Phyllis chews Jack out for his trashing Sabrina who is dying and ruining Nick’s relationship with his father after he is boasting about the sales going through the roof for the magazine. Sharon tells Phyllis that they tried to get through to her and Nick about the 4th printing. Adrian comes in flashing the magazine asking what the hell they did to him.

Nikki and Nick are at the stables with her horse. She tells Nick that David never really loved her. She says it was never real. Nikki tells Nick she can’t keep this horse. He suggests she sells it and buys another one.

Adam is on the phone with Heather and she tells him about her getting her old job back with a pay cut but she can handle it. He asks her if she talked to her Dad about Skye’s disappearance and she says yes and she even talked to the DA about it. She asks how Sabrina is doing. He says she is actually showing some signs of improvement.

Lauren goes to the hospital and brings some food for Michael and Victor. Michael tells her that Sabrina was pregnant and she lost the baby. Lauren hugs him.

Victor talks to Sabrina telling her she seems to have more coloring. She asks him for some ice chips and he says he will get them for her. She looks at her picture and she says autumn in France. He kisses her and he goes out in the hall. Lauren offers to bring Sabrina a nightgown. Victor thinks she is getting better. When he goes to get the ice chips Lauren asks Michael if it is true. He says she seems to be but he doesn’t know. He says she does need a new liver and he thinks Victor is in denial. Lauren says well if anyone can help someone recover from sheer force of will it would be Victor. Victor comes back and tells Michael to go on home and get a shower. Just as they are about to leave Sabrina’s beepers start going off. Victor runs into the room. They say she is in cardiac arrest as they work on her. Victor stands over them watching.

Heather talks to JT and Victoria and tells them she regrets dropping David as a suspect in the Ji Min case. JT asks her how she could have known. Heather asks Victoria how her mother is doing. Victoria tells her she is doing ok. Heather tells them how she got her old job back and wants to know who to give her notice to at Jabot. She wonders if she should talk to Jill. Victoria says that is who she will talk to too. Heather asks her if she is leaving Jabot too. Victoria says she will if her mother decides not to stay.

Adrian and Jack argue over the article. Adrian tells him that his reputation is on the line there. Jack assures him that his reputation will be just fine. Phyllis tells Adrian she thinks this is just as revolting as he does. When Jack gets a call he is making a statement wishing Sabrina a speedy recovery Adrian storms out. Phyllis tells Jack she can understand why Adrian walked out. Jack tells her that if she and Nick are really that unhappy then why don’t they let them buy them out and they can walk away today.

Nick brings Nikki back to Victoria’s house and leaves her there to rest. She lies on the sofa and falls asleep. She dreams that David is standing over her. Nikki sits up and she hears a little girl humming and playing with a baby rattler. Nikki asks her who she is and how she got in the house. She yells at the little girl to say something. David is back and tells Nikki it is no use, the little girl is dead. He tells her she killed the little girl. Nikki wakes up and realizes she was dreaming. She lies back down again and closes her eyes.

The doctors are working on Sabrina. They ask Victor to leave but he refuses. The doctor says he needs to call it. Victor asks him what does that mean. He tells Victor he is sorry but there is nothing else they can do, his wife is gone. Victor stands at the foot of the bed devastated.

Nick comes in and tells everyone that Sabrina seems to be getting better. Jack and Sharon start talking about how sorry they were over Sabrina being hurt but Phyllis calls them on the act telling Nick about how they were with Adrian. She tells them how they authorized a 4th printing of the magazine. Jack says it was because they couldn’t get in touch with them. Nick gets mad and calls Jack a son of a bitch as he leaps towards him. Phyllis comes between them and asks Nick if he wants to go for a walk to get some air. He says he is sick that Jack is over there smiling while Sabrina is fighting for her life.

Mike tells everyone to go out the room to give Victor some time with Sabrina. Victor whispers to her that he said he would be right back and he asks why she left him. Out in the hall Adam calls Nick to give him the news. Nick tells everyone that Sabrina didn’t make it. When he leaves to go find Victoria Phyllis asks Jack if he still feels like gloating about how many issues they have sold.

Nick calls Victoria and tells her about Sabrina. She asks him if their mother knows. She tells Nick she will meet him. Victoria grabs JT as she says Sabrina died, she is gone. Heather tells her she is so sorry.

Nikki falls back asleep. She dreams more. She sees David and asks him who that little girl was. He asks her if she didn’t recognize her. He says she should have because she is part of the family. He tells her she is Sabrina’s daughter and she is the reason she died. She yells at David for all he did. He tells her she was pathetic and weak. He tells her she was such a fool. He says he played her and played her but she still begged for more. She pulls away from David and she sees Sabrina with the little girl. Sabrina tells her that she sees she met her daughter. David sits with Sabrina and the little girl and tells her that this is the woman that she is the reason she died in her mothers womb. Nikki’s phone rings waking her. The call was from someone telling her that Sabrina died.

Nick and Victoria go to the hospital. She says she never got to says she was sorry. Michael tells her that Sabrina knew. Adam remarks that he is glad he never left the hospital. Victoria says they get it, he is the perfect son. Nick tells her that it was Adam that called to give him the news. Lauren tries to comfort Victoria. Meanwhile Victor is with Sabrina and he tells her he didn’t even get to say good bye.

Victoria says she thought they said she was getting better. Michael tells her that the doctors said she wasn’t going to make it. Nick says he doubts his Dad will want him and Victoria around right now. Michael tells him that Victor won’t want anyone around, not even Adam. Nick asks Michael if he would mind being a buffer for them and Michael says whatever helps. Lauren says Victor will need him right now. Nick says that is what families do.

Adam meets Heather out on the patio. He tells her that Victoria was so cold towards him and he says she is feeling guilty. Heather tells him that Victoria sounded resentful about her fathers will. He is surprised she mentioned the will at a time like this. He says Victoria wants to run Newman one day but he says it just isn’t going to happen.

Victor talks to Sabrina. He tells her that she brought him so much happiness. She gave him the gift of life. He says he didn’t like people being so rude to her. He says Victoria didn’t return her kindness. He says he is so sorry she had to endure that. He says she was taken away from him so soon. She was so vibrant and beautiful. She was so full of life. He says he wanted their baby. He tells her she will always be in his heart.

Jack makes a statement on the phone saying she was a rising patron of the arts. He says her bright light was extinguished too early. He says they are all shocked and deeply saddened by her death. Phyllis looks at him with her evil eye. She says she would love to take his offer and walk away. She says what he did to Sabrina makes her sick. Sharon asks Phyllis when she got a moral compass. She tells her she is the last person who should be criticizing her husband.

Lauren and Michael talk about family and how important it is. Michael realizes now that he needs to know his Dad. He says he needs to know who Lowell is.

Victoria wonders why Sabrina was even in that car with David to begin with. She tells Nick how Sabrina never stopped trying to reach out to her. She tells him she doesn’t want her to be gone. She talks about how they use to all laugh together. Nick says he wishes he knew her better. Victoria tells him she loved Sabrina so much and questions herself for not acting like it.

Adam and Heather talk. He tells her how Victor got offended when he first came to Genoa City and how he came using another name. He thinks back to when he was young and meeting Victor. He tells Heather he is going to take his legal name back. He says he is now Victor Adam Newman.

Victor is still standing by Sabrina’s bedside. He promises to her that he will never forgive Nikki for bringing David Chow into their lives. He promises to find whoever is responsible for this. He says he is mad at them for taking her and their baby away from him. He tells her he will get them and he won’t fail. He takes her hand and kisses her hand. He turns towards the door and sees Nikki standing there. He stands up and just stares at her.

Jan Barrett

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