Heather goes to Phyllis’s house accusing her of the rare condition, Maunchausen by Proxy Syndrome. Phyllis tells Heather to just get on with her stupid questions so she can get back to the hospital to be with her daughter.

Neil gets Lily to take something to help her sleep and that he and Devon will get the rest of her things so she won’t have to deal with Cane at all anymore. He tells her she will be alright and he promises that her family is going to help her get through this. Then he turns in for the night.

Nina finds all this totally unbelievable. She says part of her is overjoyed and the other part of her wants to beat the crap out of Phillip. Katherine is still flattened by all this but Jill thinks this is the miracle she has always prayed for but she never thought it would have happened. She always wished little Phillip had his father back. When Nina states that she isn’t sure she is ready to forgive Phillip or Cane for this, Jill accuses her of not being happy until she has torn this family apart.

Phillip tells Cane congratulations on a job well done. He tells him he was a better Phillip Chancellor than he ever was. He says it is over now though and this way he doesn’t have to take the fall alone.

Nick and Phyllis admit to Heather that yes they are having some problems in their marriage. Michael says he doesn’t see the relevance of the fact that Nick is living in a hotel suite at the club with his ex-wife. Phyllis tells Heather she knows all about the MBP syndrome and she says Summer’s medical records should dispel the accusations. Nick asks Heather who made these accusations anyway.

Mary Jane tells Kitty there is no need to worry about Phyllis chasing after Jack anymore saying she will be way too busy defending herself. She says she does feel sorry for Summer though but you’ve got to break a few eggs to make an omelet. She says her Mommy won’t have any time to chase after Jack now.

Murphy becomes a referee between Jill and Nina. Nina finds herself empathizing with Jill though. Katherine says she thought she had written the story about her life but her whole family’s history is being rewritten right before her eyes. She says she just can’t take anymore. She asks why her faith has been rattled. Murphy suggests that Nina and Jill go home so Katherine can get some rest now and they both agree to go.

Cane yells at Phillip calling him the liar. Phillip tells him he knew the risks when he stepped into his life. Cane comes back saying no it’s HIS life, since Phillip threw it away. Nina comes out to calm them both down. Phillip tells her to give his love to Katherine as he takes off. Cane wants to go in to see Katherine but when Nina tries to stop him Katherine says to let him in. When he goes in Katherine asks if he is pleased with himself. She tells him he must have had a good laugh at all of them. Cane tells her he was honored to be a part of their family and he loved being her grandson and then Jill’s son especially since he missed his own mother so much. He asks can’t they just forgive him. Katherine tells him she thinks he has one hell of a lot of nerve saying he has broken their family broken hearted and she tells him that poor Lily actually believed in him too. She accuses him of using the status they gave him and made them partners in his betrayal of Lily. Katherine starts yelling for them to get Cane out of there. Cane looks at Jill asking for her forgiveness but she turns away from him. Murphy tells him it is time to go.

Once everyone else in the apartment is sleeping Lily grabs her purse and slips out of the door leaving.

Phyllis asks Michael if Heather can keep them from their daughter based on hearsay on an anonymous lie. When Heather starts talking about the peanut cookies Phyllis snaps more at her. Phyllis tells exactly how all this happened and then Nick has no choice but to admit he was on his way to the hospital to get the results of the paternity test for Sharon’s baby. Heather says not only had Nick left Phyllis but he was already planning another family with his ex wife. She turns to Phyllis and says she must have really been upset that day, wasn’t she? She tells Phyllis to answer the question.

Heather says this sounds like a woman trying to remind her husband of what he had to lose. She tells Phyllis that they can get her help if she would only confess. Phyllis gets mad and slaps Heather hard across the face and then tells her to get the hell out of her house. She says anyone that knows her would know that she would never hurt her own daughter. Michael escorts Heather out the door she complains that his client just assaulted her. He tells her any mother would have reacted the very same way. He asks her if she is going to press charges and Heather says no. She tells Michael that woman is not about using violence to get what she wants and then she leaves.

Mary Jane makes a huge get well card out of pencil crayons for Summer. She asks Kitty what it thinks. Then she gets a call and she says she will be right there.

Phillip tells Nina he feels like he is trespassing at the Chancellor Estate. Nina says not to, because he belongs there. He says he is pretty tired. She asks if he would like her to show him to a room. She says his mother wouldn’t want him going to a hotel. Nina tells him she has changed and that his death had changed all of them. He understands that but he says he honestly thought they would all be better off this way. He says he is overwhelmed and doesn’t feel like going into all this right now. Nina says he owes her some answers and asks if he can’t handle that, like he couldn’t handle having a wife and child too. She says maybe he is the one who hasn’t changed.

Cane goes home and finds Lily there. She tells him she came there to ask him something. He tells her to ask him anything. She says oh yeah now he is an open book! She reminds him that she can’t stand being lied to and he knew that. She says he knew how hard it was for her to trust and she bared her soul to a con artist. She asks how he could let her fall in love with another liar. He claims he only lied to her about his name. He never lied to her about loving her, he says that is real. She says he is right but she didn’t care if he was a Chancellor or not. She says he apparently cared though. She is really upset that he didn’t contradict Chloe’s lie just so he could continue covering up his lying ass. She says he chose his secret over her.

Neil comes out looking for Lily when he flips the lights on he sees she has gone. When he calls her he gets her voice message and has to leave her a message asking where is she. He tells her this is his Dad and for her to please call him.

Phillip goes out by the pool and tells Nina she can ask him anything she wants to. She tells him he better sit down to listen to her long list of questions. She asks how he managed to disappear without a trace. He tells her he had been planning it a long time and stashed some of his money and he got a fake passport. She tells him running away was like a coward. He says it wasn’t a question of going or staying it was more like going or dying. He says he simply just didn’t want to live anymore. He asked the doctor to end his life but he refused to so he begged him to help him escape. The doctor got him the meds to knock him and he rigged the machines to make them flat line and the doctor signed the death certificate. He says Australia was the farthest place from Genoa City as he could think of. Nina tells him he doesn’t sound like he was sorry for what he did. She asks didn’t he care about what she and Jill or his son went through.  She asks if he ever loved them at all.

Cane denies choosing the secret over Lily. He says he would have lost her anyway. She is mad because he didn’t warn her about Billy knowing he was Delia’s father. She asks what if she had fallen in love with Billy and married him. She tells Cane he never gave a damn about her, he was only protecting himself. He says no, he did it all for her and he even gave up the money and the job all for her. He says if she had found out the truth she wouldn’t have loved him anymore.

Katherine says the Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away from the book of Job. Jill says God didn’t take Phillip away though, instead they drove him away. She says that God didn’t send Cane to them either. They though he was an answer to their prayers. Katherine says they were so desperate to make amends and for a second chance. Jill asks do they really want a second chance. Katherine says perhaps but she isn’t sure she wants one now. She says she almost didn’t survive the idea that she gave her grandson away. She says she loved that boy (talking about Cane) like he was her own. She isn’t so sure she can ever get past this.

Michael fusses with Phyllis for assaulting the assistant DA who now has a personal grudge against her. He says he will try and get the charges reassessed. He tells Phyllis to hang in there and after giving her a quick kiss he leaves. Nick says it is time for him to go too but Phyllis asks him to please stay.

Mary Jane meets with Heather at Crimson Lights. Heather promises her that no one will know it was Mary Jane that made the allegations against Phyllis. Mary Jane is relieved to hear that saying it was hard for her to do but she just wants to make sure Summer is protected.

Phyllis thanks Nick for staying. He tells her she isn’t alone. She wonders who could hate her so much to do this to her. She thinks that maybe a nurse overheard her blaming herself or something. Nick doesn’t blame her at all, he says he hasn’t not even for a minute. He says he will fight by her side until Summer is home again, safe and sound. She asks what about after that. She wants to know if he will still be there. He says he hasn’t thought that far ahead and then suggests that they just get through this first. She says she will go crazy without Summer there. Nick tells her they have just been barred from Summer’s room so they run off to the hospital.

Phillip says he could have stayed but he didn’t want to let them down. He says he always thought of Nina and their son. He admits reaching for the phone but could never actually make the call. He said he had to figure out who he was. Cane was the Phillip that would make everyone happy. He isn’t happy now that Cane has no one though. He says he had heard about Katherine’s death so he had to come back and face the truth. She asks him what does that mean. Nina doesn’t understand why he had to run away, she wants to know what was so awful that he couldn’t talk to her about.

Neil goes to Cane and Lily’s pounding on the door to open it up. Cane reminds Lily how much they have all meant to him. She realizes coming there was a mistake. When she is about to leave Neil come in to protect Lily. He tells Cane he told him to stay away from his daughter. Neil warns him to never touch her again.

Phyllis isn’t happy to see a guard posted at Summer’s door. Nick tells her the man is only doing his job. He says they will do theirs but sitting and praying for their little girl. Mary Jane calls Phyllis and is pleased to hear that Nick is with Phyllis for support. When she hangs up, she smiles as she leans her head back.

Katherine and Jill talk about what the hell Phillip was thinking when he tried to make them heal. They had become close until that God awful night that she has to tell Jill she had given away her infant during one of her drunken rages. She asks did Phillip want her to hate herself. Jill tries calming Katherine down saying she couldn’t bear losing someone else now. She says Phillip was right, they did need Cane. Katherine says they both need to stay strong after all in the face of this wonderful and terrible news, Phillip Jr’s father is still alive. She says “Oh God!”

Phillip tells Nina of his shame. He isn’t speaking about the drinking. That was just a symptom, not the cause. He says he knew what was expected of him so he acted the part. She asked if he felt trapped in their marriage. He said he felt trapped in his own skin. He tells her they need to understand it wasn’t about Nina or Jill. It was about the truth he had been hiding. She asks what truth. He says he is gay, and he always has been gay. Nina looks at him stunned not knowing what to say.

Cane tells Neil he wants to talk to his wife but Neil tells Lily to wait in the car for him. Neil steps in front of Cane but Cane yells out to Lily that he loves her and that will never change. As he shouts out more to Lily Neil tells him if he doesn’t leave Lily alone he will have him put in jail. Lily walks back towards Cane, and grabs his hand. She looks at him with that disgusted look and puts his wedding ring in the palm of his hand and turns to walk away leaving Cane looking devastated.

Jan Barrett

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