Mary Jane isn’t happy to find Victor in her room even though he is standing there with her scrapbook in his hand demanding to know what the hell it is. He reminds her that he pays for her room there and she is supposed to be focused on Jack and he tells her to stay the hell away from his family. She tells him the scrapbook is just a silly positive reinforcement to help her focus on the project. When he doesn’t believe her she tells him to suit himself. He starts to rip the scrapbook up and she screams at him to stop telling him he has no right. He looks at her and orders her to leave Genoa City.

Sharon looks at a photo of her with Nick and Cassie. She rubs her stomach and tells the baby she would have loved her big sister Cassie. She asks if she made a mistake telling Nick that Jack was the father of her baby. She thinks back to when she heard Nick telling Phyllis he would be lost and dead inside if he bailed out on her now. Then Sharon thinks no, she wasn’t wrong, she did the right thing because Nick needs to be with Phyllis and help take care of Summer. She thinks it is too bad that all this affects so many people.

Ashley is happy when Jack tells her that Sharon’s baby is his. She says she is happy that they will be raising children together thinking this is exciting. Jack vows to make it right this time at being a father. With Adam listening he thinks the last thing the world needs now is for Jack to have kids. Ashley tells Jack she is fine but confesses that the baby has been quiet lately. When Adam goes back up to his room, he thinks back to Ashley’s fall down the stairs and wonders again what he has done. Downstairs Ashley tells Jack that her baby and his are due about the same time.

Victoria comes out of Summer’s hospital room and tells Nikki that Nick and Phyllis are at home trying to get some rest. Nikki says she just has to tell someone what she saw. She tells Victoria about her trip to the ranch where she saw something shocking. She tells her about seeing Adam and Rafe kissing. Needless to say Victoria is shocked.

Amber runs into the coffee shop out on the patio saying to turn the radio on. Kevin is flushed hearing his own voice doing a motivational speech on a Local Heroes segment. Jana is so proud of him. She says according to Eden the Crazy Chipmunk Club is the hottest thing at school. Daniel tries getting the contact list, the call log or even any service from the cell phone. He says maybe the guy just didn’t pay his bill. Kevin takes the phone and calls the phone company and tells them he is Thomas Belfour.

They get a log from a Mystery Man talking to another Mystery Man saying the kid did a pretty good job with the forgery. He says yeah it hung on your old man’s wall, he was a terrible art thief. The second man says he didn’t have the cash but tells the other man that he has it. He asks for the plan for today. The response is to get rid of Daniel Romalotti.

Jack tells Ashley that Sharon wants to stay independent but he says he is sure they will be raising the baby together. Ashley says she is less stressed since Estella is out of the picture now. When Jack wonders about Adam, she tells him to give him a break saying he wasn’t the one gaslighting her. Adam comes downstairs he asks if he heard his name mentioned. Jack tells him not everything is about him and then he says he was just leaving anyway. When Ashley goes upstairs for a nap Adam congratulates Jack but Jack isn’t buying his nice guy act. He knows Adam can’t stand the sight of him for getting off scott free over the forging of Victor’s diary. Jack thinks that even though Adam is blind he is sure he is hatching a plan right now to pay him back. Jack warns him not to come after him through his family especially through Ashley. He says if anything happens to her Adam will lose more than just his eyesight.

Nikki says yes, she saw Adam and Rafe kissing. Victoria finds it odd because she never thought of Adam as gay. She says imagine how her father would react if he knew this. Nikki says Victor is all for diversity but not in his own family. Nikki says now she understands why Adam doesn’t let anyone get close to him. Victoria asks if she can blame him. She says she can only imagine the pressure he must be under being Victor Newman’s son. She says even Nick has to live up to Victor’s expectations.

Kevin manages to get the phone activated but Amber worries what if the killer comes after Daniel again. Daniel promises not to go all vigilante, he just wants to clear his name. Now that the phone is on Daniel can get some names. Jana says she is thrilled to find Kevin’s speech on View Click as a top viewed video. Suddenly they realize someone is calling the dead guy but Amber says not to answer it.

Victor tells Mary Jane security will be up there to help her pack and see to it she gets on the plane. She tells him that won’t be necessary. She tells him she may have strayed from the plan but she has Jack where she wants him but she just needs more time. Victor says he is tired of her BS saying he had her face reconstructed for one reason and that was to get Jack’s ass. He tells her she blew it. She begs for another chance. He says he is forwarding money for her to Brazil and them asks if she is out of her mind, with a stuffed cat, and photos of his family all over the place. He asks what is going on with her. She assures him that she won’t let her emotions get the better of her again. He tells her that she is crazy but she has nothing to worry about with beauty and money and she will have a hell of a time in Brazil. He advises her not to refuse this offer. He warns her to get the hell out of town and to never step foot in Genoa City again.

Kevin tries to check the number out but Daniel doesn’t wait. He ignores Amber telling him not to answer the phone and he answers it. The second mystery man asks who this is, a few times and then hangs up frustrating Daniel. Kevin traced the address. Then we see the second mystery man snap at the first guy telling him he hit the wrong speed dial button and they called Belfour. The first guy says he is sorry. The second guy thinks it is time they cleared out and tells him to get the painting off the wall and to remove anything from the office that can identify him. As they hurry up to get things together, they drop a photo on the floor.

Victoria wonders is Heather knows about Adam. Nikki doesn’t give a damn after what she has done to Nick and Phyllis. She wonders if Rafe is betraying Estella too. Victoria says knowing Adam he is probably using Rafe. Nikki decides to tell Victor for Estella’s sake. Victor comes in and asks about Summer. Nikki tells him how they read to Victoria when she was comatose and Victoria thanks God they didn’t give up on her and now they have to be there for Summer. Nikki and Victor walks towards Summer’s room when Nikki spots Heather. She tells Victor and Victoria to go ahead of her, she will be there in a minute.

Nikki tells Heather hello and asks what she is doing there. She tells her that Nick and Phyllis aren’t there. She claims she is doing a court piece for Restless Style and she could use her professional opinion off the record. She asks what she would do if the defendant’s lawyer might be involved with a suspect. Heather says that as an officer of the court she is legally required to report any impropriety. Nikki says but she isn’t an officer of the court though so would revealing that relationship cause any harm. Heather says the lawyer would be getting what he or she deserves. Nikki asks even if it harms the families or the suspect. Heather says she can’t really advise her without all the information but she thinks being open with information is the best policy. Nikki thanks her for her help.

Victoria picks up a book and reads to Summer and at the end she says they all lived happily ever after. Victor worries about Victoria being so emotional. She says she has so much to be thankful for, a great job, husband and baby, Sabrina’s Charity, and she even managed to locate some of the art pieces he sold off. She says in fact later she is meeting with an art dealer from LA. She turns to Summer telling her that Reed misses her as they all do. She kisses her and then leaves.

Mary Jane interrupts a business meeting that Jack is having. She says she needs to speak to Jack immediately, it is urgent. She gets Jack to the side telling him she is leaving town. He asks if she is resigning from Jabot and then asks what is going on. He wonders if she lied to him all along about being married. She says it isn’t anything like that. When she spots the security guard hovering around, she admits to Jack that she doesn’t want to leave but she has to. She didn’t want to leave without telling him that she is in love with him and that they were meant for each other. She says she loves him with all her heart. The look on Jack’s face shows that he is in shock.

He tells Mary Jane he is flattered which isn’t what she wanted to hear. She tells him she just told him she is in love with him and then asks how he feels about her. He tells her she is a creative, intelligent, beautiful woman. She says she gets it, he used her for his pleasure and now he is throwing her away. He reminds her that what they had was supposed to be a casual relationship with no expectations. She thought that they had something real. He said he is sorry but he is still hoping to reconcile with Sharon. Mary Jane says Sharon is in love with Nick though. Jack says he didn’t mean to lead her on. She says but he did just that. She says he deliberately made her have feelings for him. He says no, he made it clear from the beginning how he felt. She tells him he loves her and he will realize it and then she runs off.

Ashley is up from her nap now and she talks to Adam about Jack’s baby being born about the same time as Hope will be. She calls her baby Hope and she says she hopes he doesn’t mind them naming her baby after his mother. He is blown away at the idea. She admits to him that she hasn’t felt the baby kicking in quite a while now.

Daniel goes into the dark office where the mystery man was. Amber comes in and Daniel who is wearing gloves is surprised to see her. He didn’t want her to follow him because this could be dangerous. She shows him that someone must have just left as she shows him a glass with ice still in it. Daniel tells her to wipe her fingerprints from the glass. She wants him to call Michael and get the police involved. She wants to go at first then decides to stay and join Daniel looking around. They find a flash drive and wonders how the hell is he supposed to know what is on it. He says he will have to download them to his computer. Amber picks up the photo on the floor and tells Daniel he has got to see this.

Kevin tells Jana he doesn’t want to do more speaking saying that people will eventually find out he is a loser. She tells him not to talk about her husband that way. He says well her husband is also a hypocrite. The President of the Crazy Chipmunk Club along with some others come up and tell Kevin they collected money to keep the mission going. Kevin thanks them. He is uncomfortable with it but he is impressed because there is over $200 there. He starts thinking of Chipmunk key chains, lunch boxes and even bobble heads. Jana takes the money for safe keeping. She tells him he should help people not take advantage of them. He says but it is 200 bucks!

Sharon tells Jack she saw Mary Jane running out in tears. He tells her that she was right. Mary Jane was more attached to him than he thought. He never wanted anything serious with her or any other woman. He says the only woman he is interested in is the one that is carrying his child. He tells her he has never stopped loving her.

Nikki goes back in Summer’s room where Victor is reading to her. Nikki says the room is full of miracles and she knows that more than anyone. Victor hugs her and she tells him that Victoria has been very moody lately. She tells Victor she was also out at the ranch and she saw Adam and there is something he should know.

Adam can understand Ashley being worried but he says that the check up she had a few days ago so what did he say. She says the doctor found everything with the baby to be ok. He asks if she talked to her doctor and she says no. Adam thinks it is just her nerves and then he offers to make her some tea, She thinks he is sounding like he is patronizing her. She thinks she needs a sonogram to make sure the baby is OK. Adam offers to make the arrangements and apologizes for sounding like he was patronizing her. She offers him some tea instead and she goes off to make some. He calls Dr. Taylor and tells him they have a huge problem and he needs hi s help.

Just as Nikki is about to tell Victor about Adam and Rafe Victor gets a call. He yells into the phone, what! He says he asked them to put her on a plane and then he is told they don’t know where she is. Victor orders them to find her, damnit.

Mary Jane sneaks under the fence outside the stables. She complains that NOW Jack decides to step up and be the father and husband that he should have been when she was pregnant. She asks why now. She talks to Jack in her mind telling him that Sharon doesn’t even want him. She says Victor wants to get rid of her and he has no idea how she feels about Jack. She says she won’t give up. Victor will never get rid of her.

Jack says he doesn’t just love Sharon because she is carrying his baby. He says he loves her like he has never loved any other woman. He says he was a selfish and insensitive husband but he is a better man today, because of her. He tells her she made him a better partner and husband. She thinks he will make a wonderful husband but the timing isn’t right for them. He tells her he is a patient man and he thinks they will get back together is it was meant to be. Meanwhile upstairs in Sharon’s suite, the hotel maid finds Victor’s wallet under the mattress on the bed.

Daniel looks at the picture that Amber found and recognizes the painting. He says it is hard to tell if it is the fake on or the original one. Amber says who ever is using this office is trying to set him up for murder as they continue searching for more evidence. She finds a book of matches with the “The Lair – on the sunset strip” on it. She looks worried and slips it inside her pocket.

The first mystery man meets with Victoria when she gets to the club. He tells her his employer is looking forward to meeting her. She says this way, Mr. Sharp as she greets him. He tells her to please call him Deacon as he smiles at her.

Jan Barrett

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