Amber thinks Daniel is kidding about just wanting to be friends again. She says they really connected last night. He says he just isn’t sure they can go back even though last night was unbelievable. He tells her this isn’t easy for him, it isn’t like he doesn’t love her. He tells her that walking away from her is killing him but he can’t get past this. She says it was one stupid mistake. She asks him how many times she can say she is sorry.

Sabrina wakes up and Victor asks her how she is feeling. She says pretty good. He smiles and tells her he thinks she is getting better.

Jana and Kevin come in and ask about Sabrina. Michael tells them she probably won’t survive this. Jana asks if she can see her. They say Victor has been pretty protective of her but when Victor comes out the room he says Sabrina’s friends are always welcome and lets Jana in.

Nikki is cornered at the elevator at Jabot by reporters when Jill rescues her by ordering them out. She takes Nikki in to the board room and Nikki thanks her for it. Jill screams at Nikki that that lying piece of scum that she brought into the company killed Ji Min. She tells Nikki to get out of her face and to go destroy someone else’s life. Nikki tries to apologize to Jill. Jill tells her that monster walking into the office everyday and looked her in the eye knowing he was the one that killed her fiancé. She tells Nikki that is the man she married and inflicted on all of them at Jabot. Nikki says she knows. She says she is so sorry, but Jill continues crying.

Heather calls Adam to ask about Sabrina. He tells her she is getting better. She tells him that there is another reason she has called. She tells him about the ad in the paper about his friend Skye but he says he already knows about it.

Jana talks to Sabrina about a couple from the gala and Sabrina says too bad that she won’t be there. Sabrina tells her that she was pregnant and she lost the baby. Jana is in tears and with no words she removes the chain around her neck and puts it in Sabrina’s hand.

The doctor comes in and checks Sabrina. She has Sabrina hold her hands out and she can’t stop the jerking them. Victor asks if they will continue the dialysis and she says that is up to Sabrina who says to continue. When Victor goes out with the doctor Jana asks Sabrina is the dialysis is helping. Sabrina tells her it won’t save her. She says only Victor believes that.

The doctor says for now Sabrina seems not to be in too much pain and she might be a little better. Victor tells Nick he should go home to be with his family .Nick tells him that he knows that he they aren’t getting along right now but he loves him. He asks Victor to tell Sabrina that he is praying for her. Victor thanks him just before he walks away. Michael and Kevin talk to the doctor. Michael asks her if they can do a liver transplant on Sabrina. She says there are a lot of people ahead of her but if a donor isn’t found soon it won’t help. She tells them that often a patient will improve for a few hours but it is rare for it to be permanent. She says Sabrina is in God’s hands now.

Jill asks Nikki how long did she know about David’s gambling problem. Nikki admits she knew about it before they got married, but she thought he would change. Jill tells her she will have to live with it now. Nikki tells her that she is sick over this knowing she slept with him every night. Jill says that gives her some comfort. Nikki tells her that if her suffering gives her peace then she should sleep well tonight and then Nikki walks out.

Brad goes to Katherine and tells her he could do a better job as CEO at Jabot than Jill can. Katherine tells him to show her and not to tell her. Nikki comes out and tells Katherine she has reconsidered fighting for her job. Katherine doesn’t want her to decide now. Nikki tells Katherine to go see Jill because she needs her right now. When Nikki is waiting at the elevator it opens and Nick walks off. Nikki thinks something happened to Sabrina but he tells her she is still hanging on but it doesn’t look good. She tells him not to worry about her, that his father needs him more. He tells her he will take her home but she takes one more look at Jabot before leaving.

Jill is going through the box of Ji Min’s things when Katherine walks in and hugs her. She tells Jill she never got to do this when she was a child. She says if only she could wave a magic wand and make it all go away. Jill takes Katherine’s hand and cries.

Paul tells Heather he will investigate Skye’s disappearance. He tells her about the Louisiana police finding a car reported stolen in Genoa City with a suit in the trunk. He asks was Walter wearing a dark blue suit by any chance. She says yes he was. She says he could be anywhere by now.

Amber begs Daniel not to leave. He heads to the door saying he can’t get the picture of her and Adrian out of his mind. She chases after him begging him not to leave as she kisses him. He tells her he can’t do this. He tells her he never said he didn’t love her. Suddenly there is a knock at the door. It is Adrian yelling through the door asking Amber if she is in there. She slowly walks to the door and opens it. He waves the magazine at her and says he read the article and he can’t believe this crap. He says Sabrina’s been in an accident now. He wants to know what happened while he was gone. Amber tells him she thinks he should talk to Jack. He asks if Jack behind all this. He sees Daniel and apologizes for interrupting and leaves.

Victor goes back in Sabrina’s room. Jana tells Sabrina thank you for letting her into her life. Sabrina tells her thank you. Jana leaves. Sabrina asks Victor what he has been up to. He tells her they have been given the incredible gift of time. He hands her a photo of their chateau in France and asks her isn’t it beautiful.

Heather tells Paul she wants to go talk to her old boss and tell him that David Chow could be responsible for other murders too. Paul thinks that would be a good idea. He tells her to meet with him alone and show him she has what it takes to bust a case wide open. Heather thanks Paul for his support. Later when Heather talks to Elroy she tells him her theory about how Chow could have murdered others too. He thinks she might be right and will get his team on it right away. He tells her she did good. Heather thanks Dennis and he says thank you and he will be in touch. When he leaves Paul walks up and she says Dennis offered her job back with the DA but she will have to take a cut in pay. Paul offers to take her to lunch to celebrate.

Nick and Nikki talk when he brings her home. She tells him how Paul found out David killed Ji Min and she explains how. Nick tells her it is ok for her to mourn her love for David. She doesn’t have to mourn for him. He tells her he has an idea and takes her hand leading her outside just telling her to come on and to trust him.

Jill says if David was alive she kill him herself. Katherine tells her she can’t go on living in the past. She says Ji Min wouldn’t want that for her. Jill puts the things back in the box and put the lid back on. She kisses her hand and then touches the box saying good bye my love.

At Crimson Lights Kevin asks Jana how she is holding up. He tells her now that she is an expert at party planning how quick she can put together a wedding. He tells her he doesn’t want to wait any longer. She smiles and says she doesn’t want to wait either.

Daniel tells Amber he hopes they can figure out a way to be friend again. He says he can’t imagine his life without her. She tells him she never meant to do this to them.

Sabrina is staring at the picture. Victor remarks that she hasn’t put the photo down yet. She says she was imagining how nice it would be to be there. He says he was thinking that they could stay there and them perhaps they could think about starting a family again. She starts crying and says Victor is exactly what she needs.

Nick takes Nikki to the stables. Nikki thinks this is a bad idea. She says Athena was a gift from David. She tells him how David gave her the horse. She says it was the best gift she ever received. She says she can’t look at her but Nick encourages her to. Suddenly Nikki looks at the horse and says she loves her and then she cries in Nick’s arms.

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