The first part of the show today was interrupted by a Special News Report so this is where The Young and The Restless picked up today.

Phyllis pleads with Jack to please keep Sharon away from her husband. She says Nick is convinced that he is this baby’s father. Jack tells her he will do his best but he informs her that Sharon is with Nick right now though.

Sharon tells Nick he can’t leave Phyllis. Nick tells her he has to and then kisses her again. He tells her that he finally woke up and she is the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with. He wants what they had together back. He says that is the way it is supposed to be and he then asks her doesn’t she want that too. Sharon tells him no as she shakes her head. She says there is no more of them and she can’t let him leave Phyllis no matter who the father of the baby is.

Jack tells Phyllis that Sharon is no longer a threat to her but Phyllis thinks she is. She says she has always been a doormat, trying to be OK with everything. He explains that he and Sharon are back together again and he assures her that if Sharon is still there at Restless Style when she gets back she would be pleasantly surprised. Phyllis says she won’t hold her breath as she goes out the door. She passes Olivia when she leaves who comes to tell Jack about Ashley being at the hospital earlier but she is back out at the ranch now. She tells him she will fill him in on the rest in the car.

When Daniel and Amber get to the coffee shop Jana tells them about Kevin’s mood. Amber says she knows how to cheer him up. She tells Kevin he shouldn’t be listening to a bunch of jerks and she bets she can find people online that won’t feel that way. Spitting into their hands and shaking on it they say the bet is on. Jana notices Daniel’s mood is strange. She mentions the painting his is copying and asks didn’t he know that the painting had been stolen 10 years ago. She asks him why he is forging a stolen masterpiece.

Victor walks the doctor out just as Olivia comes in with Jack. She explains to Jack who the woman is that was with Victor. When Victor suggests to Jack that he comes back tomorrow, Jack tells him he doesn’t think so. Ashley comes downstairs and tells Jack hello as she hugs him. She tells him she is fine and she only came down for a snack. She it is disturbing as to how Estella found out she was at the hospital. When Jack suggests she comes home with him she says she is fine there. Victor interrupts by saying enough! Olivia takes Ashley back upstairs. Jack asks Victor what kind of a madhouse is this place. He says Ashley is supposed to be in a calm environment. Victor assures him that this is a stress free home unless Jack is there.

Ashley argues with Olivia over Olivia’s suggestion that she sees a psychiatrist. Olivia tells her she is sorry she doesn’t feel she can trust her but she wants to believe that she isn’t causing these occurrences herself. Ashley feels like she is trapped there in the house. Olivia tells her she should go take a walk with Zapato telling her it is a beautiful night but makes her promise to come back and get a good night sleep, doctors orders.

Nick tells Sharon they will always be tied together and he thinks it is fate. Sharon doesn’t share his thoughts anymore. He thinks there is a reason they met and he thinks that now that he has come to his senses they can be together again. She tells him she is reconciling with Jack Nick tells her she doesn’t love Jack like she does him. He says he can make things right between them again. She tells him no, she wants him to be happy with his family and she is staying with Jack. Nick asks her to reconsider. Phyllis walks in and asks reconsider what?

Nick tells Phyllis there are going to be some changes for all of them. Sharon turns to Phyllis and tells her that she and Jack were reconciling only this time permanently. She says she and Nick have agreed to keep their distance. She says if the baby is his then they will share custody but she and Jack will be raising the baby. She tells Phyllis there is nothing going on between her and Nick. She only wants the best for Phyllis and Summer. She thanks her for listening and leaves Phyllis and Nick alone. Phyllis stares at Nick and asks him if that is the whole story.

Daniel tells Jana that he is working for the Department of Justice. Jana asked him if he believed that man. She says she can see red flags everywhere. Daniel tells her he checks the guys credentials and goes on to explain that they asked him to make a copy so they can lure the thieves. Jana worries that this could be dangerous. Daniel tells her that they know everything about him and all his friends and he worries. He asks how much trouble does she think he could be in and then he asks can the government force someone to work for them.

Kevin asks Amber to type in a site online called He tells her it is for real because he checked it out yesterday. Amber thinks whoever it belongs to is a loser. They read all the comments about them, most all are hateful and mean. Amber bets she can find something positive and Kevin takes her up on that bet. She searches under Silver Chipmunk instead of under there names and says she would do it all over again if it would get Kevin back. She says she is not asking him to forget about all of it. She just wants him to cut himself some slack. She tells him she has found just what she had been looking for.

She found a site that claims the Silver Chipmunk is their hero. It is dedicated to adults who have lived through child abuse and neglect. There is talk on the site about Kevin returning to his life whole and intact after. It says someone that has never experienced abuse has no right to judge Kevin. Amber tells him to read some of the positive posts there saying they are pretty cool huh. Kevin looks quite impressed as he continues reading. He offers her the free cappuccino since she won the bet.

Adam listens in to the conversation between Jack and Victor. Jack says Victor is responsible for all this and says he is not letting his sister stay in this haunted house one more day. Adam giggles at Jacks way with words. Victor tells Jack the only reason he hasn’t thrown him out of there is because he knows he loves Ashley. Olivia interrupts tells them that Ashley needs to remain calm so she gets ready to leave telling Jack to go with her. Victor tells Jack his sister doesn’t want him there and he orders him not to come back when he is home. When they leave Ashley takes the dog out for a walk like Olivia suggested she do. When she gets to the statue she whispers that she hopes Sabrina is at peace and she requests that Sabrina lets Victor go and let her be too. As she looks at the statue it sort of morphs into Sabrina who stands up and walks towards Ashley.

Sabrina is dressed in a long white dress. She tells Ashley not to be afraid, she won’t hurt her. Ashley asks her if she is insane, but Sabrina tells her she is completely sane. She says there is nothing to worry about and that her only wish is for Victor to be happy. She tells Ashley she knows that is her wish too but asks her not to fear her. She says she and her baby are at peace knowing Victor is loved and she wants Ashley and her baby to be at peace too. Ashley smile as she realizes when she sits up in her bed that it was just a dream.

Daniel doesn’t know what is up with Howard or why he is playing hardball now but he does ask Jana not to tell anyone about this. She is glad she knows in case something happens to him. She is surprised that Amber doesn’t know though. She tells Daniel she doesn’t like any of this. Daniel doesn’t either and he says he had even thought about returning the money and burning the canvas and then telling Howard just to go to hell. Amber and Kevin walk up telling them what they found on the web site. Amber says her work is done here as she and Daniel leave. As Kevin continues to read he says he has come across something very interesting and he hopes it doesn’t mean what he thinks it means.

When he gets back online with Jana he notices that all the bloggers have the same email address which is Ambers. He says she had him going for a while there. He tells Jana he isn’t upset though. He can see that Amber went through a lot of trouble to do this for him. He says this is the nicest lie he has ever heard anyone tell before. Jana is happy he feels that way as she kisses him.

When Daniel and Amber get home they find their place had been broken into and trashed. She blames one of the whack jobs from the internet but Daniel thinks back to the conversation he had with Howard on the phone earlier threatening him and giving him until noon tomorrow. He says under his breath that this could be a disaster.

Ashley comes downstairs giggling telling Victor how good she feels. She tells him it doesn’t matter why her mood has changed. She realized that she may have been over reacting to all the weird things happening. Adam is upstairs listening and he becomes unglued as he yells out damn it, and pounding his fist on the desk. He says he had her on the edge and wants to know what went wrong. Ashley tells Victor she knows in her heart that she belongs there with him and nothing will ever drive her out of there. Victor is excited as he hugs Ashley that she is rid of the damned anxiety. She tells him she loves him.

Jack comes home and is greeted by Sharon right away with a tight hug. She asks him if she has told him how much he means to her. She tells him just knowing he is by her side after all the reasons she has given him to walk away means so much to her. He tells her he is the one that messed things up for them. She tells him she loves him so much.

Phyllis and Nick stand there staring at each other. Nick says he has done some thinking. Phyllis says that is good. She says she has heard from Sharon what she wants, now she wants to hear what Nick wants saying this was about them. She tells him that she has already made it clear to him what it would take for her to stay in this marriage so she wants to know if he is willing to let Sharon go to live her life while they live theirs. Nick tells her yeah he has made a decision. Just before he answers her, Phyllis’s phone rings and it is the babysitter. She says Summer is fine but the babysitter is sick so she has to go home. With tears in her eyes as she rushes out she tells Nick they can talk at home. Nick stands there with that glum look on his face.

Jan Barrett

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