Victor joins JT and Paul at the club and they discuss what they know about David. Paul tells him that Nikki told them to drop it so they are being careful about what they do. Victor tells them to continue the investigation, and to ignore what Nikki told them. JT and Paul tell Victor about David having an affair while he was married to his third wife. Victor thinks David is after Nikki’s money.

Paul gets a call. He tells JT and Victor when he hangs up that David’s step daughter, Mina was found dead and it wasn’t an accident. Paul finds out she died of an overdose of prescription drugs. He says she had no history of drug abuse and they think she was fed these drugs. They found Paul’s number in her book so they called him. She also made an entry in her ledger just last week saying she heard from David Chow today. They don’t think this was a coincidence.

Nikki goes to Indigo to talk to David. She tells him she needs to talk to him and it is important. He introduces her to his sponsor. Nikki tells David she can’t give up on their marriage. He says the only one that can help him now is him. He says it is hard enough to work with her. He tells her she should be scared to be with him and he walks off. David wants Nikki to just let go of him. She asks him does he love her and he says that goes without saying. She asks him if he wants to spend his life with her and finally he admits that he doesn’t want to lose her. She says she believes in him. He takes her hand and kisses it.

Cane wakes up in Cloe’s car and tells her to get off of him. She wants to know where her clothes are. She tells him not to freak out but they were both seriously drunk. He says no way, he would never do this.

Kevin shows up at Crimson Lights earlier than what Jana is expecting him. She tells him she wasn’t ready yet and she says Amber isn’t even there yet. Kevin notices her new look and he tells her he likes it.

Amber is at work on her way out the door when she thinks back to her talk with Daniel about trusting each other and being able to tell each other anything. Then she remembers kissing Adrian. Suddenly the elevator doors open and Daniel gets off surprising Amber. She says he is early and she looks nasty but he doesn’t think she does. He shows her some sketches he drew of all the places he visited. She asked him if he drew them for her and he says yes because he wanted her to see it through his eyes. He tells her he missed her a lot and she tells him she missed him too. He wants to go home but she wants to go see Jana for five minutes since she planned this big party. He agrees to go but only for five minutes.

Neil and Tyra are having dinner with Devon and Anna at the club. Devon says he has to go pick Lily up at the airport but Neil has to go to Indigo so he will see her later. Later Lily is home and Cane walks in. Cloe is right behind him and Cane accuses her of following him. Lily wants to know what is going on and what Cloe is doing there. Cloe says it would be best if Cane told her. He explains that his friend was in town and they had some drinks and got drunk.

Cane opens the door for Cloe to leave but she tells Lily they were wasted. Cane says nothing happened. Cloe tells her things got out of hand and they had sex. Cane calls her a freak and says she has a couple of screws loose. They argue and Cloe says she woke up naked on top of Cane. She tells Lily it was nothing. Lily says sleeping with her boyfriend is something. Cloe says she meant it meant nothing for them.  Cane wants to throw her out. Lily says no. She wants her to stay because she has a few things to say to this bitch.

Lily accuses Cloe of having it out for her since day one. First she called her fat and then kisses her boyfriend and now she is saying she slept with him. She asks her if she is jealous or is she psychotic, or just stupid. Cloe tries turning the table by mumbling that of course she gets blamed for this. She says never mind that Cane came onto her.  Lily yells at her to get out. Cloe says she will be happy to but she better remember it takes TWO. Lily turns to Cane and tells him to get out to. He says he is not lying to her but she tells him to get out anyway.

Cloe sits in her car thinking about the night before with Cane as she seduced him while he was close to being unconscious. Cane jumps in the car with her and asks her where the hell she thinks she is going. Cane tells her she is not going to play her. He asks her if she planned this. She denies it. She claims she tried to stop him. He tells her he wants her gone from his life, from Lily’s life and from the company. He tells her she is done.

Daniel and Amber go to Crimson Lights but Daniel doesn’t want to stick around too long. Kevin got Janet a Ouija Board and they want to try it out. Jana says it will reveal their innermost thoughts. Jana tells them to put their hands on the board and not to talk. She says to concentrate on the questions. She asks questions and it answers yes or no. She asks if Daniel looked at other girls while he was away and the answer is no. Daniel asks if Amber looked at guys when he was gone. It answers no after it flew across the board. Daniel takes that to mean that Amber was really home waiting for him.

When Neil is ready to go to Indigo he asks Tyra if he can have a minute with Karen. He thanks her for her advice in hiring Tyra. He said he has decided to offer her the job as a manager of Indigo for him. Karen is surprised. She says she is living with him and now working for him. Neil says Devon seems to be happy to have them around. Neil and Tyra talk about Devon while they are at Indigo. She hesitates about taking the job offer but he tells her that he is grateful she is there for Devon.

Devon and Anna walk in and find Lily home alone. She says she is ok and sends Anna upstairs to look at her souvenirs. Devon asks Lily what is wrong. She tells him about Cane and Cloe. She says Cloe claims they had sex. Devon asks if she believes her. He says he doesn’t believe Cloe. He says even after a dozen beers he can’t see Cane doing this.

Devon goes back to Indigo and asks if Tyra is Indigo’s newest employee. He asks her if she is ready to go and they leave. Karen walks up behind Neil and covers his eyes. When he turns around she kisses him. He asks if it was something he said. She tells him he is a very good man and she is so lucky to have him. They dance to a slow song and they talk about the last time they danced like this. He says this feels so good. Karen says she came back for him. She tells him she loves him. He says that is what he wanted to hear and he kisses her.

Victor tells JT and Paul he tried talking to Nikki earlier and she is in denial. He says she is trying to prove him wrong about David because he has said from day one that he was dangerous. He advises them not to tell her about Mina’s death because she will consider it a personal attack. David and Nikki come in looking over at the three of them. Victor tells Paul and JT he will take care of it. When he starts to leave he gets to the door and turns around staring at David without saying a word and then he leaves. Nikki tells David she is so sorry. He says she has nothing to be sorry for. She asks when Victor is going to learn it is her life and he can’t run it. He says he loves that she has so much faith in him. She asks him to come to her room tonight because she misses him. He agrees and they go upstairs.

Daniel and Amber are anxious to get home. They start undressing quickly between kisses. Later they lay in each others arms with Amber’s head on his chest. . Meanwhile Lily is devastated, and then Cane knocks on her door. She opens it for him. He tells her he will leave if she wants him to but he just can’t go like this. Lily listens to him as he swears nothing happened. He says he has been set up and it has happened before. He says he would never cheat on her. She says she believes him. He apologizes for being put in this position. She says they have to put as much distance between them and Cloe. He tells her he will make sure they don’t have to deal with her again.

Meanwhile Cloe is in her car when her phone rings. She tells them she doesn’t do booty calls anymore because she is pregnant with her new boyfriend’s baby. She says she is Cloe Mitchell and she can do what she wants to. When she hangs up she says Cane is going to be a baby daddy. She says she is going to give him what Lily couldn’t.

Jan Barrett

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