Adam goes to Restless Style and asks Nick if he would consider pulling Beauty of Nature’s ad and rolling over this month while they revamp and rename the company. Nick reminds him he has committed to one full year of advertising. Adam explains to him what their plans are for the company. Nick finds this whole thing interesting. Adam tells Nick the new name they are changing it to is Newman Infinity. Nick agrees to give him the roll over and to just say it is a wedding present to the old man.

Sabrina calls Lauren and asks her to bring some gowns out for Jana to wear. She tells Lauren she has asked Jana to be her maid of honor but she doesn’t know what size she wears. Lauren tells her not to worry, Jana is practically family, and she knows what size to bring.

Jeffery kisses Gloria and when they pull apart she asks him if he slept with Jill. When he doesn’t give an answer right away she slaps him across the face screaming at him that was the wrong answer. He asks her why she did that. He comes back at her saying well she slept with Alistair. She says once, not twice. She says at least Alistair was sweet and didn’t take all her money. He says he only took half of her money and she gave the other half away. He asks her how all that karma is going anyway. She picks up and vase and throws it at him but he ducks and it shatters all over the floor.

When Gloria starts to clean the mess up from the vase Jeffery tells her it is exciting for them to be together. He says they are two of a kind. She says he is a blackmailer, a thief and a liar. She says he is everything that she isn’t. She thinks he is there to torture her. She says he is a sadistic bastard. He says he wants her as much as she wants him. He calls her a high maintenance drama queen. She tells him she hates him. She starts to kiss him when he tells her no she doesn’t and then he kisses her back.

Lily and Devon go to Neil’s apartment to look for Devon’s sunglasses and they find a photo album with baby pictures of Lily and Dru. Devon tells her his Mom was too busy taking drugs to take baby pictures of him. They look at the album and talk about how they wouldn’t be there today, if it weren’t for Dru. Neil walks in and surprises them. He tells them things just didn’t work out like he planned in New York with Karen. He tells them he asked Karen to marry him. They ask what she said. He says he is back alone so that should answer there question. Both say how sorry they are and Lily feels guilty again. Neil tells them Karen doesn’t want kids and he has to respect her choice. Neil says Dru and Karen have one thing in common, once they make up their mind up that is it. He says Karen says they have no future together so that’s how it is going to be.

Victor asks Sabrina how her appointment went with the doctor. She tells him the doctor was great. He promises that he will be by her side through this. She tells Victor she has to go to the ranch because Lauren will be there soon. She tells him he can’t go with her because it would be bad luck for him to see her wedding gown.

When Sabrina gets there Jana has a wedding gift for Sabrina. She gives her a amber crystal. Jana tells her it will clear out all negativity. Jana talks to her about love. They talk about how the men they love are with them. Lauren arrives with the dresses and shows Jana an orange dress and asks her what she thinks. Jana smiles and asks the bride what she thinks. Sabrina says she thinks it would look great on Jana. Jana says in that case she loves it.

Victor goes to Restless style to ask Nick if he and Phyllis would consider letting Summer be the flower girl in his wedding. Nick says he will think about it. Victor tells him he was his first choice for his best man but as much as it breaks his heart he knew he would have turned him down. Nick tells him that was a good call. Nick mentions that he heard about Beauty of Natures makeover. Suddenly Victoria appears out of no where and says obviously Dad has confidence in Adam’s judgment.

Sabrina comes down with her wedding gown on. Jana and Lauren both say how beautiful she is in it. Lauren says it is like it was made for her. Sabrina loves it, she says it is so her. They hear the door open and close and they jump to cover Sabrina thinking it might be Victor but it is Adam. When he sees Sabrina he remarks that his dad is a very lucky man.

Victoria tells Nick she wants to discuss something with him but she says it is Jabot business. Victor offers to leave then but he tells them both that he loves them. Victoria tells him he sure has a funny way of showing it then. He tells them if they think he is a bad father they should have seen his father. He tells them he would love for them both to come to his wedding. And then he leaves.

Jana comes downstairs wearing the orange dress. She isn’t so sure about it but Sabrina and Lauren tell her they like it on her. Jana says it is a new look for her but if Sabrina likes it then she will wear it. Suddenly Victor walks in and Jana and Lauren quickly tell him he can’t be there as they cover Sabrina up. Jana gets hysterical as she shoos Victor out. He asks her if she is ok. She leaves him outside and goes back in. Lauren calms her down telling her that her high school girlfriend deliberately let her fiancé see her in her gown and she says they ended up winning the lottery. Jana hurries Sabrina upstairs to get her out of the dress, leaving Lauren smiling as she shakes her head.

Nick and Victoria are at the club and he tells her he has some news. He tells her about Newman Infinity and she already knows the news. He tells her about them going green and pulling their ads till it is unveiled. Victoria admits that they are going green too. She says so they are going green at the same time. Nick tells Victoria she he has decided to go to the wedding with Phyllis and Summer. He says he just wants some peace in the family. He asks her to go but she says she can’t because of who their father is marrying.

Adam and Heather are talking about the wedding and she asks if it is going to be big and fancy. Adam invites Heather to go to the wedding as his date. She tells him she would love to.

Gloria and Jeffery are in bed together and he rates their sex together on a scale of 1 to 10 a 12. He gets up and says he is hungry. She suggests they go raid Jack’s refrigerator. He suggests they go eat at the club. She says ok then they can come back there for dessert. She asks him for some water and she will be getting dressed. She spots his passport and picks it up. He asks what she is doing. She tells him looking at his passport. She notices Cayman Islands on it and asks when he was there. She accuses him of stealing her diamonds. He denies it. He accuses her of playing games. She says stealing her diamonds is not a game. He says he thought this meant something to her. He tells her to save it, she has made a fool out of him for the last time and he walks out.

Jan Barrett

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