Nina arranges to meet with Cane at Crimson Lights. She thanks him for fitting her into his busy schedule to talk to her. He thought meeting there would have less distraction. He tells her he knows getting more details for the screenplay she is writing is important to her.

Billy asks Chloe to come talk but she doesn’t bring the baby because seeing him holding her only makes her turn to mush. She is assuming he only misses her because he is lonely now that Mac is engaged to someone else and Jack is disgusted with him and now he only has random hook up to turn to. Billy tells her he wants her back and that he has stopped drinking and he has stopped chasing Mac around. Chloe isn’t impressed with Billy. She says he acts like he is checking in with his parole officer when he is talking to her. She tells him she wants to be the one that makes him laugh but she figures he was laughing his ass off at her when she said her vows to him at their wedding with her matron of honor standing next to her. She is guessing that Sharon got pregnant on Chloe’s wedding day to Billy since they slept together that very day. She tells Billy if he gives her his speech about she knew what she was getting into one more time she will rip his vocal chords out. Billy looks at her and asks if there is no chance for them. Chloe tells him maybe not and she walks out.

Mary Jane tells JT she wasn’t lurking she was sightseeing after visiting Phyllis, who JT can’t get to answer her phone to verify it. She says next time she will just get Phyllis to give her a tour and she apologizes to JT. He isn’t convinced of her story but he doesn’t have time to check out her story because he has bigger fish to fry.

Victoria is at Jimmy’s ordering another soda when Howard slides over to her asking her why would she leave a suitcase filled with $100,000 unattended and he wants to know why the fake Aucker yet hasn’t contacted her yet. She tells him she won’t call the man until JT gets there. Jana comes in only to have Amber and Kevin right behind her asking what is going on. They want to know if she is there to meet with Daniel. Howard whispers in Jana’s ear, that this better be a coincidence.

Outside in the alley Daniel yells out for the fake Aucker saying or whatever the hell your name is. He yells that he knows he is out there. The man comes out saying well, well it looks like Jana didn’t keep her mouth shut like she was told to do. Daniel tells him he wants his painting back. The guy tells him the going price is $100,000 and then he pulls a gun on Daniel who attempted to reach for him.

Nina wants to know more about Violet Montgomery, the woman who claimed to be Cane’s mother that died when he was really young. Cane says she died of pneumonia. He admits he doesn’t like to talk about his childhood. Nina brings up Amber. He doesn’t know what she has to do with this since he thought this was supposed to be about Katherine. Nina says she is just following the drama so who knows. She tells him this movie could end up being about him more than Katherine.

Katherine invites Chloe to join her at her table at the club since Murphy is at his Elk’s meeting. Chloe wants to talk to her while her Mom isn’t around. She says she isn’t sure what to do about Billy. Katherine fully understands saying Delia’s future hangs in the balance. Chloe admits that she really thought Billy had it him to do this for his daughter’s sake until she found out about Sharon being pregnant. Katherine just shakes her head and says My God when will he ever learn. Chloe thinks maybe she pushed him too much. She says Billy says he is sorry but she figures who is she to judge with all the mistakes she has made. Katherine warns her that trying to force a change in Billy would be the biggest mistake she could make.

When Mac sees Billy come in at Crimson Lights she appears happy to see him. She tells him the timing is perfect as she shows him what she found in her attic. It is a scrapbook she made when they were together. She tells him to look at them, and his lovesick look on his face. He laughs at the newspaper clippings and pictures and at some of the notes she saved. He asks how come he never saw this before now. She tells him she had it packed for their honeymoon. He says this would have been fun and  great to show to their kids. Mac tells him Delia misses her Daddy. Billy says hopefully Chloe will come around. He tells Mac he thinks she wanted to show him the scrapbook. He tells her she must know what these signals send to him. He asks her what she is doing.

Jana explains to Kevin and Amber what Daniel is up to saying she did try to stop him though. He didn’t want to involve Amber and Kevin. When Jana points out the man that is the real Aucker Amber quickly introduces herself to him. She alerts him that Daniel is there. He warns her that it is her responsibility Howard says he will have Daniel arrested for interfering with his investigation and then asks her if she is happy now.

Back out in the alley, Daniel refuses to leave even though the fake Aucker has the gun on him. The guy tells him not only would he shoot him but he would enjoy doing it. Daniel tells him he can’t see him making a deal with Victoria Newman over a dead body. Victoria calls telling him she was there in the alley. He asks if she has the cash. He says good. Then he tells Daniel it is time to go and then he cocks the gun. When Daniel doesn’t move her tells Daniel it is his funeral.

Cane ends his call with Lily and then tries getting rid of Nina by telling her he would rather leave all this in the past. She tells him if she didn’t know any better she’d think he was hiding something. She says she does want to know where the other baby came from. She admits she was in love with Phillip and she needs to make some sense of this saying perhaps there is a family history out there that would explain so much. She says she can’t drop this, it is for Phillip and his son. Cane says he will just hit a dead end. She tells him she can’t find a single record of this woman calling it so bizarre. Cane tells her he has to get home now and that it was nice talking to her.

When Mary Jane arrives at the club Paul hits her with questions. When she doesn’t seem interested, she tells him he really needs to get a hobby. He tells her he will just forward his questions to the IRS. She asks , the IRS? He explains how he has been digging and found out that it seems that she didn’t even exist until a few months ago. He says her bank account was recently opened with a big fat cash deposit and he is curious about where the windfall came from. She tells him her cat died and left her a fortune, what business is it of his. Paul wants to know who is behind this. She says she really doesn’t know what he means. He says someone went through a lot of trouble to get her a new identity and fake credentials and a plum job at Jabot. She starts upstairs while she says he is snooping into her private affairs and that is a definition of a stalker.

Howard tells Victoria that Daniel is going to scare this guy off or get himself killed one. He orders her to do this now. She tells him OK as she heads out into the back with the briefcase with the money in it.

When he hears a noise in the alley, the fake Aucker calls out who is there. He asks if it is Ms. Newman. He says her friend is very stupid. Suddenly someone wearing a mask jumps out and tackles Aucker to the ground and then he runs off. Daniel runs over to the guy and sees the guy is bleeding and the gun is on the ground a few feet away from them.

Amber and Kevin worry that the Feds are all over the place and they think Daniel is a criminal. JT comes in and they tell him that Victoria is out in the alley alone. He runs out there. Daniel kicks the gun away and asks the fake Howard who did this to him. The man tells him he did and then he dies. Victoria walks up calling out for Mr. Belfour.

Katherine and Chloe talk about Billy changing and how Chloe is keeping Delia from him to try and make him tell her what she wants to hear. Chloe says maybe she is being manipulative but she has to ask, doesn’t he deserve that. Katherine tells her it must be hell on earth to live like Billy does. She remembers how she did things like block from her mind when she stole Phillip from Jill and gave him away. She tells Chloe that she doesn’t have any control over Billy, she says nothing she does will make a damn bit of difference.

Mac tells Billy that the scrapbook is just a cheesy high school memory and not to read anything into it. He says it is their love story and she is mooning over it. He says if she agrees then she would have to admit to having human feelings. He tells her he can see it in her eyes every time she looks at him or rather when she tries not to look at him. He says she feels the same way now that she did back then and then asks her doesn’t she. Finally she blurts out that she does. Billy looks relieved to hear her admit it as he smiles.

Billy can’t believe she actually admitted it. He tells her not to take it back now, he knows her better than anyone else. She points out that they aren’t in high school anymore. He is married and she is in love with another man. He says it’s just a little complicated but she says it is impossible because neither of them are available. He tells her she is wrong there.

Katherine talks to Chloe about the serenity prayer. Chloe thinks that is a cop out as they both laugh. Katherine thinks that since she can’t change other people how about changing herself. Chloe only wants to change how she loves Billy. Katherine wonders about her self respect. Chloe explains she has none. She tells her about her cheating husband and them she told him she was done with him but now she wants to run back to him telling him she didn’t mean it. Katherine asks her if that is what she is going to do and Chloe says no. Katherine tells her she will be her sponsor from now on. When she feels she is going to fall off the wagon, she can call her. Chloe thanks her.

Victoria says to the wire that she is wearing that he’s running off. JT calls out and she yells that she is fine and every thing is OK. Howard gets a call and says damnit and then he runs out. Victoria yells out that she is over here. When she spots the fake Aucker’s dead body she screams out.  JT calls out for Victoria. The masked assailant is on top of a pile of wooden crates. She shoves the pile over and then he runs away and the pile topples over on top of Victoria.

JT digs her out from under the crates screaming at her asking if she is OK. He shouts out for someone to help him. Victoria is unconscious in his arms. Without being seen the masked guy grabs the painting and the briefcase with the money and he runs off. JT yells out for help again.

Howard tells someone on the phone that the whole set up went to hell and they need an ambulance now. He tells Amber, Jana and Kevin to stay put when he has to run out.

Paul thanks someone on the phone for faxing some documents to him. Nina congratulates him on his engagement to Nikki She explains that she needs some help finding something out about Violet Montgomery. He did some investigating on her a while back and tells Nina some of what he found. Nina says at least now she has something to go on. Paul offers to dig out his old files and then he will call her. Detective Wallace comes up to Paul and tells him that Mary Jane Benson has filed a complaint against him for harassment and stalking her. Paul is shocked but the Detective has to take him in for questioning.

Mary Jane is seen petty her stuffed kitty talking to it. She explains how she lost it today and smashed an innocent bird til it was dead. She says she is sorry. She had promised she would never do that after what she did to it, as she strokes the kitty. She asks it if it will forgive her. She giggles as she hugs the kitty.

Chloe is at the coffee house when she sees Mac and Billy out on the patio talking. She sneaks over there where she can hear. Billy tells Mac that Chloe told him their marriage was over so he is available. Mac tells him but she isn’t. Billy says if she can’t hide her feelings from him why she thinks she can hide them from Raul. He thinks she should show Raul some respect. He holds up the scrapbook telling her she can’t forget what they had together and what they can have again. He tells her he knows she will do the right thing as he gets up and walks out. Chloe thinks maybe she should call Katherine but after looking at Mac she changes her mind.

Katherine comes in and joins Mac on the patio. She asks if everything is OK and Mac tells her she just wishes she was someone different that is impulsive and completely selfish. Katherine doesn’t that those kinds of people are really happy. Mac still thinks that sometimes it would be worth it. Katherine knows Mac is still in love with Billy. Mac admits she just can’t help it. Katherine tells her that Billy can’t help himself and he isn’t the kind of man she really wants, she says a good solid man is better.

Cane talks on the phone saying he can’t put Nina off saying she is getting suspicious. He says how can he relax, he has a life there and a woman he is in love with. He says if he loses that… Langley tells him to relax. He says she will sniff around a bit and when she comes to a dead end she will give up. Cane says he doesn’t think so. He says, “Your wife has not forgotten about you, Phillip.”

The paramedics are wheeling Victoria to the ambulance when someone tells Howard the money is gone. He apologizes to JT who is angry as he points his finger at Aucker telling him if his wife dies he is going after him.

Amber, Jana and Kevin head back to Daniel’s apartment. They are happy to find him there when they get there. They tell him he gave them a good scare. Daniel tells them this isn’t over yet though. He turns off the lights in the apartment and then looks out down the hallway. He tells them he is in serious, serious trouble.

Jan Barrett

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