Michael has been up all night reading his grandmother’s journal. He learns that his father was a substance abuse criminal. Gloria calls to tell him that she has no hot water. He tells her to call her landlord. He tells her that it is Father’s Day and he is with his wife and son and then hangs up. Lauren tells him actually she would like to stop by Gloria’s on the way home.

Lily and Devon tells Neil he is stuck with them all day. They tell him today he is the King. They go to get him some coffee when they both realize that without Dru or Karen Neil’s kind of down and Lily says they all know whose fault that is. They tell Neil he should call Karen but he says he doesn’t think so. Neil tells Lily to stop blaming herself for him and Karen splitting up. He says they just had different priorities.

Lily gets a call from Cloe which she ignores. Devon tells her how Cloe hit on him and he calls her deranged. Neil teases Devon saying it is because he is irresistible. Lily tells Neil they are taking him to X-calibur, the new rollercoaster. His phone rings and it is Karen. She tells him Happy Father’s Day. He asks her how her new job is and then she asks about the kids and his work.

Adam goes to Jabot and brings Heather some coffee. She tells him she thinks she did something she is starting to regret. She says she invited her Father to brunch. Adam tells her that is a reasonable Father’s Day gift. She says well the thing is she just found out recently that Paul is her father. He tells her he can relate to that. He says he just found out that Victor was his Father too. She tells him she is having second thoughts about inviting Paul for brunch. Adam wants to know why. She says she isn’t sure. He tells her about how his mother made him promise to give Victor a chance and she saw one with her heart not her eyes since she was blind. He tells her life can change overnight and he thinks that things could change for her too but if she never gives Paul a chance she will never know what could be.

David is on the phone with his bookie getting excited over the odds of the horse he bet on to win. When he sees Nikki coming he hangs up and lies to her telling her he was trying to call his uncle. When Nick and Phyllis arrive with Summer Nikki asks them if they want to wait for his father. They tell her Victor won’t be joining them this year.

At the ranch Victoria brings Victor a Father’s Day gift, a framed photo of his grandchildren. She says she has something else for him too. He opens it and it is a tintype picture of Abraham Lincoln. Victoria tells him Nick tracked it down somewhere and had it engraved on the back, saying ‘To Our Dad, from Nicholas and Victoria, Happy Father’s day’ Sabrina invites Victoria to join them for breakfast but she says thank you but she can’t because they are having a family dinner at the club to celebrate Reed’s first Father’s Day with JT. She says it is a shame that her father declined the invitation to join them. Victor tells her to tell everyone hello. When she leaves Victor assures Sabrina that he declined to celebrate with them because of Nikki, not her.

Paul shows up at the club to meet Heather for brunch. Nikki goes over to say hello but David avoids him. Later David is trying to listen to the race on the radio on his cell phone when Nikki walks up with Victoria and JT and Reed. Nick’s phone rings and it is Victor thanking him for the Father’s Day gift. He says he and his sister chose well. They tell each other Happy Father’s Day and they hang up.

Lauren and Michael head over to the pool house to see Gloria. When they get there Gloria surprises Michael and hollers Happy Father’s Day. Lauren tells Michael this was all Gloria’s idea. Gloria hands him a gift and thanks Michael for all he has done for her. He talks about making a tie for his father when he was in the 4th grade. He said when he brought it home of course there was no Daddy. He says he gave her the tie anyway and she wore it. Lauren says in spite of everything Gloria was both mother and father to him and he didn’t turn out so bad. He tells Gloria the best gift she could give him would be to tell him all about his Father.

Adam goes back to the ranch just as Victor gets off the phone. He tells Victor Happy Father’s Day. Victor tells Adam that he doesn’t remember it but he was there when he was baptized. Adam is surprised. Victor tells him he held him in his arms and he knew he was his son right away. Victor shows him a framed photo of the baptism as he remembers back to the day with Cliff standing by him and Victor names the baby he is holding. Adam asks him for a copy of the picture. Victor tells him he can have that one, he had it copied just for him. Adam wishes his mother could see them now. Victor says maybe she can. He says he knows Hope would be proud of him as he is.

At the pool house Lauren gives Michael a gift from Fenmore and Michael is thrilled with the shirt. Michael lifts his son and says he is the best gift he ever got. He tells Gloria he would like some information about his father. Gloria starts talking about being young and naïve. She says she would have followed him anywhere. Saying his father was so handsome, charismatic. Gloria confirms that she and his Father were hippies. But when he came along she didn’t want to raise Michael in a school bus with no bathroom. His father got drafted and ran off to Canada and she never saw him again. Michael asks when they got divorced. He laughs and says that is perfect and priceless. He says two bad options, either she is a serial bigamist or she never married his father. Gloria tries to say she did but when Michael says he can easily run a check on it she changes her story saying his father didn’t need a piece of paper from City Hall. She looks at him and asks him if he is happy now saying he ruined a beautiful day.

Paul and Heather have brunch and they talk about when she was 12 how he brought them to Genoa City and they were in trouble. She says that is when she decided to become a lawyer. She remembers Chris saving her mother from going to prison. Paul says if he had it to do it again he would be there for her but he can’t. She says no he can’t but neither can she.

While celebrating Nikki reminds Victoria and Nick about the year that they painted Happy Father’s Day on Victor’s Porsche with oil paint. JT says he bet Victor wanted to kill them for that. Victoria says actually he drove around with it on his car for a few weeks. David excuses himself and goes off to listen to the radio when Paul walks up and asks him what he is doing. He claims he is checking the Nikkei opening. Paul tells him it is Sunday but David comes back quickly telling him it is Monday in Japan though. When Paul leaves David hears that his horse won and it pays big time.

Sabrina comes home and finds Victor. She tells him she lied to him. She says she didn’t go to the office like she said she was going to do. She went to the drug store instead. She says she feels wonderful. She smiles and tells Victor they are going to have a baby and then says Happy Father’s Day. Victor looks at her surprised and then smiles.

Jan Barrett

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