Chloe comes home from shopping and finds Billy there feeding Delia with her bottle. He tells Chloe to see how she is laughing with him. Chloe says yeah that is what babies do. She says hopefully her Daddy won’t miss her first words too. Then she goes on to say she guesses that will depend on whether or not he is off sleeping with someone else’s wife that day right!

Mac is in her bedroom when she thinks back to her conversation with Katherine when she said she wished she was someone completely different, and then as she looks at herself in the mirror as she lets her hair down and unbuttons her shirt and says out loud, why not!

Mary Jane is done with her business meeting at the club when Jeffery walks over to her asking her if she would like to run his public relations. She asks what it is that he does. When he tells her a little of this and a little bit of that she tells him she doesn’t handle business of that kind. She says she caters to a more upscale clientele and then tells him to have a nice evening as she walks off. Gloria joins him when Mary Jane is gone and she orders water and bread. He tells her that if they are right about that woman they will soon be able to afford anything they want.

When Sharon has her things packed and brought out to the front door at the Abbott home. She thinks back to all the good times she had with Jack there, specifically of a popcorn fight they had one time on their movie night. Jack comes home and sees her things packed and he throws his briefcase across the room in anger. Sharon tells him she can’t keep making these mistakes and falling into the same patterns. She says he can’t keep putting his life on hold for her, this has to be her good bye.

Michael is with Phyllis when she is totally ignoring what he is saying to her. She fixes his tie and his hankie for him. Then suddenly she tells him about this constant knot in her stomach and all the crying. She says she has to do whatever it takes to save her marriage. Michael thinks they should call Lauren and have her join them and they can watch some good slasher flicks. Phyllis takes a rain check on the idea and tells him to go home to his wife and keep his own marriage intact. When Michael goes out the door Nick shows up.

Just for another dig into Billy, Chloe talks to Delia telling her that she will soon have a little half brother or half sister and she wonders how many she will have before her first birthday. When Billy doesn’t react with a comeback she ask doesn’t he want to say something. He asks with Sharon moving out of Jack’s and since he has driven her away how can she expect him to be witty. Chloe is surprised about Sharon moving out but Billy tells her it is true. Chloe tells him if he thinks it is all tense now wait until Sharon has this baby. Billy clears his throat as a warning for her to shut up about Sharon when Mac comes downstairs. Mac asks what is wrong with Sharon and what baby? Chloe asks Billy if he wants to break the news or shall she as Billy sits there squirming.

As Sharon is about to life a packed box Jack runs over to her telling her she shouldn’t be lifting anything. He tells her he will always look out for her even though Nick might have a thing or two to say about that now and then he quickly apologizes. Sharon reminds Jack about the popcorn fight they had and about how bad that movie was that night. Jack begs her to stay.  He knows he should be the bigger guy here but he doesn’t want his life to be empty. He offers her time, love and a home with no strings and then asks can Nick offer her that. She hugs Jack and tells him she will miss him but Nick is her life.

Michael points his finger at Nick asking him how he can show his face there. Nick tells him it is none of his business. Phyllis assures Michael she is OK so he kisses her and tells her he loves her as he leaves. Nick asks where Supergirl is. Phyllis says she is sleeping finally. She asks Nick what she can tells Summer, that her Daddy loves his other family more then them, Nick asks her not to do this. After they discuss a time for him to visit with Summer tomorrow, he suggests that maybe she can file papers for a divorce since this is his fault. He tells her she can have whatever she wants. Phyllis isn’t impressed saying they have been together for years and now after 48 hours he throws the words divorce and settlement in her face. He says he just wants to be fair with her. She tells him well it is too late for being fair and then tells him if he wants a divorce then he can file the papers himself.

Nick tells Phyllis this isn’t easy for him either. He doesn’t want to see her in pain. He says part of him wants to take her into his arms and tell her how sorry he is and that she isn’t alone. She asks if she seems she is weak to him. She says she knows weak women turn him on. Nick knows that was another dig but he says they have a choice here, they can be stubborn here or they can do what’s right for the kids, Noah and Summer and… Phyllis stops him telling him not to dare mention Sharon’s kid in the same breath as he mentions Summer. She says that baby could be the local butchers for all she knows. She says she won’t file for a divorce so he can have another shotgun wedding. She says it is good that he is in pain here. His phone rings and Phyllis sarcastically says she wonders who that could be and then tells him to get out of there. Nick just looks at her and leaves without saying anything else. As soon as he is gone Summer comes downstairs asking for her Daddy, but Phyllis lies telling her it wasn’t her Daddy, it was just the TV.

When Billy tries quietly to shut Chloe up she tells Mac that Jack and Sharon have separated. Mac says she is off to Jimmy’s and she will see them later. Chloe tells her to give Cane their love. When Mac is gone Chloe tells Billy to relax she won’t tell Mac about him and Sharon. He gives her a kiss on the cheek. She says she thinks he is a jackass but he is welcome to stay if he wants to. He tells her he can’t but he will call her tomorrow. She tells him she has changed and there are no more tricks up her sleeve. When he is gone she picks up her phone and starts dialing as she says to herself, like hell she don’t.

Sharon says in the phone “I love you too” as Jack listens. She tells him Nick is out front. Jack walks out the room when she lets Nick in. He tells her not to ask how it went with Phyllis but he still thinks they are doing the right thing. He tells her people are going to be hurt but he doesn’t want her to forget that he loves her and the baby. He says it won’t be like this for long once the test proves the baby is his. He says they should call a lawyer though if it isn’t though, but he knows they will get through this together. She is in Nick’s arms as he hugs her and she sees Jack watching them.

Jack walks over to them telling Nick hello. He says not to worry he isn’t going to make a scene. Sharon interrupts and says they should be going. Jack tells Nick to take care of her. When they are gone Jack makes a phone call saying he needs to see them and he hangs up.

Phyllis sits with Summer on her lap as they draw pictures together. She tells Summer that she and daddy kind of have an ‘owie’ and they can’t kiss it and make it all better. She tells her that her Daddy was going to be living somewhere else but it will all be fine, he will see her all the time and take her for ice cream and buy her toys. She tells her that her Daddy loves her so much. She holds back her tears as she says they can color some more right now instead of going to sleep.

Noah gives Eden a kiss as he is leaving, but he runs into Lauren coming in as he is on his way out. Eden tells her he is going to meet his mom at the club. Lauren finds that odd since Sharon was supposed to have moved back in with Jack. Eden calls Nick’s Mom klepto Mom with his Dad and stepparents being just as bad. She says hopefully his Mom doesn’t screw anything else up now that she and Jack are having a baby.

Mary Jane opens the door to Jack and she tells him it took him long enough as she gives him a passionate kiss only for Jeffery, who has been lurking in the hallway, to see.

Mack is at work at the bar trying to toss a bottle around like Tom Cruise did in the movie Cocktails. Billy comes in and rescues her before she ends up hurting herself. He calls a time out for some serious talk, saying how about talking about the weather. Mac is game for that and is happy when he orders a soda instead of liquor. She says that is a change of pace, it is as if he was the old Billy again.

At the Chancellor Estate Chloe goes into Mac’s room to snoop around a bit. She finds Mac’s clothes boring. She finds a box with some of Mac’s high school stuff. She rumbles through it when she finds a tiara that Mac got for being the Prom Queen. She goes through the scrapbook where she starts reading entries starts in the year 2000. She is pleased saying now she is beginning to get somewhere.

Jeffery goes back to the bar and asks Gloria to guess whose tongue he just saw down Mary Jane’s throat. He tells her it rhymes with Black Rabbit. This gets Gloria’s interest saying oh my goodness. Then she asks just how many men is this woman sleeping with anyway. He says the better question is how much is she charging too as they laugh about it. They come to the conclusion that Mary Jane is nothing more than a high class hooker.

Jack gets dressed as Mary Jane tries to convince him to stay. She isn’t buying his story that he has to take care of some business this time of the night. She thinks back to when she saw him making out with Phyllis and changes her mind telling him to suit himself. She tells him not to work too hard as he is going out the door. When he is gone she pulls out her folder she labeled “My Enemies” and points to Phyllis’s photo. She uses a southern accent and then calls to cancel a Restless Style photo shoot which she has scheduled for the next morning. Then she calls Restless style leaving a message to cancel from the shoot’s location.

When Noah gets to Sharon’s suite he asks how come she is there and not at Jack’s house. Then he wonders what his Dad is doing there. Sharon tells him that she and his Dad are getting back together.. Noah wonders what about Jack and the baby then. Sharon tells him there is a good chance that Nick could be the father of the baby. When his reaction isn’t what they expected they think he is confused but he says no he isn’t confused. He says everyone is cheating and can’t make their minds up about who the hell they want to be with. He tells her she is unreal and asks if her life is really that boring that she has to hop from one house and bed to the next. Nick steps in telling him to watch his mouth. When Noah is heading to leave Sharon says no one is leaving here until they talk about this as a family.

Sharon admits that she and Nick haven’t been the best role models the past few months but she assures Noah this time they are sure that this is what they want. She tells him this time it is permanent. She tells Noah they will earn his trust back. Nick asks that he at least meets them half way in this. Noah says when he was a kid he wanted them back together and then asks if they are going to get married again. Neither Sharon nor Nick can answer that for him. Noah tells them to do what they want but not to expect any high fives from him. He says he is going to his grandpa’s and he marches out the door. Sharon has to wonder how many more people are going to be upset about this and how much more can they take.

Chloe puts Mac’s tiara on her head as she reads the part in the scrapbook about Jack and Phyllis’s wedding in 2001 and how romantic Mac’s wedding to Billy is going to be. There is a flash back to Mac and Billy talking about their lives together and about Billy telling Mache’s never make his wife live in the pool house.. He says he would buy their own place, have 2.5 kids and have a picket fence around the house. He says he never wanted all that until he met Mac. Chloe takes off the tiara and sits there looking really down now.

Billy watches Mac struggling as she tries to improve her bartending skills. He jokes around with her telling her that she seems to be pretty determined to get it right. She tells him she has been serious for too long and now she just wants to have some fun. Billy tells her that agreeing to marry Raul was impulsive and then he takes the remark back. Mac talks about karaoke and now she wants to sing as loud and off key as she can. Billy calls her over to his side of the bar and offers to teach her how to toss the bottles. When she starts to respond to his arms around her she pulls away. She tells him this is a stupid bartender’s trick and then says she should be closing up which disappoints Billy.

They put all the chairs up on top of the tables, when Mac asks Billy what he would do differently. He says he would hold onto his dreams. When he is about to leave their cheesy song starts to play on the jukebox. Mack looks at Billy and says she guesses the universe is trying to tell them something. He asks what’s that, to sing. She says no, to kiss and then she kisses him.

Chloe keeps reading and she reads where Billy says that it is you Mac, it has always will be you. He says he can’t imagine being happy with anyone else. She hears Delia crying on the baby monitor so she puts everything back to where it was and leaves Mac’s room.

Noah tells Eden about her Mom and Dad both living at the hotel now. She says this is a whole new level of crazy. He says this is why he wants to get as far away from them as he can. He is going to file for emancipation. He will sell his car so he can pay for Rafe to represent him and then he will get his own place. He says no parents, no Ashley and Abby either. He says then they can hang out once he signs the piece of paper and they can lead a normal life.

Nick doesn’t want to wait. He starts looking at properties on paper. Sharon takes out Cassie’s framed picture. She says she never could set it up at Jack’s place because it just didn’t feel right. While they are kissing Sharon grabs Nick’s hand so he can feel the baby kick. They say the baby approves! Nick promises her that they have their lives back together again but then he looks like he is feeling guilty when he thinks back to how summer runs into his arms.

While Phyllis and Summer are playing around with a mop that they turned into a wig, Mary Jane comes over telling Phyllis that the shoot location cancelled for tomorrow. Phyllis says she needs to get to the office to fix it but she has no one to watch Summer. Mary Jane offers to stay with her but then realizes Phyllis probably wouldn’t want to leave her with someone she barely knows. Phyllis tells her no she isn’t a stranger, she is a friend. So she grabs her purse and goes out the door leaving Summer with Mary Jane. When she is gone Mary Jane tells Summer isn’t it fun to pretend to be someone else. She tells Summer she wants them to play together. When the doorbell rings she finds Jack there at the door. He is surprised to see her there as he asks what she is doing there.

Jan Barrett

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