Jack asks Sharon if he isn’t the father of the baby who is. She tells him it is Nick. She said since he always said it didn’t matter if Jack was the father he’d still want to be with her so she decided to do it this way. Sharon keeps apologizing to Jack about lying to him about the baby. He tells her she had no right to making that decision and then he yells at her telling her not to dare apologize to him again.

Phyllis tells Nick yes she will marry him again and he asks if she wants to do it today. She tells him that is crazy. He tells her he loves her so he wants to do this as soon as Summer wakes up from her nap. Daniel calls and tells Phyllis he is out on bail. When he asks how Summer is she tells him she is making progress and then informs him that she and Nick are going to renew their vows. He tells her he will be there right after he sees Amber.

Amber comes in to talk to Daniel and he is still having a hard time with her sleeping with Deacon for him. He tells her that the DA now says he has motive for murder. She tells Daniel this was all suppose to be over and she realizes that Deacon tricked her. As she cries Amber tells him she loves him and asks for him to forgive her. He says he wants to but right now he wants her to tell him the truth about her past with Deacon. He says he wants it all out in the open.

Nikki goes to the ranch and when she sees Adam he tells her that Victor is at the office and as he starts to close the door on her she walks inside anyway and then she reminds him that today is the anniversary of Sabrina’s death. She tells him that it will be a hard day for both Victor and Ashley. Adam says yeah like she really needs to tell him that.

Billy tells Victor that seat belongs to Colleen and he set her up. He accuses Victor of manipulating his family. He turns to Ashley and tells her that Victor bought the 5% stock that Gloria had and then started with the manipulations by having her and Jack fired from Jabot. Ashley insists that Victor wouldn’t do that to her. Billy says oh yes he would, and she needs to think about it. Billy says Victor would do anything to get back at Jack. Ashley turns to Victor and asks if this is true.

Phyllis brings down two dresses for approval, asking blue or white. Nick chooses the blue but when she asks what about the white he says he meant the white but says she could go naked for all he cares. Phyllis says Summer will be so excited when she wakes up. She tells Nick she just wants the kids to be there at the ceremony.

Sharon tells Jack she knows what she did is wrong and pathetic and that Jack is better off without someone so weak and messed up as she is. He tells her he has had enough of her self pity and asks how many lives has she harmed with all her lies. He tells her he knows she is scared but that isn’t a good enough excuse. He says she is a grown woman, strong, not weak and she even survived losing a daughter so don’t tell him she couldn’t handle this. He said this is beneath her. He tells her he loved her but he deserved better.

Amber tells Daniel she was shocked to see Deacon at the club and kept hoping he would just go away. Deacon walks in and asks if she told Daniel how they met. He claims Amber threw herself at him and she is as hot today as she was back then. Daniel manages to punch him in the face busting his lip.

Adam watches a news broadcast of the gala that has the flashbacks. He says Victor’s wife accepted a ride with David Chow and his limousine was run off the road killing Chow and the pregnant Mrs. Newman died the next day. Adam saves the report to a flashdrive and then calls Dr. Taylor telling him to swing by the ranch. He says Ashley is about to have a very bad day.

Victoria asks everyone to excuse them for a minute as Victor says he did this to protect Ashley. She asks if that is why he had Jill fire her. Billy says no matter how you spin it, it stinks. Ashley refuses to go with Billy or Victor as she storms out alone. Victor looks at Billy and tells him he will regret this. Billy asks him what makes him think he can just manipulate other’s lives. He calls Billy a loser just like his brother, Jack. Billy says he bets Ashley will leave him now and he refuses to leave when Victor tells him to. JT walks in and pulls him out the door. Billy asks JT if he is back on the payroll! Victor yells at him to get out and that this isn’t over. Billy says no, it isn’t over as JT shoves him out the office.

Victoria tells JT thanks for showing up when he did. Victor thanks him also. Of all days for this to happen with it being the anniversary of Sabrina’s death. Nikki arrives saying that was what she came to talk about. When JT and Victoria leave Nikki tells Victor she is only there to offer her support and she asks how Victor is doing. He tells her nothing is going like he had hoped it would be.

Deacon wipes the blood from his lip saying he supposes he deserved that one. He says he has information that Daniel might find interesting. He says it is about Amber’s days in LA. He hands him a folder and Amber asks Daniel not to open it. She says it is all tabloid trash. As Daniel flips through the files he sees kidnapping, and restraining order. Deacon explains about her stealing a baby. He says the restraining order was for one of the two teenage boys she was sleeping with saying she likes them young. He tells him how she tried to kill Bridget and Rick Forrester. Amber tells Deacon to shut up and claims she is a different person now. Daniel has seen enough and walks out. Amber tells Deacon she hates him. Deacon says he thinks it is time to find out if she and Daniel are really meant to be together.

Nick fills Noah in on his plans to renew his vows with Phyllis. Noah says well no offense to Phyllis but wasn’t he just planning on buying a house with his Mom. Nick tells him he knows it is all confusing. Noah says, “You think?” Nick admits to his son that all this is partly because he isn’t the father of Sharon’s baby. Noah says he is glad for Summer that Nick and Phyllis are going to stay together. He says he just hopes all this is really it and then agrees to be there at the ceremony.

Jack complains to Sharon about how she let him go on and on about the baby. He asks if she is planning on going to Nick and telling him the truth and ruining his marriage too. She says she isn’t sure what she is going to do yet. Jack says he just doesn’t matter but she can just count him out and he walks out the door.

Billy admits to Mac that he went to see Victor and disrupted his board meeting and he made a huge scene just as they were about to appoint Ashley as the one to replace Colleen’s seat on the board. He says she should have seen how the moustache tried to talk his way out of this one. When Jack comes in at Jimmy’s Billy tells him to wait til he hears what Victor did to their family.

Nikki didn’t think Victor would want to talk to Ashley about Sabrina. Victor tells her that he didn’t think he would make it through that but he has moved on and he has put Sabrina’s things away. He says there is no sense o dwelling on the pain any longer.

Ashley is in the back seat of the limo as she is muttering things to herself. She says Victor says he loves her but he doesn’t love her. Then she wonders what if he tries taking her baby from her. She turns and sees Sabrina sitting there telling her he will get her just like he got her. Sabrina tells her that her life is in danger and so is the baby’s life. She tells Ashley to be careful because here he comes. Ashley screams as a bright light shines on her face.

Jack tells Billy he should never have gone over there. Mac says she tried to tell him that. Jack says she should have tried harder. Jack is really upset that Billy would bring this up with Ashley with her condition being so fragile. Then we see Ashley in the back seat when Victor gets in telling her he won’t hurt off the road. He tells her that the driver didn’t see anyone. She says the driver is wrong because Sabrina was sitting right there next to her. She says she saw her. When Victor tries to hold her she tells him not to.

Adam tells the doctor his plan. He says that Victor will think Ashley is obsessed and she will doubt her own sanity. Dr Taylor tells him what he is doing is repulsive. Adam warns the doctor he better play ball or he will go public with what he has done. Victor calls the Doctor asking him to meet him at the ranch. The doctor tells Adam Victor wants to see him right away because something is wrong with Ashley.

Phyllis and Nick have their ceremony in the woods and the boys are there with them. When Phyllis notices Daniel doesn’t look so good he says it is only from lack of sleep while in jail. When Noah teases him about it Daniel warns him that he is next, since incarceration seems to run in the family. Nikki comes along and when she is told about the ceremony she accepts the invite to stay. When Nick starts the music, Summer blurts out “Mommy Princess!” No one happens to notice Sharon when she walks up.

Victoria thanks JT again for getting Billy out of the office but she quickly gets irritated when she finds out he didn’t do it for her, he did it because Mac asked him to and he thought it was the right thing to do. JT tells her he wishes she hadn’t have talked to her Father about him coming back because he has no plans on going back to Newman.

Deacon tells Amber she shouldn’t have to be embarrassed about who she is. He says if Daniel can’t deal with her past then that means they weren’t meant to be. He says on the other hand he knows all about her past and he will take her for who she is.

Nick and Phyllis recite their vows to each other as they pledge their love for one another bringing up how they met and how important they are to each other. Phyllis tells him they can get through anything, good times, and they can face the bad times because that is what marriage is about and she can even accept that he gets into her private stash of chocolates. He asks her if she has a stash. Noah interrupts saying that was him and they all laugh. She looks at Nick and tells him she loves him, he is her soul mate, her best friend and she promises to inspire him, and love him regardless of anything for the rest of their lives. When time comes for the ring Phyllis is surprised with a brand new ring as Nick slips it on her finger. They are presented as Nicholas and Phyllis Newman while Sharon still watches from behind the trees.

Billy notices that Mac has been quiet since Jack left. She says Billy is an impulsive man who lets his emotions dictate his life and it drives her crazy sometimes. She says even though he does drive her crazy she can’t help but love him anyway and she kisses him.

Amber asks Deacon if he expected her to fall into his arms and be grateful to him. She tells him that after all this Daniel can still go to prison. Deacon says he has more evidence and all she has to do is say the word and he will take it straight to the DA. He tells her to play ball and Daniels troubles will all go away. As Deacon is leaving Daniel comes in and she asks how Summer is doing. He laughs and says that is a nice way to change the subject. He tells her she is getting better and then tells her about Nick and his Mom renewing their wedding vows. He says hearing them talk of their love he realized he isn’t ready to marry Amber so he says he needs some time on his own and then he would really appreciate if she would move out of his place.

Victoria can’t defend what her father allegedly did to the Abbott’s. JT asks allegedly? He says she knows he did it. JT says he doesn’t hate Victor it is just … Victoria stops him saying she doesn’t want to argue with him. JT says fine and he gets up and leaves when he tells her he will see her at home. Deacon comes up to Victoria when JT leaves and asks if she wants to talk about it when he can see she is apparently upset. She tells him it is nothing but he offers to buy her a cup of coffee and they can talk about it.

Sharon sees Jack moving out his suite at the club. He tells her that security will keep an extra eye on her. She thanks him and then says she has decided not to tell Nick the truth. He tells her that is between her and Nick. She tells him she is getting what she asked for. She says she has never been on her own before but she definitely is now. He tells her she isn’t alone as he consoles her as she hugs him. He tells her that things can never be the same for them again though as he walks away.

Nick carries Phyllis in over the threshold and they say it was so nice of Nikki to take Summer with her. Phyllis tells him she just loves her new ring. He tells her he had it messaged over while she was getting ready. He says a new ring, new start and then he kisses her and tells her he loves her and then kisses her again.

Victor tries helping Ashley inside but she doesn’t want his help as she walks past the doctor on her way upstairs/ Victor tells him she was like that when he found her. Dr Taylor goes upstairs to check on her. Victor tells Adam Ashley was hallucinating. He says she said she saw Sabrina. Adam acts so innocent and pretends to feel sorry for Ashley.

Jan Barrett

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