Sabrina goes in at Restless Style and Nick shows her to hair and makeup. Jana comes in with a dress for Sabrina and Nick points to hair and makeup. Victor walks in to talk to Nick about Nikki and David’s marriage. He asks Nick if he knows anything about it. Nick tells Victor he needs to trust him on this and tells him he is taking care of the situation. Victor says ok, but he is going to hold him to that.

Nikki walks over to Jack and Sharon’s table while they are having a meeting with Elise, a new advertiser that wants more than indie rag cover girls on the cover. They are promising Elise not to have the same type of cover on the next issue of the magazine. Nikki says she thought it was nice but Jack says it didn’t sell too good. Gloria walks up and sees Elise. Elise tells her it is so good to see her again. Jack is surprised that they know each other. They say they met at the pool party and Elise says she is the one that convinced her to give Restless Style a chance which surprises Sharon and Jack even more. Nikki tells them that Gloria is a coalition builder at Jabot and she is greatly appreciated. Later Gloria thanks Nikki for saying something nice about her. Nikki tells her she meant what she said. Gloria tells her giving her old job back would be nice. Nikki tells her she will have to think about that.

Phyllis goes over to Amber and tells her thank you again for letting Adrian in. Amber says it wasn’t a problem. Phyllis hands her the piece of lingerie to her and tells her she is sure it was no problem. Amber tells her she was looking everywhere for that. Phyllis tells her she found it and she asked her to explain it. She says when she came back there she got hot and took it off. She tells Phyllis she knows that she is trying to break her and Daniel up but she says it isn’t going to work.

Cloe reads the instructions on a pregnancy test, which is the 8th one she has bought. She calls Cane telling him she needs some signatures on some papers. He says he is with a friend from Australia so she will have to bring them to him at Indigo. When she arrives she asks Cane where he found this cutie. Cane calls her off of his friend and says his friend is only there on a layover Cane tries to get rid of Cloe but his friend, Sebastian asks her to stay. He goes to the bar to get her a drink and she says she loves to get rowdy.

Cloe starts drinking and she finds out from Sebastian that Cane’s real name is Ethan. They start talking about Cane from the old days. He tells her that Ethan Ashby use to be a man whore. Cane admits that he is a good boy though. Cane tells Cloe she is an incorrigible flirt. Cloe says she had her heart broken before and she won’t get hurt again. Cane is getting drunk when he asks her to tell him more about her getting her heart broken. Soon he starts talking about Lily and how beautiful she is. He leans over the table to hug Cloe and Sebastian when he collapses on Cloe’s shoulder. He starts singing as Sebastian helps Cloe get Cane to her car.

Amber and Jana are sitting at a table close by and Jana says she has to get back to work. When she leaves Amber notices Adrian sitting at the bar alone. Amber goes to the bar to pay her bill and she talks to Adrian. The bartender thinks they are together but Amber sets him straight. Adrian thinks she is paranoid when she says even a bartender thinks they have done things together. She says if Daniel finds out he will never forgive her.

Sabrina walks out and Nick tells her she looks great Nikki walks in and tells her she looks nice and then wants to talk to Nick. She tells him that she ran into Jack and he says that Restless Style is undergoing a change. She says he told her they were dropping the edge and going mainstream. Nick gets mad.

Jack is at the club and after a phone call he tells Sharon that the Newman’s will know what’s going on soon enough. He says he has made some serious promises to publish an upscale product and that is what he intends to do, one way or another.

Victor is in the gym working out when Adam walks in. Victor’s phone rings so Adam doesn’t let him know he is there. Victor talks to the caller saying gamblers anonymous. He asks if they are sure it is David Chow and asks how much does he owe. He tells them to find out and then get back to him. Victor starts punching the punching bag again. Adam makes a call asking to meet tonight saying he needs to find out everything he can on David Chow.

Nick tells Nikki he can’t trust Jack. Nikki suggests that he beats Jack at his own game and don’t play fair. Nick doesn’t want to stoop to Jack’s level. Jamie and Kathy Hilton walk in and Nick is surprised to hear that they are there for a meeting with Jack but Jack isn’t there. Nick says Jack must have forgotten to mention it to him. He introduces Nikki who now realizes what Nick is going through. Nick tells Nikki he is tired of this.

They sit down and discuss it with Nick and Nikki and Nikki makes some suggestions and they like them. They think Jack will love it too. When Nikki leaves he wins the ladies over by his charm and ideas. When Jack and Sharon come in they ask where he has been hiding his partner and says wait until he hears his ideas.

Skye shows up to talk to Adam at the club. She is interested to hear what he wants to know about David Chow. He tells her they need to go to the gym to talk. Victor walks up and Adam introduces her to him. Victor invites her out to the ranch sometimes, but Adam tells him that she is only here for a short time. When Victor leaves Skye asks him what was all the tension there about. He tells her that Victor doesn’t like his new girlfriend.

Gloria thinks if she had Jack on her side she could get her job back at Jabot. Jeffery thinks what she really needs is influence. He says Katherine owns most of the shares at Jabot but it is still a publicly traded company. He says if they buy a major stock then she could have a role at both Jabot and Chancellor Industries. Gloria’s face lights up as she tells him he is so smart. She wants to start right away but he says they have to do this the right way.

Nick tells Jack he is the man. Jack tells him he wanted to go with a modern heiress Palm Beach look. Sharon introduces Sabrina to Kathy Hilton. Nick says the article should be the epitome of class, and then looks at Jack and says right partner? Jack could only agree.

Victor is still at the club taking care of some business on his phone when he runs into Nikki. He tells her that he and she needs to talk. He tells her he knows her marriage is in trouble and about David’s gambling problem. She tells him David is in recovery but she doesn’t want to talk to him about this. He tells her he doesn’t want her to see that man again because he is dangerous and then he tells her she is playing with fire. She can’t believe her is still trying to run her life. When he walks away she looks worried.

Sharon talks to Jack who is fuming. She tells him his feelings aren’t hid too well. He says Nick knew exactly what he was doing by putting a spin on his idea. Sharon tells him that she thinks his elements are there but he doesn’t like sharing the limelight. She tells him he won and he should let that be enough for him and then she walks away. Jack brews and then places a phone call to Phillip Chanderot and is happy to hear he is in Chicago. He tells him he is ready to talk to him about Sabrina Newman.

Cloe made arrangements with the bartender not to put alcohol in her drinks so she could remain sober. Cane is wasted in the car and she climbs on his lap and unbuttons her blouse and then his shirt. And tells him to come and get it lover as she reclines his seat while sitting on his lap.

Jan Barrett

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