Chloe talks to Delia telling her that she really wasn’t snooping in Mac’s room. She was just getting valuable information so she can put their family back together. She says only this time she wants to keep it together. The only thing is all she found out was that while they were in high school Mac was just as crazy about Billy as he was of her. Chloe says oh well never mind all that because she has made a call that will make it all go away, poof just like that. Then we see Billy and Mac together at Jimmy’s kissing.

Phyllis is at Restless Style trying to fix whatever canceled the shoot for next month’s kid’s issue while Jack is at her house. Summer runs up to him as he picks her up hugging her. She tells him they have been coloring.

Dr Taylor gets a text message from Adam as he arrives at the club warning him to play nice or he can kiss his career good bye. When he gets to the bar Ashley greets him and thanks him for coming. He and Victor shake hands as Victor introduces himself as the baby’s father. Victor tells him it was really important that he met the doctor that will be treating Ashley. The doctor says well that is natural and if Victor has any questions he will be happy to hear them all.

When they all sit, Ashley reports to the doctor about how good she is feeling now. Victor tells Dr. Taylor he is impressed with his credentials. He says he wants nothing but the best for Ashley. When Olivia comes in and sees the doctor she is happy to see that Ashley is his new patient. Ashley asks her if she has a problem with that. She says that it is wonderful and she couldn’t be in better hands. Victor is really impressed now.

When Summer goes upstairs to draw, Jack tells Mary Jane he never pictured her the type to baby-sit. She tells Jack so she guesses that Phyllis was her urgent business and assures him she isn’t upset. She says they had fun with no strings attached. She tells him he doesn’t have to make up excuses to leave her. Jack tells her he is sure she knows that Phyllis has been going through some hard times so from time to time he stops in to give her some support. Mary Jane says she knows it is tough to love someone you can’t have. She says she finds it too painful to be friendly with her exes though. She says they get too messy and one thing leads to another and then Jack says you are burning up the sheets. She asks him if that has ever happened to him. Before he answers he thinks back to him and Phyllis making out so he lies and says they have all moved on. Summer comes back down and jumps back into Jack’s lap and shows him her butterfly drawing. He is rather surprised when Mary Jane suggests he leave so she and Summer can draw some more.

As Mac and Billy continue kissing Billy takes off his shirt. He tells her she is so beautiful. They both ignore the banging on the front door. When Mac recognizes Raul’s voice she stops Billy. They hear Raul yelling for Mac asking if she was in there.

Jack decides it is time to go just when Phyllis gets home. She says hey Jack and he says hey Red back. Summer runs to her Mommy as Phyllis explains to Jack that she had to uncancel the shoot and then she thanks Mary Jane as she leaves. Mary Jane decides to lurk outside to watch Jack and Phyllis. Phyllis tells him that Mary Jane is a keeper.

Mac straightens up her hair as Billy puts his shirt back on. Mac opens the door as Raul rushes in and hugs her. He sees Billy who says he was just heading home. Raul says Chloe called him and told him that Mac needed him.

Chloe goes to the pool house and tries to decide on what she is going to tell Billy as to why she is there. She decides to tell him she is there to get a hat. She plans to act surprised that he was with Mac.

Olivia talks highly of Dr Taylor as she tells Victor and Ashley about being at a conference where he was a guest speaker. She is surprised to see him here instead of in Boston though. Dr. Taylor tells her he is treating Ashley there in Genoa City, where she needs him. She thinks he is an excellent choice for a doctor for Ashley though and she says she will be happy fax him Ashley’s file. She says all that matters to her is that Ashley and the baby are in good health. Victor thinks she is getting the best of care. When the doctor leaves he tells Ashley to call him anytime if she needs him. On his way out he calls Adam and tells him yeah damnit, he said all the right things to a deluded woman that thinks she is pregnant, are you happy. Victor leaves Ashley with Olivia as he goes upstairs to take care of something.

Phyllis and Jack talk about how much it will hurt Jack to see Nick rock Sharon’s baby to sleep. She decides she wants to talk about something else. She tells him she thinks Mary Jane would be good for him. Jack says she is interesting but it is nothing serious between them. He says she lied to him about being married so that no one would come on to her which made him feel like a jerk. He says the point is it is just casual between them. Phyllis thinks Mary Jane wants it to be more and she says she doesn’t think that would be a bad idea.

Mary Jane talks to her kitty again says she says Jack couldn’t get out of her bed fast enough and she asks if it was to run to Phyllis and hold her hand or to dry her tears. He lied to her about never crossing the line with any of his exes. She wonders if it is because he regrets doing so. She asks if Phyllis seduced him. She hides the kitty when there is a knock on her door. She is nervous when Victor comes in without her inviting him in. She asks him what is her doing here as she shuts the door.

Raul tells Mac that he hopped on the plane after Chloe called him telling him Mac needed him. He asks her if she is OK because Mac didn’t give him any details. She says she is actually glad Chloe called him because they need to talk.

Billy goes home to the pool house and finds Chloe there. She tells him she is there to get Delia’s hat. He asks if she had to do it this time of night. She says she doesn’t like these run-ins. He tells her it wasn’t too long ago that they were having fun and now it is visitation schedules and awkward run-ins. She asks him how come he isn’t at the bar anyway. She says that she is sorry. She tells him she has lost her mind and she has to go. She doesn’t even know why she is there. He calls for her not to go.

Raul talks about how he went from a desk job to field work and how hard that was for him, but Mac was there to inspire him. He tells her how all grown up she was there and how she helped him get through the day. He says he didn’t plan to fall in love with her but he had to and always will. She whispers to him to stop.

Billy rubs Chloe’s shoulders as he tells her she doesn’t have to go. She says she is not nervous, she is annoyed that he is in her space. He tells her she use to like that. She feels her self caving into him when he kisses her neck and shoulders and before long they are kissing. She pulls away hitting him on the chest. She tells him she won’t be his consolation prize. He thinks she is playing hard to get telling her she knows she wants him. She kisses him back as she closes the door.

Olivia asks Ashley how she could be upset when she sees her glowing like this. She says she might be a little jealous that Dr Taylor makes her feel more secure. She assures Ashley that she didn’t mean to stress her out. Ashley is just happy that they can talk it out. Olivia promises to stay out of her business. Ashley tells her, she is here and her baby is here and it is all wonderful as her eyes fill with tears.

Mary Jane tells Victor everything is fine. She says it is a good thing she didn’t leave because now Nick and Sharon are back together in a suite together at the club there. She says Nick left his wife. Victor tells her that his family is none of her business. She goes on to tell him that Jack is free now and they were just together earlier. She says Victor was right, she can win over Jack, she just needed more time. Victor thinks she will make more mistakes and she is bound to fail.

Mary Jane won’t think of her as failing. She tells Victor she is getting to Jack. She says he was there in her bed. victor thinks this is a good sign though but he isn’t happy that she had the audacity to charge Paul with harassment and placing a restraining order on her. She tells him how Paul was checking up on her. Victor says it is because she provoked him instead of coming to him about it. He tells her to fix this with Paul and to drop that restraining order and apologize. She tells him he will just go after her again and besides she can’t face Paul. He tells her to find a way if she wants to resume their working relationship. When he starts to leave she asks him what will happen to her and Jack when all this is over, she says she needs to know. He tells her it will be a happy ending for them all.

Phyllis tells Jack that Mary Jane is tough and gutsy. Jack says his affections are committed elsewhere. Phyllis understands saying it is the same for her too but she is sure that Mary Jane likes him. Jack says he and Mary Jane have a no strings relationship. He won’t lead her on saying he learned his lesson from that three times over. He says not three women but from three bullets. Phyllis is shocked that he never told her about this. He says he got shot for being a bastard. He says he drove a perfectly innocent woman to commit attempted murder.

Mac talks to Raul about how she used to not be able to get through the day in Darfur, but now she agonizes over what shirt to wear. She knew who she was over there but here things don’t make any sense. Raul tells her they came from violence, hunger and death. He says it will take time to transition. He offers to help her saying they can do this together. He asks her if she loves him which she says she does. He says then yes he is sure this is what he wants.

Billy and Chloe are close to actually making love when he just can’t seem to get Mac out of his head. He apologizes to Chloe. She reminds him that he was the one that kissed her. She tells him she can’t believe this as she stomps off.

Mac fools with her engagement ring. Raul tells her they love each other and if they can survive Darfur they can survive anything. Mac tells him that Chloe was right, she does need him as she hugs him.

Chloe tells Billy he wanted her and that was obvious. He stopped because he can’t drop the love he has for Mac. She tells him she is not just a girl and she is his wife. She tells him he is wallowing and whining about everything he can’t have. He is pining away for a girl that has no problem having sex with her fiancé. He tells her she is done. Chloe takes off her ring and throws it at him. She tells him to believe her she is done now and she walks out slamming the door behind her.

Jack talks about how badly he treated the woman that shot him. He says now Billy is making the same mistakes. He says he is furious with Billy but he knows what it is like to be so selfish. Phyllis is pissed at Jack for never telling her about this. He tells her he didn’t want to give her any ideas. He says the woman that shot him was a good woman and she didn’t deserve what he put her through but now he is a better man.

Mary Jane once again talks to kitty telling it that today wasn’t a total loss because she and Jack made love and it was wonderful. She says he and Phyllis won’t be having sex anytime soon. She says if they do, she knows just what path to take. She tells kitty that Summer is a lovely little girl. She says Victor is back on her side again and he even said she and Jack would have a happy ending. She knew this all along though.

Victor joins Ashley who is downstairs alone now. She says Olivia was called to the hospital. She says how good it was to get out tonight. She says the bottom line is she is really happy and she has been thinking of babies names. She feels it will be a girl and she suggests the name Hope. Victor thinks that is a great and an appropriate name.

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