Cloe wakes up in her car when Cane slams the door. She asks what time it is. He tells her he just walked 6 miles to the nearest gas station to get gas and he paid the attendant there $100 to drive him back. He knows it isn’t her fault that the phones don’t work there but it is her fault that she let her car run out of gas. All Cloe can think about is how good Cane looks.

Nikki says there is no reason she and David can’t work together. David asks her if she is sure about that and she says yes. Brad comes in and announces to Nikki how Jill decided to make Lily the only Fresh Face for Jabot. Nikki said no one told her about it. Nikki calls Jill and finds out that since Jill was sick she didn’t remember to leave Nikki a memo about Lily. Nikki leaves to talk to Cloe and Cane.

Victor finds Sabrina with a cloth over her head. She says it is just a bit of morning sickness and it will pass. He asks if there is anything he can do and she says one thing and she wants a kiss. She says that she was too tired to go in at the office so she invited Adrian to come there to finish his interview. Victor has no problem with that but says no photographers.

Amber wakes up on a cushion on the floor at Restless Style only wearing her bra and pants. Adrian wakes up with a terrible hangover. Amber quickly gets dressed. Soon Nick comes in saying they sure got to work early this morning. Amber tells him that Adrian came in to get his notes. Phyllis comes in and gives Amber a box that Daniel sent. Amber finds a love note from Daniel saying he found this in a flea market in London and he hopes she likes it. When she sees Phyllis trying to look and see what’s in the box she says it is none of her business.

Cane goes to Crimson Lights and sees Cloe again who asks him if he is stalking her. Cane isn’t too anxious to talk to Cloe even though she suggests they talk over the fresh face thing. She says that is just fine she can do it herself so he says ok they can talk about it. As Cloe rambles on Cane tells her that she really doesn’t have to work so hard. Nikki comes in and says she has some questions. She wants to know how Lily feels about all of this. They assure her that she is all for it. Nikki wants to know if he has thought about what this can do to their relationship with her working so much. She asks Cane if working directly with Lily will be a problem if he has to be objective towards her work. He points out that she and David work well together. Some couples can work together and be the best fit in the world.

Victor and Adam talk about Heather. Adam tells him that it was Heather that insisted he come back and apologize to him which Adam reminds him that he didn’t allow him to do. Victor tells Adam he is sure that Heather had an ulterior motive if she did that. Victor tells him that she turned the town upside down looking for solid evidence against him to convict him. He thinks it was just to further her career. He asks why he thinks she is dating Victor Newman’s son now. Adam refuses to stop seeing Heather but he says he won’t bring her back to the ranch. Victor tells him not to say he didn’t warn him later then.

Out by the pool Adrian arrives wearing sunglasses and he has a migraine headache. Sabrina is enjoying Adrian’s questions and is impressed that Restless Style has decided to do this article on modern art. She says he asks smart and relevant questions. He tells her that writing fluff is not his forte. She says she knew there was a reason she liked him.

Nick takes a call that Amber answers for Jack and he asks the man what his relationship is to Sabrina Newman calling him Mr. Chanderot. Nick tells him he doesn’t care what his partner told him and assures the man that he doesn’t want to promote his agenda and hangs up. Nick talks to Jack about it who denies it. Jack says while Nick is ranting on about collaboration he is trying to save this magazine from going belly up. He asks for less paranoia and more gratitude from Nick.

Heather meets with Adam at the club. He tells her he was just thinking about it. She says she was about to prep for a meeting. He tells her how he never got the chance to apologize to Victor because he launched into another lecture. Heather admits she hates to lose so she followed the evidence and if something started to lead her into another direction she ignored it and stayed focused on her evidence against Victor. Heather walks off for a meeting and as soon as she does Skye walks up to Adam. She plants a heavy kiss on him just as Heather turns around to see it. Skye tells Adam that he doesn’t seem happy to see her. He explains that he is sort of seeing someone and she says she is too. She tells him she is going to the gym and then to his room. He tells her to stay somewhere else. She tells him to stay in touch as he leaves for a meeting.

Victoria goes out to the ranch to work with Sabrina on the gala. Victor tells her he is concerned about her mother. He says he knows something is going on and he wants to know if she knows. She tells him her Mother wouldn’t want him to know. He asks what she doesn’t want him to know. Victoria says she can’t tell him but she does say that they are having troubles. She says that is all she can say and she walks away.

David is about to leave the club when Victor walks in. He tells David he wants a word with him. Victor tells him that this is his business and he demands to know what is going on in his marriage. David starts to walk out when Victor warns him that he is going to be watching him carefully

Adrian thanks Sabrina for the interview and as he is about to leave Victoria comes up. Victoria tells Sabrina that she and Adrian are old friends. When Adrian leaves they sit down to talk. Victoria tells her she was impressed with her email about the gala. Victoria asks her how much did she tell Adrian about the Pompidou and did she tell him that she had an affair with Phillipe. Sabrina says she told him the truth. Victoria asks if she told him she was running from a broken heart and a trashed reputation.

David and Brad finish their business at the club and Brad wonders why Nikki hasn’t called yet. He tells David that he can have some things messaged to his suite. David has to admit that he isn’t staying at the club anymore, he says he and Nikki are separated.

Amber is talking on the phone with Daniel when she tells him she is fine. When she hangs up she tells Phyllis that she talked to Daniel about that photo. She says she realized that Phyllis wanted her to see that picture to make her mad hoping it would break her and Daniel up. Phyllis tells her to watch how she talks to her and to remember she is her boss.

When Adrian gets back to Restless Style Nick asks Adrian about the piece he wrote. Nick asks him if there are any rumors or allegations in the article. Adrian says not that he is aware of. He says he included some background info, like her meteoric ride in the art world. Nick asks to see the article before it goes to the publishers.

Victoria sees Nikki at Crimson Lights. Nikki tells her that David is still working at Jabot. Victoria tells her that she knows all about David’s ex-wives and how some people think he killed them. She admits that JT told her about it. Nikki says Paul told her. Victoria asks her doesn’t that scare her. Nikki doesn’t think David could kill anyone. Victoria asks her to please let her help her.

Heather walks in looking fro Adam at Crimson Lights. She tells him that he ruined her meeting. She says she saw him kissing who ever that woman was. He tells her that was Skye and she saw a good bye kiss. He says it is over between the two of them. She asks him if he is sure and he says yes.

Nick tells Phyllis in front of Jack that Jack was letting Cane put his girlfriend on the cover. Phyllis asks Jack if he is serious. Jack claims that he only agreed to think about putting Lily on the cover. He says he took some notes at his meeting with Cloe and Cane so they could all sit and make a mutual decision. Phyllis goes to Amber’s desk to look for something and is surprised to find a piece of Amber’s lingerie.

Jan Barrett

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