losing Devon especially since she already cost him his marriage. She says she never should have lied to Devon even if it was for Anna’s sake. She says he hates her now. Neil thinks they will be close again one day saying he is sure that as much as she misses him  Devon misses her even more.

While he is shooting hoops Devon thinks back to Tyra. Roxanne walks up asking him if he wants to grab a bite to eat with her. He tells her he is glad she came along, as he kisses her but while kissing her he imagines himself kissing Tyra instead. She asks what is wrong when he backs away from her but he insists nothing is wrong that he is fine.

Cane is happy to see Lily. She says there wasn’t really a seminar that she had to attend. She says she didn’t believe her pregnancy test but she thought Olivia wanted to see her to tell her that she was pregnant. Cane tells her she is still young and they still have plenty of time and he doesn’t want her stressed out over this. She tells him she loves him so much and he says he loves her too. He assures her it will happen. He says the best part is that they get to keep trying.

Nina tells Katherine they can’t leave Cane out of this, especially after what she learned from Paul. Katherine tells her she doesn’t think Cane knows anything though saying he was just a baby for heaven’s sake. She says who could blame him for wanting to put his childhood past behind him. Nina felt since she met Cane that he has been lying to her and playing her and Jill. She says he probably isn’t even the real Phillip. Katherine stands up and tells her not to say another word and then she walks away.

Heather meets with Paul to tell him that Mary Jane has dropped the restraining order. Paul can’t help but wonder what made her change her mind. Heather tells him to steer clear of Mary Jane though. He says yeah, yeah of course, stay clear of her, he’s got it.

The owner of the beauty salon tells a customer that is there for a manicure that she will love this new girl. She calls out saying hey hon, you’ve got a customer. Jill walks out in her white uniform as she was hired as a manicurist. She tells the customer to pick a color as she sits down.

Katherine thinks this is absurd. Nick says but not impossible. Katherine thinks he is too decent and honest. She says if there is a hole in his story it didn’t come from him. She insists he is repeating what he has been told. Nina tells her this is not about  Jill or Cane or Katherine anymore, it is about her and her son so there is no way in hell she is going to let go of this.

Mary Jane is talking to Kitty again asking if they have seen the last of Paul. She hides the kitty when there is a knock at the door. When she opens the door Paul hugs her. He asks why she didn’t tell him. She says she wanted to but it has been hard keeping this secret from someone she was so close to. When Paul walks in he says he doesn’t know what to think, saying the whole thing is a shock to him. She tells him he can’t tell anyone or it will ruin everything. Then suddenly she thinks of Paul asking her how long she thought she was going to be able to fool him. He tells her she has got to come clean and tell the world who she is or he will. She tells him to stop ordering her around. She always hated when he did that to her. She suddenly realizes she was only imagining that. She puts kitty away and grabs her purse and on her way out she bumps into Nick. She congratulates him for getting back with his ex after all these years, she says she never got over her first love either and she never will. Nick just rolls his eyes as she walks off.

Adam thinks back to the night Ashley fell down the stairs and miscarried. He drops the laptop when he nods off to sleep on his bed. Sabrina’s voice is heard and he desperately tries to stop it by shutting the laptop off. He angrily tells it to make it stop. He punches buttons but it just won’t shut up.

Ashley is downstairs wondering now if Estella really is innocent. She and Victor both hear Sabrina’s voice from upstairs and she tells him that is what she heard on the phone. Victor walks into Adam’s room asking him what the hell he was doing. Adam sits there looking like he has just been busted.

Jan Barrett

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