Katherine and Jill ask Cane how he could do this. Cane doesn’t know what to say to them. Phillip comes in saying Cane didn’t do it, he did! Jill says this is impossible. Nina is shocked but realizes this makes perfect sense. Katherine collapses and they tell Neil to call 911.

They have Katherine lying on a pool mattress unconscious. Cane whispers in her ear that he is so sorry. Jill tells Phillip he looks just like Phillip but he is dead. Nina looks at Phillip and says it is him. Phillip says yes it is him. He tells everyone he came back to help not to hurt anyone. When the ambulance arrives the medics check Katherine out as everyone waits to see if she is OK. Jill and Nina both notice that Phillip has slipped away. Jill asks where he is and Nina says she doesn’t know.

Mac is with Billy in the hotel suite when both of their cell phones start to ring. Esther tells Mac what is going on and about Katherine while Chloe tells Billy that Katherine has collapsed and that Cane is a fraud. She says it’s all a lie. She tells him Cane faked the DNA test. He asks how he did that. She tells him to just get over there right away.

When Nina can’t find Phillip she demands that Cane find him and gets him back there. Cane swears he didn’t even know Phillip was coming back to town. Neil asks was that not a part of his plan. Nina says this is indeed Phillip, she says he has his eyes, his voice and they all know it was his blood that Cane used. Neil can’t believe Cane used frozen blood. Nina says this whole plot is vicious and he better hope and pray that Katherine is going to be OK.

At the hospital Katherine can’t lift her left arm. Olivia thinks she has a mild stroke. Katherine doesn’t feel that ill but Murphy is worried about the effects the news about Cane will have on her. Olivia is shocked when she is told about what is going on. Jill tells Katherine that this really is happening but Phillip took off again. Katherine asks how can that be, it’s been 20 years that Phillip has been dead. Out in the hallway Murphy sees Phillip and he stops him from going into Katherine’s room. He tells him not to leave the hospital though. He calls Nina and she tells him to hold Phillip there. Esther and Chloe tell Cane to just leave. Neil says never mind they will just leave and he grabs hold of Lily’s arm to lead her out with him but Lily seems to be the only one wanting to hear from Cane his explanation. She says she wants to hear what he has to say.

When Nina gets to the hospital she goes up to Phillip. Murphy wants them to take this away from Katherine but she yells from her room to get in there. Murphy is worried about her blood pressure but she wants to sort this out now. He agrees but tells them is they don’t keep it calm he will have the three of them thrown out. When he goes out the room Mac comes in but Murphy stops her from going in the room.

Katherine wonders if this is really Phillip saying it can’t be. Nina is convinced it is. Jill says she saw her son die though. He tells her she saw him lose consciousness but it was only Phillip’s life that ended that day. He says he started a new life in Australia after that.

Cane tells Lily it is just like he told her before. He had a simple life in Australia. He was just a street kid after his mother died and he never knew his father. Phillip has gone by the name of Langley all these years but they are not related. Neil is having a hard time believing that they concocted this whole thing. Cane swears on his life that he meant everything he said. He has never known this kind of love before. Lily remembers buying the airline tickets to Australia as a surprise for their honeymoon and she says she guesses he couldn’t risk her finding out. Cane says he was scared to death he would lose her.

Phillip explains how he met Cane about 5 years ago when he came to work for him in his bar. He said they seemed to have a lot in common like a background of pain. Later he realized what he had done to his family so he wanted to bring some peace for them and make amends. He says it sounds crazy but he just wanted to help everyone heal and help Cane out at the same time. It had worked out like he hoped it would until now.

Cane tells Lily that he didn’t care about the money or the name and he didn’t mean to hurt anyone. He said that everything he said to Lily, he meant it. He tells her he loves her and begs her to believe him. She tells him she asked him if there was anything he hadn’t told her before and he told her there was nothing to worry about. She tells him he had plenty of chances to tell her, on their wedding day, or their honeymoon when she asked him about his past or every single day they lived together. She says the only reason he is coming clean now is because Nina proved he is a liar. Neil tells Cane to stay away from his daughter. When Lily runs out Billy comes in and punches Cane knocking him to the ground telling him that is for all of them calling Cane a SOB.

Murphy fills Mac in on what is happening. She tells him she is so glad her grandma has him in her life, especially now. Katherine is declaring this a fraud, pure and simple. Phillip defends Cane saying he is not a vicious guy, but Nina says Cane is still a liar.  Jill can’t believe it is really Phillip but Nina does and she tells them hasn’t her instincts been right so far. Katherine can’t believe Phillip would fake his own death. Phillip tells her that his accident that he supposedly died in wasn’t an accident at.

Olivia tells Murphy that Katherine has had a minor stroke and she will have to stay in the hospital for a few days. Mac goes home to get a few things for Katherine. Murphy asks Olivia to hold off on telling Katherine because right now there is a family meeting going on in there.

Phillip says he was under a lot of pressure that night. He said he left the office party but he wasn’t ready to go home so he got in his car. He was in a panic, and was stressed out and couldn’t see any way out. He said he was married to a woman that his mother hated and he had a child and asks how he could raise a kid. He was only a teenager trying to be what they all wanted him to be. He just couldn’t do it anymore so he got in his car and drove. He said he turned the wheel and went off the road and he felt at peace. Katherine can’t believe he was really that unhappy. It hits Jill that Phillip tried to commit suicide. Phillip says he arranged it all saying money can buy anything. Nina understands now why the cop in the ambulance disappeared. Phillip bought off the doctor saying all he cared about at the time was gaining his freedom. He was in so much pain. Jill asks if he just wanted to spread it around to them. He tells her he was just a teenager with no life. Katherine tells Phillip that she feels so terrible for that boy that was so lost but she won’t excuse his behavior for letting them suffer 20 long years. Nina says she can accept that he hated all them but she doesn’t understand how he could walk away from his own son and never look back. She asks didn’t he care anything about his own child.

Neil brings Lily home with him and wraps a blanket around her. When Devon comes in he asks Lily what is wrong and if she is OK. All Lily can say in between her tears is ‘Cane’.

Billy rants on with Cane but Chloe wants to know if Cane had that stash of blood how come he didn’t use it to get himself off the hook when she was pregnant. Cane said he did and he was shocked that it matched. He says he went to the lab with his wallet and a vial of blood. He says it was still a match though. He knew all along that Billy was the father but couldn’t risk having two genetic profiles on record. All he cared about was being part of the family and he really did love the baby so he couldn’t just walk away. Esther tells him he makes her sick and will never forgive him. She says even Jill doesn’t deserve this. Billy says Cane took advantage of his Mother for years. Cane says Billy should have been that protective of and loving all this time of Jill and then she wouldn’t have had to fill the void with him. Billy tells Cane to get out and never come back. Cane leaves silently.

Lily and Neil talk about how cane convinced them he was a good guy. They say that Nina and Billy are the only ones that got it right. Lily says she had finally felt like her life was coming together and she was so happy married to cane but now all that is gone, just like that. .

Cane calls the hospital but can’t get any information since he is not next of kin to Katherine. When he hears the front door being unlocked her hopes it is Lily but instead it is Devon there to gather some things for Lily. He tells Cane he won’t deliver any messages to Lily. He says he broke her heart. Devon tells cane to get out of his way and he goes to pack some things for her.

Billy jokes about his repertoire, the silver lining. He says he has lost a brother but already has a replacement lined up. Mac comes in to tell everyone that Katherine has had a mini stroke and she seems fine but they want to keep her in the hospital a few days. She says Phillip is with them right now. Billy jokes again saying Phillip will wish he had stayed dead after facing those three.

Nina reminds Phillip that he grew up without a father who also had died in a car crash. She asks how he could do that to his own son. She says she told him all this time that his father was with the angels in heaven and he made a liar out of her. He tells her he did this for their son. He asks who would want a suicidal, depressed alcoholic for a father. Phillip blurts out that he resented all of them when he did all this.

Billy walks around carrying Delia. Chloe says at least now she knows why Cane was such an ass. She says he knew she was lying about the paternity. She says it is just crazy. Mac watched them as they laugh together about their crazy family tree. She just stands there looking as she listens to them together. 

Neil is on the phone saying Lily is hanging in there barely. When he hangs up he says Aunt Olivia will be over later. Devon comes in with Humphrey and Lily’s clothes. He says he only packed about a tenth of her clothes. He says Cane didn’t make a scene or anything as he puts his arms around his sister who is hugging Humphrey.

Phillip is sorry he said he resented all of them. Katherine says she is glad they know everything now. Phillip says he has to go but promises he won’t disappear again. Murphy checks on Katherine. Nina says there they are in a hospital room full of rage and pain and guilt just like the night they lost Phillip. She asks how’s that for irony. Out in the hallway Phillip tells Cane that Katherine is OK. Cane asks Phillip what the hell is he doing there.

Jan Barrett

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