Victor is already planning a nursery for Sabrina and the baby even though she doesn’t even have a doctor yet.  She asks Victor if he minds if they don’t tell anyone yet at least until after the wedding. She doesn’t even want him to tell Adam and Victor agrees. They start talking about the wedding and try to decide on where to have the wedding. Sabrina tells Victor she hasn’t found a maid of honor yet though.

Jana and Kevin talk about Gloria. Jana thinks a lot of Gloria. She tells Kevin she adores Gloria. Kevin tells her that it is just a comfort to know that Gloria is now working for Lauren and not him anymore. Sabrina comes in and asks Jana for some tea. Sabrina tells her there is something else she can do for her. She asks if she will be her maid of honor. Jana is shocked. She asks about Victoria and by the look on Sabrina’s face tells her Victoria turned her down. Jana tells her that her answer is yes, she would love to do it for her.

Lauren goes into the Boutique and finds a cheerful Gloria working. She tells them how she just made a sale to a customer selling her a bracelet. Lauren is really impressed and a salesgirl is too saying they could never get that lady to spend more then $200 in that store. She says she never thought she would ever see her spend $2000. Gloria tells the girl she needs to look at those price tags better. Lauren tells Gloria that bracelet costs $2000 and asks her how much she sold it for. Gloria says well the price tag was hard to read and then confesses that she sold it for $200 saying no wonder the woman was so quick to take the deal.

Lauren tries calling the woman but she refuses to give the bracelet back saying it was sold to her at that price. Gloria tells her then fine she will just have to pay for the bracelet herself. Lauren tells her that is fine but she adds up so far what she owes her, including Jill’s blouse that would be $3800. Gloria asks her if she is going to fire her now. Lauren tells her no. She calls for Lindsay and asks her to show Gloria to the stockroom. She tells her she just got a shipment of t-shirts in and they are in boxes. She wants her to unpack them and iron them. Lauren asks her if she thinks she can handle that. Gloria starts to say even Fenmore could handle that but stops herself saying yes she can and marches off behind Lindsay.

Later Gloria calls Kevin telling him she is bored and complains about where she is working. Kevin guesses right away that Lauren has already put her in the stockroom and he asks her what she has done now. Later when Lauren comes back she scolds Gloria about still being on a break when she finds her still talking on the phone. Lauren smells smoke and then sees it coming from the stockroom. Gloria tells Kevin she has to go. Lauren tells Gloria to call 911.

Jill gives Jeffery his cell phone telling him he left it in the board room. She confesses to him that she knows she doesn’t love him and he doesn’t love her. She says she knows he is in love with Gloria still. He tells her that it is complicated. She says why can’t they just relax with each other and continue enjoying each other’s company and just have fun. Just then the fire alarm goes off and everyone is told to leave the building. ‘

Lily tells Devon that Neil got on the Redeye this morning and flew to New York to see Karen. Meanwhile Neil knocks on Karen’s door. She asks him what he is doing there. He tells her he wants her to come home with him. When she invites him in he tells her he realizes how much he misses her. He tells her that he misses her perfume, and waking up next to her in his bed. He begs her to come back. She tells him she has her job to think about. He begs her to please give them a second chance.

Neil tells Karen he is not only asking her to come home, he is asking her to marry him. She is shocked and all confused now. He tells her he flew 1000 miles to tell her that he really wants to try this, now he wants to know will she try too. She hugs him. Karen admits that she loves him. She brings up how he use to talk a lot about Dru. He says he thinks Dru would approve of them getting married. She tells him this is not for her. He asks her to at least sleep on this and think about it. She tells him she is sorry but she just can’t do this. He tells her to please at least take care of herself and he says he will miss her, in fact he says he misses her already and then he walks out the door.

Lily goes in to talk to Cane. They look at her photo shoot pictures and she tells him that she found out that Cloe has a crush on her brother, Devon. She tells him that out of no where she planted a kiss on him. Cane laughs and asks was she drunk. Lily asks if he is implying that she would have to be drunk to want Devon. He looks through the pictures more and says no, he is just wondering because that’s how she was when she did the same thing to him. Lily is taken by surprise. Cane explains to her how come he never told her before now.

Later Lily confronts Cloe about her kissing Cane. Cloe tells her first of all she wasn’t drunk that night, she was wasted. Lily tells Cloe she is great to work with but as a friend she sucks so she wants her to pack her things and she wants her out of their house by the time she gets home.

Adam shows Victor all the reports he has together for the make over for Beauty of Nature. They talk about the new name. Adam tells him he has narrowed it down to three names and leaves it up to him to choose one. Later Adam runs into Victoria and he tells her that they missed her out at the ranch for Father’s Day. She tells him she was there. He says yes she was for 10 minutes. She tells him she heard about the revamp of Beauty of Nature. He asks her if she means Newman Infinity. She says her father would never go for that name. Adam smirks as he is about to walk off telling her he is the one that picked out the name.

Everyone evacuated the building and they gathered together at the club. When Lauren comes in she tells everyone the fire is out and the fire department was able to tell her the cause of the fire. She says a hot iron was left on a stack of t-shirts setting them on fire. Lauren tells Gloria when she took a break from ironing she was suppose to have turned the iron off. Gloria swears she turned the iron off. Then Lauren says they were also able to give an estimate of what the damage will cost.. She says about $100,000. She tells Gloria she luckily has insurance and Gloria is lucky she does too because she could work for her for 5 years and not be able to pay that back. Gloria asks her to at least give her a chance to resign but Lauren tells her no way, and she fires her right there. Jill says Gloria needs to be in a straight jacket.

Brad goes in to the board room and tells Victoria that he saw her talking to Adam and she tells him how they are changing the name of Beauty of Nature to Newman’s Infinity. She says if she had made the mistakes that Adam has made at Newman her Dad would have her working in the mailroom as a punishment.

Jeffery goes to the pool house and Gloria starts yelling things at him for him to gloat about to  her and suddenly he grabs her and kisses her.

Jan Barrett

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