Daniel wakes up and finds Amber going over the sketches he made for her. He says when he woke up and she wasn’t there he thought he had been dreaming about last night. She kisses him and asks him if this feels like a dream. He tells her he definitely missed her and they start kissing more as he removes his shirt.

Victoria doesn’t agree with Sabrina about her choice of menus for the gala or the Chicago caterer. She wonders if she chooses Chicago because Phillipe is in Chicago. Sabrina knew nothing about him being there. Victoria is surprised since she is usually up to date with what goes on in the art world. Sabrina says she stopped following Phillipe’s career the day she came to Genoa City. She says she thought she loved Phillipe but she knows better now. She tells Victoria that her father has made her forget all about Phillipe and she doesn’t care if she ever sees him again.

Phillipe is at Jack’s house and they discuss his involvement with Sabrina. He tells Jack that Sabrina chased after him even though she knew he was already involved with another woman. He says once Sabrina wants something she goes after it until she gets it. Phillipe tells Jack that Sabrina arranging the Pompidou made him world famous. Jack is impressed and suggests that maybe he should talk to other women that made him successful.

Nick, Phyllis and Sharon are running around trying to make sure they meet their deadline for the magazine. They think Jack better show up. Sharon says he is meeting with an advertiser. Phyllis tells them it looks like Alexa won’t be showing up today since she was arrested last night for stealing a bracelet. Phyllis says Jack sure knows how to pick them. Sharon is startled.

Nikki tells David she hopes he doesn’t think he made a mistake last night. David tells Nikki last night was amazing with her but nothing has changed. He says he still has the same problem. She tells him he also still has her. She says he can’t have nights like last night and then just take it away. He says he has things he needs to prove to himself and to her before they can be together. David tells Nikki he doesn’t want her to have to cover him every time he makes a bet and loses. Nikki walks away to take a call when Brad walks in. He mentions a poker game tonight and invites David to join him. David says he isn’t interested after Brad tries to talk him into it. When Nikki walks back over to David she asks what they are talking about.

Adrian finds Victor and Sabrina reading the advance copy of his article. They both give him their approval. Victor likes Adrian’s coverage on Philippe’s showing and asks why they didn’t buy any of his work. Sabrina says because she finds it shallow and says there is no point in wasting energy on him. 

Amber brings up the picture that Daniel sent to his Mom of him and a blonde bimbo hanging all over him. He shows her a picture and asks her if it was this picture. She says yes, but it was with him alone with one of them. He denies it telling her that he didn’t cheat on her. She tells him how Phyllis made sure she saw the picture. He tells her the last thing he would ever do is cheat on her. He says he would never hurt her like that. He says he is going to have a little chat with his mom.

Jack walks in and they tell him about Alexa being arrested. They ask their fashion editor, George what they can do now. He says he doesn’t know, he is the boss and walks away. Jack doesn’t know what to do. Phyllis makes a sarcastic remark saying they could always use a picture of Alexa in jail on the cover. Sharon tells her she isn’t helping any.  Phyllis tells her she isn’t either. Nick says maybe she could. He suggests they use Sharon on the cover. Sharon says it has been so long since she has done anything like that. They start thinking of someone else and they can’t come up with anyone. Jack says there is someone and Nick has known her all his life. He says he is talking about his sister, Victoria.

Victoria is shocked when she sees Phillipe at the club. She asks him if he is there to see Sabrina. He tells her he has an exhibit in Chicago. She says Chicago has lots of hotels so why did he come there. She asks if Sabrina knows he is there. He says no but he admits he read about Sabrina marrying Victor. He says he is glad she is happy. Victoria thinks it is a huge coincidence that he and Sabrina are both here in Genoa City at the same time. He shrugs it off and says he has to go, his taxi is waiting.

Victoria sits at the bar in the club thinking when Victor walks in. He talks her into telling him what is on her mind. She tells him about seeing Sabrina’s old boyfriend. She says this guy and Sabrina were pretty serious and she says now he shows up in Genoa City. She says it is enough to make her wonder. Victor just sits there and says hmm. Victoria fills Victor in on how Sabrina was hurt really bad because Phillipe cheated on her. She says she doesn’t think Sabrina ever got him out of her heart. Victoria says she is afraid that Sabrina married him under false pretenses. Victor says he doesn’t think she is seeing Phillipe. He wonders if Victoria is thinking that if Sabrina keeps secrets from her, then she could possibly be keeping them from him too.

Sabrina is at the gallery when suddenly Phillipe shows up and says Bon Jour. He tells her she is more beautiful than ever. She says she is late for a meeting and she says she doesn’t care to talk about their past. He tells her he didn’t want to leave the country without seeing her first. She says now he has seen her so he can go. He wants her to explain to him how come she left Europe and why she refused to return his calls. He thinks she married Victor on a rebound, latching on to the next man that she could. She says she has moved on. He says she is just afraid he will hurt her again. She says he can’t hurt her. She doesn’t care about him anymore. She says he means nothing to her.

Brad gets upset with Nikki when he finds out she canceled his meeting so David could do it instead. He reminds her that David has been very unreliable lately. She tells him too bad, her decision is final. He says whatever she says and walks away mad.

Walter calls David and David tells him things have changed since Vegas. He asks how much money. He says he wants half up front and they have a deal. When he hangs up he has a worried look on his face,

When Brad gets home he prepares for the poker game. He tells Skye that David Chow might not be coming because he is trying to be a good boy. He notices a ring on a chain around her neck. He asks her if a bad boy gave it to her. She swears it was given to her for luck.

Adrian hopes Jack will like the article he wrote for the magazine. Jack and Phyllis and Sharon talk Nick into asking Victoria about being their cover model. Now Nick has to get Victoria to agree to do it for them. Daniel pulls Phyllis aside to talk to her about the picture. He tells her he knows what she did to try and break him and Amber up.

Victoria meets with Nikki at Crimson Lights and Nikki tells her she is waiting on David to call her concerning a huge deal at Jabot. Victoria can’t believe she let David handle this. Nikki says he will come through this for them and she trusts him. Victoria tells her the other day she was in tears over what David did to her and now she is defending him.  Nikki believes he is still the same man inside that she fell in love with and that is why she is standing behind him in this. Nick calls Victoria and asks her about being their cover model but she turns him down and promises to try and help him find someone else.

David calls Brad and asks him if he still has a seat at the table open tonight. Brad tells him sure, so David says to count him in. When Brad hangs up she Skye wants to know what he will get out of this with David playing poker with hi. She asks him if he wants to be the king of the world. He laughs and says something like that.

Victor goes to see Sabrina at the gallery. He tells her Victoria told him about Phillipe being in town. She assures Victor that she didn’t know he was in town until he dropped by earlier. She says she is sure that Victoria filled him in with all the sordid details. She says she was such an idiot. She says seeing him didn’t bother her because she doesn’t have any feelings for him anymore. She tells Victor that he and their baby is all she wants now. He tells her ok then it is forgotten. She says she is sorry that he had to hear it from Victoria and not her.

Jan Barrett

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