Phyllis pretends to be a princess and Nick a prince as they play with Summer. Phyllis wears her homemade crown but say Prince Nick can’t have a crown until he proves his devotion. Summer says “Mommy, pretty” Nick agrees with her but when Summer asks to watch the video yet again Nick says it must be because she likes happy endings so much.

Jack calls Sharon and tells her he is leaving his house now to meet with her to go to her doctor’s appointment. When he is exited his hotel room suite Sharon happens to open her door at the same time and sees Jack. She wants to know what the hell is going on.

Ashley joins Victor in the living room. Victoria asks how she is feeling. Ashley says she is feeling fine and asks how Victoria is feeling. Victoria tells her how happy everyone is about her joining the board at Newman. Ashley thanks her saying she better get dressed so she won’t be late for their first meeting. Victor tells Victoria that Colleen is finished at Newman Enterprises as far as he is concerned. Victoria says so is JT and she is sorry about that but he did make his own decision. She tells her father that she and JT barely spoke to one another last night. She asks Victor is he could ask him to come back to try and patch things up. She asks if he would do it for her please. Victor humors her just to keep her happy by agreeing to at least think about it.

JT heads over to Jimmy’s to install the new security system for Mac. They talk about Colleen flashing in the bar that night and he says Victor used that as an excuse to boot Colleen off the board. She asks if Victoria couldn’t have used her influence to change Victor’s mind. JT says no and that is why he quit his job at Newman. He doesn’t exactly enjoy having his wife cave in to the boss. Mac says she is sorry and JT says so is he. When he goes off to look around Nina comes in and says the producers heard about the whole Cane/Phillip drama and now they want her to shift her focus. Nina says she isn’t too happy about the idea though. She isn’t comfortable with the idea of the whole world watching as Chance gets to know his father.

At Crimson Lights Phillip thanks Chance for meeting with him. Phillip is nervous as he tries to get Chance something to eat. Chance tells him he thinks it might be a bit late in the game for them to get to know each other but his Mom thinks it isn’t. He starts out by asking Phillip the reason he left to begin with. Phillip tells him basically it came down to a choice. He had to either leave or stay and live in a lie. He looks at Chance and tells him because he is gay.

Billy goes to the Chancellor Estate and complains because Jill isn’t answering or returning his calls to her and that she is kissing up to a con artist. He wants to know if Jill gave him the CEO position even if it was against her better judgment.

Nina tells Mac that she is worried about how Chance will react when he learns that Phillip is gay. Mac tells her maybe she can write the screenplay the way the producers want her to but maybe she can hold back before turning it in so Chance has time to get use to it. Nina says she just hopes Chance understands even though she isn’t so sure she even understands it right now.

Chance questions why Phillip felt he had to run away just because he was gay. Phillip explains that back then it wasn’t as acceptable as it is these days. He says there were so many expectations put upon him at the time. He says he was playing a role with the help of the booze. He said finally he decided to do something drastic because he was in so much pain. Chance tells him he doesn’t understand. He tells his father that he left a wife and kid and ran. He asks Phillip how he can live with himself.

Billy complains to Jill about her putting a fraud in charge of Chancellor Industries. Jill finally tells him that if it had been up to her he never would have given him the CEO position. He asks her then whose decision was it. She tells him that Victor had his wife fired from Jabot just so he could screw over Jack. She tells him it was nothing personal. He says sure it was just business. Billy says he can’t believe what he is hearing.

Victor tells Victoria that business decisions are never influenced by personal feelings. He says if JT wants his job back he will have to come to him and ask for it himself in person. Victoria says she knows JT, he will never do that. Ashley comes downstairs asking what this is about Colleen flashing in a bar. She asks if didn’t she resign for personal reasons. Victoria explains to Ashley that Colleen got drunk and flipped up her top. Before she can finish explaining she gets a call giving Victor the chance to try and change the subject. Ashley says she isn’t going anywhere until she knows what is going on and she wants to know how come Victor didn’t tell her about this before now.

Summer is glued to the TV as Phyllis and Nick try getting her attention she ignores them and Phyllis points out people they know that were guests at the wedding. Nick is glad that they watched the video together saying it made him remember the best day he ever had. He says yes he would do it again in a minute.

Jack is catching it from Sharon when she demands to know the truth until he admits he was worried about her. He says he wasn’t spying to make sure she wasn’t stealing again. He admits that he is worried that Mary Jane might come after her because of her obsession with him.

Phillip says he hopes Chance will never have to be faced with an impossible choice. Chance says he still doesn’t get it. He asks hasn’t the family accepted now that he is gay. He tells his father that he doesn’t think he even tried. Phillip defends himself saying he thought he would be better off without him in his life. He says he is so sorry he bailed on him. He says maybe if he had a mother like Nina. Chance says yeah, because he thinks he may have hit the jackpot as far as Mothers are concerned. He says he does appreciate Phillip coming back at a time when he really needed him saying that took guts. Phillip tells him if he wants him to stay he will, all he has to do is let him know. Chance hesitates to shake Phillip’s hand but when Phillip walks away Chance just watches him as he looks like he is in deep thoughts.

Billy is so surprised that Victor went against Ashley. Jill reminds Billy of his history and asks is he really that surprised that she wouldn’t choose him. Billy says no but he was hoping to hear he tell him she was sorry or that Cane was wrong. She says she wasn’t choosing one son over the other. Billy tells her no she was choosing a fraud over her own son. Jill asks what he wants from her. He tells her nothing, not a damn thing as he walks out.

Jack tells Sharon about how Mary Jane hurt Summer to create a crisis that would bring Nick and Phyllis back together. Sharon asks if now he thinks Mary Jane will come after her. She tells him to just tell her the truth. He admits to her about finding the doll at the door with her eyes ripped out. He tells her that Mary Jane sees her as a threat to the imaginary relationship she thinks she and Jack have. Sharon says she thinks he has only made it worse by moving in across the hall from her. She tells him she wants him to move back home, now!

Nick says he doesn’t need to attend the board meeting. Phyllis tells him she thinks Summer is improving. Nick says he can see Phyllis giving everything she has to the people she loves just like she did with him after the plane crash. He says he knows now that as long as they are together there is nothing they can’t survive. When he kisses her Summer speaks out saying “Again!” which surprises them both.

JT finishes up at Jimmy’s just as Billy comes in to accuse him of being Victor’s watchdog that is part of the reason that Colleen got booted off the board. Billy asks if the old man actually fired his own son in law. JT says no he actually quit. Billy remarks that he got off the family gravy train as he laughs. JT comes back saying that he hears that Billy is still riding his. When JT is gone Mac tells Billy to forget about JT and tell her what is wrong. Billy tells her that Cane was telling him the truth. His Mom sold him down the river thanks to Victor Newman.

Victor claims that the board demanded Colleen’s resignation so he saw to it that he got it. He claims he didn’t know anything about her flashing. She asks then how come he didn’t tell her. She hates to see Colleen lose the seat just because of some ridiculous incident. And she feels like she is taking advantage of Colleen’s humiliation. Victor is sure that Colleen would be happy that Ashley is the one to take her place on the board. So he says asks can they go now.

Phillip comes in and asks if Jill is OK and she says Billy just voted her as the worst mother of the year. He says he can relate to that, since he can’t even tell if his own son is angry with him or if he just doesn’t feel anything. He says Chance doesn’t seem to mind whether he sees him again or not. Jill is mad as she tells Phillip to listen to her. She says sure she is guilty of sending him off to boarding school for a couple of years but she did not disappear from his life and she certainly did not make him think she was dead.

Victor encourages Ashley to take the seat. . When they get to the office he welcomes everyone and thanks them for coming. Victor addresses everyone with Ashley standing next to him. He introduces the new candidate as being his wife and the mother of his child. He asks everyone to please welcome Ms Ashley Abbott Newman.

Billy is whining about his Mother helping that SOB steal the family company. He promises to show Ashley what a snake that she is married to. He says although it won’t be easy to convince her. Mac thinks this will be too much stress added to her right now. She asks Billy to think about the fallout before he acts on this. She asks what Victor will do to Jill if he finds out she told him. Billy doesn’t care saying she should have thought about that before she became his patsy. JT comes back in to talk about the security system with Mac but she warns Billy not to go anywhere yet. Billy decides he can’t let Victor continue hurting his sister and says he is sorry he can’t keep his word to Mac as he runs out the bar.

Phillip says he didn’t mean to insult Jill, he is just trying to fix this dysfunctional pattern in their family. She says accusing her if abandoning him isn’t the best place to start. She says according to him and Billy she has screwed up both of their lives. Phillip says he knows she did her best and that she loves them in her own way. He says he is only sorry that it took so long to figure it out. She says she is sorry too but she still hasn’t forgiven him for leaving them. As Phillip takes her hands she tells him she missed him so much.

Chance wonders why Nina didn’t tell him about Phillip being gay. He says it makes no difference to him but he only agreed to meet with Phillip because he thought Nina was still in love with Phillip but he looks at his mother and says obviously that isn’t the case though, right? Nina admits to him that Phillip was the love of her life and she still thinks he is now.

When Summer falls asleep Nick tells Phyllis he imagines that she must really be exhausted but he tells her she looks beautiful. He tells her he has really missed her. He tells her he can’t blame her for being scared since he has put her through hell. He asks if they can go back in time. He says he meant what he said about marrying her all over again. She says they are both exhausted and not thinking straight. He tells her this is not about Summer, it is about him seeing things clearly now. He says he still loves and needs Phyllis and not because she is the mother of his child but because of who they are when they are together. He doesn’t ever want to lose that again. He gets down on one knee and while she giggles she asks what he is doing.

Jack tells Sharon he won’t apologize for wanting to protect her and their child from that nutcase. Sharon insists that she has to learn to stand on her own two feet. She says she is comfortable and she can take care of herself. He tells her she is carrying his child so he is responsible too. He says he is the child’s father. Finally Sharon gets aggravated and she blurts out that he is not the baby’s father.

JT tells Mac he will start installing the new system tomorrow and now for the hard part, he has to clear his stuff out over at Newman. He says he hopes he won’t run into Victor while doing that. Mac notices that Billy’s bar stool is empty and she says she knows where he went and she hopes he doesn’t run into Victor either.

Victor asks all in favor of Ashley being appointed to the board to please raise a hand. Billy walks in and tells Ashley she might want to rethink that Sis. Victor asks what the meaning of this is, insisting that this is a private meeting. He orders someone to call security. Billy says that JT quit his job there once he found out about Victoria’s old man. He says now they all get to share in that revelation. Victor tells Billy to quit while he is ahead saying he is going to regret this.

Sharon says she didn’t say it to get him to stop and back off. She says it is true. She says how sorry but she thought she was doing the right thing but now she realizes she can’t keep the lie going. She says Nick is the father. Jack just stares at her and you can see the hurt all in his eyes.

Nick takes a piece of silver from the homemade crown and then he promises Phyllis he will get her something more substantial for the ceremony. She tells him to shut up! She smiles as she says Oh My God! Nick tells her he doesn’t want to live without her. He looks at her and says, “Phyllis Newman, will you marry me again?” He popped the question and then puts the tinsel ring on her finger.

Jan Barrett

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