Adam walks in on Victor and Sabrina at the ranch. He reports that sales have gone up since they ran their ad in Restless Style but not exactly to what they was hoping for. Victor tells him if the first issue didn’t do well, the rest of them probably won’t either. They talk about the magazine and Victor says he wishes Nick would sell out but he is too stubborn to admit he has made a mistake. Sabrina thinks it is too early to know whether the magazine will fail or not. Adam wonders if they should even advertise with them again.

When Adam leaves Victor remarks to Sabrina that he thinks Adam has learned his lesson and matured a lot. He thinks maybe it is time to reward him and give him a chance to shine. When Adam comes back down Victor tells Adam from now on he is completely in charge of Beauty of Nature to do with it as he sees fit. Adam doesn’t know how to respond to this news but thanks him very much.

Nick and Phyllis are worried about Katy Perry being late but Amber says Ivo’s assistant just called and said they are on their way. Sharon says Katy isn’t exactly her look but she thinks they can make it work with her. Jack is a little optimistic. Phyllis says she is sure Jack will come around. When Katy’s tattooed makeup artists comes in Jack is not impressed at all. He asks Nick and Phyllis if this is the look that they want. Nick accuses him of not being too happy because he didn’t come up with the idea.

Gloria is at work and she suddenly accuses a customer of shoplifting and makes a scene about it yelling for Lauren. Lauren tells her to stop it, that the lady is from Ladies Day Fashion and she is pulling seasonal items. Lauren apologizes to Allison but she is insulted and leaves. Jill watches through the window and calls Jeffery and tells him to meet her at the Jabot building at Fenmore’s Boutique.

When Jeffery gets there Jill taunts Gloria about her working in the Boutique. She tells Gloria she wants something in basic black and then tells Jeffery that would be so sexy. He tells her anything she wears would be sexy. Lauren offers to let Gloria go on a break but Gloria says it is ok she can handle this. Gloria shows her a dress and Gloria says that is more like something Gloria would wear not her. Jeffery suggests perhaps something a bit more daring. He says Jill can handle daring. Jill comes out with a blouse on and Lauren tells her it looks great on her so she says she will take it. They order Gloria to bring them two cups of coffee while they shop and treat her like a servant. Gloria gets even when she serves the coffee she deliberately spills it all over the blouse. Lauren scolds Gloria for it and tells her now she can’t sell that shirt. Gloria tells her to take it out of her first paycheck. Lauren tells her that blouse costs $2000.

Jill goes to Jabot and tells Katherine about what happened at Fenmore’s. Katherine accuses her of bringing Jeffery there just to aggravate Gloria. Katherine tells her no matter what she does she has got to come to terms with the fact that Jeffery is in love with Gloria.

Jeffery goes back to the Boutique to talk to Gloria. She asks him if he came back to take one more turn with the knife. He tells her he has just one question for her. He wants to know how she could sleep with Alistair. She tells him she has needs too. He says as many times as she put him off and now she turns to that old man. She says she doesn’t know how he could turn to Jill too. He says he was never with Jill in that way before, but he warns that she can watch just how fast that will change now and he walks out.

Adam shows Victor his notes and talks about his ideas on how to expand Beauty of Nature making everything eco friendly, content and packaging. Sabrina likes what she is hearing. Adam tells her and Victor that he appreciates their support and wants to know if they can work together on it. Victor likes that idea and agrees, saying it will be like a family affair. Adam says this is awesome.

Jack and Nick argue over what is going on with the model they are using for the next issue. While they argue Katy tells Amber she heard that she does some designs of her own. Amber asks if she would like to see some of her sketches. She tells her yes and when Amber shows them to her she seems quite impressed with them. Sharon comes up with an idea that might make everyone happy about what the new model should wear for the shoot and everyone including Katy goes for it solving the argument.

Gloria tries to tell a customer that a sweater is ok for her but the woman says it is too small. Gloria tells her this particular sweater doesn’t come in a larger size so the woman leaves. Gloria tells Lauren she is going to take her break now and if she isn’t back in 10 minutes it will be because she threw herself under a bus. Lauren is worried about Gloria so she calls Kevin and asks him to come over and help.

Adam notices that Sabrina looks like she is about to cry. She says she feels so happy but she guesses she is just so emotional. He asks if he can sit down with her. He asks her if she was upset about the fight between Victor and Nikki. She says she was at first. She says she can see both sides of it. Adam says he was pretty vicious with Nikki. Sabrina says not to judge him. He says he was warned about Victor’s dark side, she says don’t call it that. She says it is a passionate side. He says he was never hurtful like that to his mother. He says his mother always brought out the best in him and he thinks so does she.

Gloria returns to work untangling hangars when Kevin and Jana walk in. He tells her hello and that she looks like she is doing arts and crafts at Happy Acres. They aggravate Gloria as they try helping her with the hangars. Lauren admits she called Kevin. Kevin says he is proud of Gloria for not planning her next scheme. When Gloria gives that mischievous look they all yell No to her. She tells them they are no fun.

Jeffery goes to Jabot and tells Jill he needs to apologize for what happened with Gloria. She says she only took him to the Boutique because he said he was over Gloria. He hands her an apology gift which is an orange silk scarf. They laugh as he wraps it around her saying he can think of lots of things to do with a silk scarf. Jill locks the door and removes her white blouse. She reveals her black bustier. Jeffery just smiles. Jill straddles him and then unbuttons his shirt. When he says he loves surprises she tells him then this is his lucky day and plants a hot kiss on him.

After the shoot everyone seems happy but Jack. He receives a call from Alex Fashions and they say with Katy Perry on the cover they will have to pull their ads and the man hangs up. Nick says this is just a minor set back. Nick refuses to change the cover model and storms off but Jack says he is not going to just roll over on this one.

Jan Barrett

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