Gloria is ready to start her new job. She brings in flowers cut from the garden for Sharon but Sharon says they weren’t ready for 2 weeks. She tells Gloria to stay out of her garden. Gloria tells them Lauren hired her at the Boutique and she starts today so she has to go. She apologizes again and leaves. Jack promises Sharon that Gloria will be gone by the time Noah gets home. Later Jack tells Sharon that he thinks they need to take care of Alistair first. He suggests that they send him on an all expense paid cruise to Alaska. Sharon tells him that maybe they should tar and feather him and Jack thinks that is a great idea calling her brilliant. He walks off and Sharon mumbles that she was just joking.

Nikki is on the phone discussing business. When she hangs up she thinks back to when David told her about Paul investigating him. David interrupts her thoughts when he walks in and tells her he missed her this morning. She tells him she had things to do and she assures him she isn’t avoiding him. He says he wouldn’t blame her if she was. She tells him not to be silly, and hugs him telling him she is proud of him.

Victor and Sabrina are at the Boutique talking about Sabrina’s wedding gown. Lauren tells Victor that Sabrina’s gown will be in soon and he is not allowed to go snooping in Sabrina’s closet because it is bad luck for the groom to see the wedding gown before the wedding. Just then Victoria walks in and Victor tells her hello. She tells him she didn’t expect to see him there.

Gloria comes in at the Boutique and says hello to Victor. Her new boss Lindsay walks up and introduces herself. Victor asks her what happened to her working at Jabot and asks if she got fired. Gloria just brushes it off and says never mind that and that she is just happy to be there. She sees Sabrina not knowing who she is and offers to help if she can. She notices Sabrina’s ring and Sabrina tells her she is getting married soon. Victor walks over and tells Gloria Sabrina is his fiancé and then he introduces the two ladies. When they leave Lauren walks over to Gloria and tells her it will get better. Gloria tries to stop a customer from buying a dress telling her the color just doesn’t go with her. She looks at the price tag. She whispers that Lauren sure doesn’t give this stuff away does she.

Paul meets with JT at Crimson Lights. JT wants to know how Nikki took the news. He tells him that Nikki trusts David completely. He tells JT not to worry though, because he didn’t tell her that he was involved in the investigation which makes JT happy. Paul says he will still be investigating though.

Nikki leaves after a meeting and Brad tells David he is placing a bet on a horse called Candelabra. He says he is betting 10 grand on it. David wishes him luck and Brad thanks him saying if he wins he will be sure to pass out cigars.

Sabrina goes to Jabot to talk to Victoria. She says she feels bad about what happened at the Boutique. Victoria tells Sabrina her father doesn’t like to wait for anything. She tells her as for the wedding all she can tell her is that she will think about going. She can’t promise her more for now. When Sabrina walks away Brad comes by telling her she missed a meeting in the lab. She wants to know what meeting. ‘He says he will cc her his memo.

Paul goes to see Heather at Jabot. David sees him and asks him what he is doing there. Paul tells him he is there to pick up his daughter for lunch. Paul says he talked to Nikki about his investigation and she asked him to drop it so he will respect her wishes. David is glad to hear this. When Heather comes out, she and Paul leave. Meanwhile Nikki is in her office and she thinks back to her conversation with Paul about David. She types in David Chow- Murderer and clicks enter to do a search.

Jack comes in and tells her that the Alistair problem has been solved. The doorbell rings and it is Alistair. He announces that he got a gig playing Don Quixote in Man of La Mancha at an Opera House in Alaska that will run all summer. Sharon congratulates him and so does Jack. He
 says he leaves tonight but he wanted to tell Gloria good bye. They tell him she is working at the Boutique but they are sure he could pass over there on his way to the airport to say good bye.

Victoria goes to talk to her mother at Jabot. She is all emotional over running into her father at the Boutique. Victoria wonders why they have to be in such a rush to get married. Nikki thinks that her father feels pretty certain about Sabrina, saying it would be horrible to have doubts about the one you love. She tells her mother that seeing her father and Sabrina happy upsets her. Victoria tells her that her father practically demanded that  she come to his wedding but she told him she will think about it. . She says she doesn’t know what is worse, her fathers bulldozer or Sabrina’s kill them with kindness routine.

David keeps thinking about what Brad told him about the bet on the horse. He calls someone asking if they would be interested in buying a watch. He tells him it was a gift from his wife and it is very expensive. He assures them that he will want to buy it back in a few days though.

Gloria has a hard time with a customer that insists that she wears a size 6 shoe. When Gloria gives her a hard time back the woman tells her not to be giving her any attitude. Gloria calls Lindsay over to take over for her. She walks over to Lauren saying that woman was being impossible. Lauren tells her that woman reminds her of the Old Gloria. Gloria asks was she really that bad and Lauren says yes she was. Lauren suggests she tries sales in the jewelry department. Brad walks up asking for help in finding a gift for his daughter. When he sees it is Gloria he teases her about her working there. He calls her desperate for work. She tells him there is nothing desperate about joining the family business. Lauren walks up and tells Brad how lucky they are to have Gloria there and how they begged her to take an executive position but she insisted on working in sales.

Nikki and David go to the Club for lunch and she notices he doesn’t have his watch on. When she asks about it he claims he sent it to the manufacturer to have a scratch on it fixed. He changes the subject by telling Nikki to look who is there motioning towards Victor and Sabrina.

Jack is taking care of some business at home when John’s ghost appears. He lets Jack know how he disapproves of him tampering with Gloria’s life yet again. Jack says he didn’t think he would want Gloria on the arm of a drunken actor. John tells him that is Gloria’s choice though, not his. He starts talking to John when suddenly the ghost disappears and Jack doesn’t see him anymore.

Alistair goes to the Boutique to see Gloria to tell her good bye. As they talk Alistair and Gloria over hear a customer complaining on the phone about Gloria taking too long. Alistair stands up for Gloria telling the woman to pay attention and one day she might become half the goddess that Gloria is. With that said he kisses her hand saying he will miss her and he leaves as Sharon watches him. Gloria turns to the customer and tells her she will be right back with her earrings.

Jan Barrett

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