Victoria is at the hospital being tested. JT is pacing the floor worrying and blaming himself. When Nikki arrives he tells her what happened but Nikki wants to know what Victoria was doing in the alley this time of night.

Amber fusses with Daniel for getting himself in this position while Kevin has to wonder how Daniel even fell for this scam to begin with. Jana lets them know how Victoria got involved. Daniel tells them about how the fake Howard pulled the gun on him and then some guy wearing a mask jumped on Howard and shot him. Kevin says they can play the blame game later, now the Feds will be looking for Daniel. When they open the door to leave they find Howard Aucker standing there asking if they are going somewhere.

Paul brings Heather a white wine. He tells her that thanks to his connections and his daughter being the assistant DA he was treated well at the station while he was there being questioned for stalking. He tells Heather how he approached Mary Jane. He says she overreacted, and now he is even more convinced than ever that she is hiding something.

Victor thanks Adam for taking care of Ashley. Adam says he was happy to do it. Ashley looks a bit spaced out. Ashley thinks back to her falling down the stairs and Victor asks her what’s wrong. She says she is fine, but she is still shaken up over her nightmare and she is tired of looking at the four walls. She hugs Victor as she tells him she and the baby are just fine.

Nikki comforts JT telling him that there was nothing he could have done to stop Victoria once she had her mind set. The doctor comes in telling them that she is alert and showing no signs of disorientation but they’re still being cautious and doing more tests to be sure. Nikki calls Victor who says he will be right there. He tells Ashley and Adam he has to go after he tells them what is going on. He leaves Adam to watch over Ashley for him.

Howard asks Daniel where was he tonight. Daniel says he was alone sketching. Howard finds that odd since everyone seemed to think he was at Jimmy’s where his car was seen. Amber jumps in saying that wasn’t Daniel’s car. Kevin says Daniel was there waiting for them. Howard heads to the hospital to interview Victoria. Daniel asks if she saw something. Howard says it is funny that Daniel didn’t ask who was murdered first. He wonders if perhaps Daniel already knows. All four of them stand there looking guilty.

Howard takes out a photo of the victim asking if he looks familiar to them. Daniel says yeah that is the guy that claimed he was Howard Aucker. He says he has no idea how he ended up getting shot though. Howard tells Daniel he will be in big trouble if he can prove he is lying. When he leaves Daniel is still worried thinking it is only a matter of time before he figures out he was in that alley. Kevin wants to know will it be flight or fight. Daniel is touched because Amber would be willing to give everything here up and run away with him but he knows that is not the answer. Amber and Kevin say they wish they had known about all this. Kevin tells Jana she is an accessory after the fact in this. Daniel says he has to come clean but he wonders if Aucker will believe him now.

Paul tell Heather what he has found out about Mary Jane so far. He says until a few months ago she didn’t even exist. He explains that he knows he knows the woman from somewhere, he feels some sort of strange connection to her. Mary Jane walks over to Paul along with another man and Paul is told he has been served. Paul has been issued a restraining order. Heather warns Mary Jane that it is just a temporary restraining order until the judge hears Paul’s side of the story. Mary Jane says now that Paul has been served she has a room upstairs and she turns and walks away.

Victor scolds JT for letting Victoria get involved but JT says he was delayed because of Mary Jane Benson. He tells Victor the woman claimed she was checking out the ranch since she saw it in a magazine. He said he thought she was harmless so he let her go with a warning. Victor changes his tune and says JT did nothing wrong but says he will have a talk with that woman. He says it is important to set some boundaries.

Adam thinks about how he convinced Ashley that she was only dreaming when she thought she had fallen down the stairs. Then he goes into the living room where she is snacking. He doesn’t know how to react when she grabs his hand telling him the baby is kicking. She asks if he can feel it. He lies telling her yes.

Howard talks to Victoria asking her what happened in the alley. She tells him she called out for Thomas Belfour and then she heard someone running away so she went further into the alley and that’s when she saw the body. She said she didn’t see anyone else in the alley except she heard JT when he came looking for her. Howard tells her the money is gone so obviously there was someone else. He asks if she is sure she didn’t see anyone else. Victor walks in and gets rid of Howard having JT happily showing him out. JT lashes out at Howard saying sorry won’t cut it. He tells him not to show his face around here again. When JT walks away, Howard gets a call from Daniel who asks to talk to him.

Dr. Taylor comes out top the ranch to see Ashley. Adam asks how a woman can feel a baby kicking if there is no baby. He says it is impossible, she had a miscarriage. He assures Adam that she lost the baby. He says she is having a hysterical pregnancy where her body is supporting her mind’s delusion. He says her stomach could actually expand and she could stop having her periods. Dr. Taylor asks can he imagine how traumatic that would be if she goes through this during the rest of her term only to find out she isn’t pregnant. Adam sounds worried for Ashley. He asks what they can do. The doctor tells him not we! He says Adam has to stop this. Ashley comes in surprised to see the doctor. She asks what he is doing there. He tells her he is there for a follow up exam to make sure she is ok which Ashley finds sweet.

Victor is fiddling with his phone when Paul comes in concerned for Victoria and apologizes for not getting there for Nikki sooner. Victor hears Paul telling Nikki that Mary Jane had him arrested. He says that is the second time he has heard that woman’s name in the last hour, saying she is obviously a nuisance. Nikki sees the doctor so she rushes over to her to see what they found out about Victoria.

JT lies next to Victoria and tells her that Gabby is going to stay with Reed for them. The doctor comes in and tells her she just has a concussion nothing life threatening. Victoria says see, she told him so. JT warns her not to ever do anything dangerous again.

Amber goes with Daniel to meet Howard at Jimmy’s. Daniel admits that he lied and then explains that he wanted to get the fake Howard before Victoria did, so he could get his painting back. Even though Kevin defends Daniel Howard thinks Daniel was a partner in the con and accuses him of killing his accomplice. Daniel tells him about the struggle between the fake Howard and the masked man. Howard says he can guess whose fingerprint’s are on the gun. He says, that’s right, Daniel’s!

Daniel says he can explain that. He says when the gun went off the guy in the mask ran off so he picked it up and threw it but he never fired the damn thing. He says he will take a lie detector test and he swears he knows nothing about the briefcase. Jana insists that Daniel is an honest man. Howard says really, he has pulled Daniel’s police report. He has been charged with vehicular manslaughter and ran. Kevin says but he was found innocent. Then Howard mentions the suspicious death of Plum and the disappearance of a lot of money. Not believing the gang, he says the bottom line is that a man is dead and Daniel’s fingerprints are on the murder weapon, and a forgery and $100K is missing. He says they have to admit this is pretty damn suspicious.

The doctor decides to release Victoria. Out in the hallway Nikki asks Victor about Ashley. She tells him about her seeing Ashley talking to Sabrina’s statue. Then she mentions something strange going on at the ranch last night. She tells him how she went over there to check on Ashley when the lights went out during the storm. She tells him how Adam told her that Ashley was out to dinner with Jack but she later saw Jack who was alone. She mentions how a Doctor Taylor was there checking on Ashley. She tells them not only all this, but there is something strange about Adam and she can’t shake the feeling that something is not right in that house right now. Victor says he will check things out.

Ashley mentions to the doctor about him meeting Victor. Ashley goes to the kitchen for coffee, leaving the doctor to worry about Victor squashing him like a bug. Adam tells him to forget about Victor and orders him to do what he tells him to do or his career and life will be ruined and his reputation and his life will go down the toilet.

Paul assures Nikki that he isn’t worried about that restraining order. He says it adds spice to his life. He says that Mary Jane is quite an actress. He says he is going to keep investigating her though. Nikki tells him she doesn’t want to be married to a convict. He says he won’t violate the restraining order but he will find out why Mary Jane freaks out when he is around.

Mary Jane talks to Paul’s photo asking how come he can’t leave it alone. She says she just can’t do it when she starts to add his photo to her “My Enemies” page. She says she doesn’t want to be enemies with Paul as she brings the picture to her chest.

Howard tells the four kids that Victoria is going to be OK but Daniel is not off the hook so he warns Daniel not to leave town. He says if the cash comes into his possession he will be going away for a long time. Daniel says he has nothing to worry about since he is innocent. He says the money is not their problem. We see a man at the coffee shop wearing gloves carrying the briefcase as he places it inside the kitchen door.

JT gets last minute instructions from the doctor for Victoria. Victoria tells him she is ready to get the hell out of there.

Ashley is happy to hear that Victoria is going to be OK. Victor tells her about the odd events that Nikki told him about. Ashley assumes that Adam must have thought she had changed her mind about going out with Jack. She didn’t want to worry him about her nightmare. She tells him that Adam has been a Godsend for her and she loves Dr. Taylor. Victor wants to judge him for himself. Ashley goes upstairs to bed as she tells him that he the baby kicked today. Victor says he is sorry he missed that. When she is gone Victor jumps on Adam about giving Bonnie the night off but he notes that he is sure he meant it to be kind. He tells Adam he doesn’t want him and Ashley left alone in the house. He says she is fragile and he can’t see. He says he wants someone around in case he might need help. When Victor goes to bed, Adam says to himself he is sorry Victor. They are doing this his way now!

Jan Barrett

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