Nikki and Victor sit by Summer’s bedside while Nick and Phyllis are out in the hall worrying about Summer not having her favorite stuffed animals. Noah and Daniel come by and they bring her the favorite one of her. They don’t understand how come they are not in the room with Summer though. Nick says they aren’t allowed. Noah and Daniel both ask why not.

Mary Jane wakes up and talks to Kitty. She says it is a wonderful day except for Summer being in the coma. She says who would have known that a peanut laced kiss would cause so much trouble. The she brushes the thought to the side saying the man eater had to be stopped, and she says Phyllis will pay for trying to take Jack away from her.

When Nick and Phyllis explain why they are out in the hallway, they are shocked and they ask who would say such a thing about Phyllis. When Sharon walks up they all look at her with suspicious minds.

Nikki tells Victor that Noah and Daniel are there to see Summer. Rafe comes in saying Aunt Estella sends her love and prayers for summer. Victor tells Rafe he called him there to talk about what happened to Adam. Rafe starts to ask him how did he know but Victor interrupts saying that Adam told him all about the thugs in jail jumping him and sticking the needles into his eyes. When Rafe appears not to know anything about this Victor asks what he thought he was talking about. Then he tells Rafe he wants to get those bastards.

Adam is practicing what he is going to say to Rafe. He thinks he should tell him he liked it but it isn’t who he is. He is going to say he doesn’t want to misrepresent himself or to mislead him and he feels terrible is he already has. He says the bottom line here is that this can’t happen again. Adam thinks out loud saying that should do the trick.

Phyllis makes it clear that she isn’t happy about Sharon coming there. When Nick fills her in on what is going on, she thinks that is awful. She asks Nick if he needs anything. Daniel says what they need is to find out who said his Mom would do this. Nick tells her that his Mom and dad have been awarded temp custody of her for now. Rafe comes out and tells Noah that he needs him to sign some paperwork but Noah tells him now isn’t a good time. Nick is disappointed to hear that Noah plans to go ahead with the emancipation. He says he is there worrying about losing his daughter and he has probably already lost his son and there isn’t a damn thing he can do about it.

Noah and Daniel go in to see Summer. Nikki thanks Daniel for the DVD he made of Summer. Nikki goes out in the hallway while the boys talk to Summer. Phyllis thanks her for everything she has done. Victor gets a phone call leaving Phyllis looking through the window. She says she has to get out of there. Even though Nick objects Sharon feels the need to talk to Phyllis saying she might be the only one that actually can. Victor isn’t happy when he sees Mary Jane come in. He asks her what she is doing there.

Nikki brings some coffee to Nick and sits to talk with him. He tells her it is just one thing after another with him. When he goes over the list of things gone wrong he mentions finding out that Sharon’s baby wasn’t his. Nikki stops him by saying she was never aware that there was even a possibility. He explains that he really thought Cassie’s prediction would come true and now everything he had counted on is gone. She reassures him telling him to have some faith and trust that things will turn around for him and for all of them.

When Rafe gets to Adam’s room Adam tells him it isn’t a bad time. Rafe says they need to talk and first he wants to talk to him about him being stabbed in the eye with needles when he was in jail. He tells him he made a few calls to check it out and found that none of the harassment complaints that he filed when he was in jail mentioned anything about that part. He asks if this really happened why he would leave that part out.

Mary Jane reminds Victor that she is a consultant for Restless Style and she and Phyllis have become friends. Victor asks her didn’t he make himself clear that he wanted her to stay away from his family. He says he meant it and then he asks her to please get out. She starts crying saying she is so sorry. He tells her to kindly leave now.

Sharon finds Phyllis in the chapel and tells her she knows she is the last person she wants to see right now but also she is the only person that knows what she is going through. Sharon wants to help her. When Sharon is about to leave Phyllis tells her she can stay.

Daniel and Noah tell Amber how Summer is and about the accusations against Phyllis. They say everyone else can come and go, even that lawyer guy. Noah tells them he is filing for emancipation and why he is doing so. He says no he can’t give his parents another chance when they ask him about it. Amber understands but Daniel thinks it is a stupid idea.

Victor sees Nick reading a pamphlet on faith and the hereafter. Victor says he wishes he could make it all go away but tells Nick not to give up hope. When Nick tells him he isn’t the father of Sharon’s baby, Victor tells him he understands but one needs to move forward and right now his focus needs to be on Summer getting well. He says there is plenty of time to deal with Sharon’s situation.

Phyllis asks Sharon how she watched Cassie on her deathbed without falling apart. Sharon says she was on autopilot for a lot of it. She encourages Phyllis not to give up hope for Summer’s sake and her own. Phyllis remembers the first time she held Summer saying she was so warm and so alive. She says at that moment she believed in things she had never believed in before. Sharon tells her to hold onto that thought. Phyllis starts crying as she says she is trying. When Sharon sits needs to Phyllis, Phyllis places her hand on Sharon’s leg.

Adam tells Rafe that he was harassed and beaten daily while he was in jail and he wasn’t about to make things worse. Rafe brings up the fact that he went as far as naming his attackers in his report putting him in harms way so why would he leave out the part about them using the needles in his eyes. Adam tries saying the guards forced him to file those reports but Rafe isn’t buying it saying something here doesn’t make sense. He says the only thing that makes sense is that Adam is hiding something so he asks Adam if he is doing that..

Daniel tries to talk Noah into canceling his plans. He asks how he will pay his bills. Noah says his parents are so messed up and he just wants to see Eden without being harassed. Daniel says OK he can understand knowing he doesn’t know what he would do himself without Amber. Daniel advises Noah to focus on the one person he knows that won’t let him down. Nikki says she is so sorry for Nick. She says the person that filed that report will so damn sorry too. Victor says he won’t tolerate more lies about his family. Nikki doesn’t believe that Adam was stabbed in his eyes while in jail. She says it is her concern when this all involves a dear friend of hers, Estella. She says she still is convinced that Estella is a victim in all this. Victor says he knows she does but he thinks they need to concentrate on supporting their children and grandchildren right now.

Adam tries changing the subject with Rafe as he keeps asking questions. He tells Rafe he has been thinking about what happened when he was there last and he got so excited when he heard he was coming over. Rafe pulls away from him and asks him how stupid does he think he is.

Sharon tells Phyllis that she is glad Phyllis and Nick have each other at a time like now. She says going through it is devastating when you are alone. Mary Jane listens to Sharon talking to Phyllis about how Jack was there for her no matter what. She tells Phyllis she needs to touch Summer with her heart. She says the bond between them goes beyond time and space, saying it is forever. She tells her to forget the charges since everyone knows they aren’t true. She says that all that matters now is that she needs to be there for Summer in any way she can.

Daniel tells Noah he doubts emancipation would stop Nick and Sharon from weighing in on his dates. He says Phyllis might not like Amber but she knows Amber makes him happy. Noah thinks Daniel and Amber belong together. He says hopefully he and Eden will always have that kind of faith in each other. Daniel slides over to Amber and puts his arm around her. He tells Noah when you find someone as amazing as Amber is, you know it in your gut to believe it. Amber looks upset as she smiles.

Nikki comes out and says she is going to get Victor a change of clothes. Nick thanks her for everything especially for her and his dad putting aside their issues so they can be there for his little girl. He says it means a lot to him. Sharon comes over to assure Nick that everything is fine. Phyllis comes back and joins them says there is something she would like for Sharon to do for her.

Rafe asks Adam if he really thought he would be able to sweet talk him to get out of answering his questions. Adam asks if that is what he thinks he is doing. Rafe tells him he didn’t answer his question. Adam says God, Adam calls himself stupid and then says to forget it. He claims he was scared and that is why he didn’t put it in the report, because those people might have killed him. He tells Rafe what he just did to him was even worse. He admits he was scared about what he did with Rafe because he had never done anything like that before and he thought what they shared… then he decides that Rafe should just leave. He tells Rafe to get out. Rafe just looks at him and says, “Adam”

Noah thanks Daniel for the pep talk. Daniel tells him to skip the lawyer and just call him next time he feels he is going nuts. Daniel asks Amber how come she has been so quiet. She says she was remembering the mistakes she made at Noah’s age. He tells her she turned out OK. She says she isn’t so sure though. He laughs saying now that she is on the straight and narrow, he is on the wrong side of the law. He says he doesn’t know who he can trust and it is nice being able to trust her.

Mary Jane steals a key from housekeeping and gets inside Sharon and Nick’s suite. She has victor’s wallet in her hand and she tells Kitty that she will be so proud of her when she finds out that Mama hasn’t lost her touch. She says she isn’t going to take the fall for this one. She says sorry Sharon as she shoves the wallet under the mattress. She says a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. She says she has lost Jack to sluts like these before but she is not going to let that happen again.

Sharon talks to Summer about how much her parents love her. She tells her she will make it through this saying she is a fighter like her Mom is and strong like her dad. She tells her that her parents won’t give up and neither can she. Sharon says she has a message from her Mother as she sings Beautiful Dreamer just as Phyllis stands with Nick and quietly sings the lyrics on the other side of the window.

Mary Jane opens the door to her hotel suite telling Kitty it will never guess what she did but she clams up when she finds Victor there in the suite. He is holding her scrapbook that includes a picture of him on her ‘My Enemies’ page. He wants to know what the meaning of this is.

Nikki doesn’t find Victor’s clothes in the foyer so she thinks maybe Adam will know where they are so she heads for the stairs to go up to his room. Upstairs Rafe runs his hand along Adam’s arm and they kiss just as Nikki opens the door and gets a good eyeful and is shocked at what she sees. She closes the door before they see her there and she is in shock.

Jan Barrett

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